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  1. Now that's a blu ray cover!! Awesome work Bob.
  2. Wheels on Meals & Iron Monkey (both Eureka), watched WOM with the original English dub for the first time in years, I've only just finished watching all the extras on both discs and I bought both on release day. Great films that I never get bored with.
  3. The Dragons Forever & Crime Story covers are much better, i'd be happy with them. BTW Irongod I think that you posting on forums and asking for feedback on this is really cool, much appreciated by everyone i'm sure. 😁
  4. The Protector cover has the same Jackie image used on the HKL Police Story dvd, the issues I have with it are it's not from the movie and that JC is performing a claw style "shape" which again is not representative of the modern day action in the film. Sorry, I guess I just like the original covers that I grew up with and perhaps the more modern interpretations don't work for me.
  5. That's great news, I don't like to complain as I think 88 Films are putting a lot of effort into these releases and i'll buy them regardless of which cover they decide to use (but those shown previously were crap).
  6. OK, then I guess I can just toss the slipcases out even though that seems a waste, I assumed the case & cover were the same.
  7. Agreed, these are awful. Do 88films have a disgruntled employee that is deliberately trying to sabotage these releases? Why not just use the original artwork?
  8. I hope so, I agree that the rape scene is uncomfortable to watch and I would think most people feel the same however this is looking like a superb release of these 3 classic films and i'm surprised some people seem to have found something to be negative about.
  9. I've read on a few forums that some fans actually want to skip the Sammo set because it's uncut (Iron Fisted Monk in particular), Eureka must be pulling their hair out. Kung fu fans boycott movies that are cut and are now voicing concerns about uncut releases, there's talk of having both versions on the disc to not upset anybody which I hope they don't do as it shouldn't be necessary. My fear is that Eureka will decide it's too much hassle trying to please everybody and just give up, the effort they've made on titles up to now is exceptional and should be applauded.
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jackie-Police-Eureka-Classics-Blu-ray/dp/B07T2H6T2R/ref=sr_1_45?qid=1561635375&refinements=p_n_theme_browse-bin%3A5808040031&s=dvd&sr=1-45 Just seen this on Amazon, looks like Eureka are re-issuing the Police Story boxset. Also noticed on BBFC site, Iron Fisted Monk passed uncut with a release date of 15th September (though I guess this could change as it hasn't been officially announced). https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/iron-fisted-monk-video
  11. I occasionally check out classics like Shaolin vs Lama, Mystery of Chess Boxing, Wutang vs Ninja on youtube as I no longer have the dvds and I think they look as good as the (dvd) releases. I buy discs too & if these were remastered i'd get them straight away but until then youtube is better than nothing.
  12. On another forum somebody has posted that 88 Films responded to an email saying it would be the US cut of the Protector with the HK cut as a bonus feature. I saw the US cut as a kid as it was the only one available in the UK but more recently I've only watched the HK version and can't remember much about the original. I know the nudity was cut & the fight scenes re-edited by Jackie but was wondering if the US version had any action scenes that were not in the HK print? Does anybody prefer the original version if even just for nostalgia?
  13. I don't want to rehash all the negativity of the Snake & Crane SDH fiasco but do we know if 88 Films are actually going to do normal subs on these? I just had a major panic attack that these would be perfectly restored with great extras but with SDH only!!!
  14. I hope they use the extras from HKL Dragons Forever that's one of my favourite discs. There's a Brad Allen interview that's really good as well as a Joe Eigo (a stuntman that worked with Jackie) acrobatic demonstration. I don't usually replay interviews but they have a nice blend on this using scenes from My Stunts and other films along with the discussion to keep it entertaining.
  15. Do we know which version of the Protector it is? I'd pick up the HK edit but would skip if it was US only.