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  1. It's a Taiwan TV series, does not have an English title.
  2. I rate it 4/5 just for the interesting array of sticks and the style in which they were used. One of Wang Tao's best. Above Traitorous, Above Secret Rivals, lower than Mystery of Chessboxing I misunderstood the better / worse question first time so I have edited. Death Duel Of Kung Fu - Even Hot, The Cool & The Vicious -worse Along Come The Tiger - Even Killer From Above - Better Blazing Temple - Way worse Raiders Of The Shaolin Temple - Better, this is one of my faves Ninja In The Dragon's Den - Better Shaolin Master & The Kid - Worse Prodigal Son - Better Daggers 8 -Even Thundering Mantis - Better Odd Couple - Better Incredible Kung Fu Mission - Better, another fave of mine Fists, The Kicks & The Evils - Better, Bruce Liang, Philip Ko, Bolo not looking based Woman Avenger - Better, Pang Kang priceless in this Cantonen Iron Kung Fu - Better Shaolin Iron Eagle - Worse Shaolin Red Master - Worse Shaolin Ex-Monk - Worse
  3. Delon Tan- Heroine of Tribulation Sun Rong Ji- Butterfly 18 Pang Kang- Woman Avenger & Leg Fighters Lily Li - Relentless Broken Blade Sun Shu Pao- Two Heroes Two Shooting Stars
  4. Brigadier Chow

    Some nice pics!

    # 9 Thrilling Bloody Sword
  5. Brigadier Chow

    interviews you'd like to se

    Here are some I'd like to see... Alex Lo Eugene Thomas- Very interested to hear his story...tho I heard he was killed in Mexico??? Jack Long Mark Long William Yen Hsia Kwan Lee Doris Lung-To find out why she doesn't like kung fu movies???lol Lin Hsiao Lu (Alan)Lucifer Lee Hai Shing Wong Chi Sang Chu Ker Rong Ricky Cheng Tien Chee
  6. Brigadier Chow

    Top 10 Shaw Brothers films *in ranking order*

    Can't say they are necessarily my top ten (too hard to choose) but they have gotten repeated veiwing, even before Celestial... 1.To Kill a Mastermind 2.Super Ninjas 3.Gang Master 4.Destroyers 5.Human Lanterns 6.Martial Club 7.Sword Stained With Royal Blood 8.Supreme Swordsman 9.Bastard Swordsman 10.Lady Assassin I think KyFi made a very good point and I agree with him...
  7. Got the Dutch VHS, it was uncut from what I remember...been some years, let me give it a check.
  8. Funny you say that Falkor, I tried to order this years ago along with the official releases of Magic Warriors and Child of Peach but the 2 went out of stock and I only managed to get Magic Warriors. It's good to know you have this...maybe finally I can get my hands on it. Got a penchant for these Taiwan moderns.
  9. They had this at yesasia on dvd a while back, only have a chinese name for it... You Xia Er. http://www.yesasia.com/us/you-xia-er-dvd-china-version/1003936195-0-0-0-en/info.html
  10. That's correct. I was going to say it was Flyer of Young Prodigy, which I think is an unofficial sequel to Magic Kid.
  11. I agree with most all of the above, especially Chang Shan, Fan Siu Wong and Cliff Lok...but I pledge Champ Wang Kuan Hsiung to be another who highly underated. From bashers, to shapes all the way to the modern Triad actioners of the early 80's...this man has done it all.
  12. Brigadier Chow

    Vengeance Video OAR titles

    Crippled Kung Fu Boxer also released scope.
  13. Brigadier Chow

    Larry Lee - Any Thoughts?

    From what I know, his main style was Japanese Goju. It is a karate style rooted in Okinawa. The founder Chojun Miyake however, was influenced by Shaolin Kung-Fu.
  14. Brigadier Chow

    Immortal Warriors (1979) Who has seen this?

    It's a movie Morgoth. It's pretty hard to follow, especially with the subs cutting off at the sides, however the fight and battle scenes are decent. I would consider it more of a drama tho.
  15. Brigadier Chow

    Shaolin vs Tai Chi - dope movie!

    Just the UK Vengeance release and it is cut the same way.