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  1. https://www.cbr.com/shang-chi-michelle-yeoh-new-role/ She would've been the perfect Leiko Wu had Ang Lee shot his MOKF film back in the early 00s.
  2. Karlos

    Netflix's The Witcher

    @KUNG FU BOB I've been told by gamers I know that you can go straight to the 3rd Witcher game and miss out on very little.
  3. Karlos

    Netflix's The Witcher

    Not sure if it was me @KUNG FU BOBbut it could've been! I have just finished the season, and overall i liked it. Not loved, due to some very wobbly storytelling decisions, but Cavill is fantastic (as are the 2 other leads), and it mostly subverts expectations really well.
  4. Karlos

    Christmas 2019

    A very happy holidays to you all, my Kung Fu brothers and sisters. Hope 2020 is endlessly kind to you all.
  5. Doesn't appear to be screening at any of the cinemas in my home town. Bah, humbug!!
  6. Doing the whole "Evil gwailos" thing yet again...I can understand to an extent due to the time frame the film is set in, but oh boy, this is one trope that badly needs to be put to rest for good.
  7. @DragonClawsI think you would love them, bro. This really is sounding like it's going to be a cracking flick. I really hope so.
  8. @DragonClaws That is some great news!! (Have you ever read the MOKF comics, DC?)
  9. Karlos

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    GREAT list of titles!! Heart of Dragon badly needs some KFB love!
  10. @Irongod2112 would it be cheeky to ask for a transcript? Always wanted to know what was being said!
  11. @KUNG FU BOBPre-ordering TONIGHT!! Just beautiful, beautiful work, brother!
  12. @ShaOW!linDudeThank you so much for the links, bro - I'm loving everything I'm reading and hope it's ALL true!
  13. My copy of CRIME STORY has just arrived and it's a fantastic release. @KUNG FU BOBthe artwork really is the cherry on the cake - just beautiful, brother!