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    El Rey Network

    hey skeleton claw, please keep us posted on the "cheap dvd" thing.
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  3. June

    The Four (2012)

    hello all, anyone know anything about this http://hkmovieposter.blogspot.com/2012/06/four-2012.html
  4. hello all, i need a copy of this. it's also called THE BLOOD THIRSY DEAD
  5. June


    thanks for the titles
  6. June


    is the halberd also the kwandao?
  7. hello all, can some list a few films that uses this weapon THE HALBERD?
  8. June

    Mantis Fist movies.

    INVINCIBLE SHAOLIN (unbeatable dragon)
  9. hello all, where do everyone buy your films?
  10. hello all, i heard many years ago this film was made because Cheng Cheh was broke. all $$ was giving to him. but this rumor came out in the 80's. i'm an old collector.
  11. hello all, what's your favorite kung fu film opening / demo?
  12. hello all, i found at issue with bruce le on the cover. i would like to trade an avi rip of "sword of vengence" the baby cart 1 film. i have 2-5 but not 1. email me please donaldsonjune@yahoo.com
  13. hello all, donnie yen was awesome again using leapard / panther style kung fu!! how old is jimmy wang yu?