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  1. ToothbrushFu

    The Royal Wedding

    I was planning on avoiding all the royal wedding TV coverage but unfortunately I didn't wake up in time to do that.
  2. ToothbrushFu

    Etsuko Sue Shihomi's daughter is.

    I don't think she runs the NY marathon every year. If you search the results archive (look for Etsuko Nagabuchi - her married name) she's only listed for 2002. Presumably a check could be done in other marathon results if she has more than this... The only one I found so far is this pic of her running the Honolulu marathon in 2001. OK, a little more research turns up this running-related blog from the lady herself from 2002! Unfortunately it's all in Japanese, and I don't have the time or language skills to translate it atm. Some of the pages linked off there have her talking about her action career though.
  3. I got mine yesterday, watched it last night. Great job!
  4. I got my copy in the mail today. Looking forward to watching it.
  5. ToothbrushFu

    Korean Wuxia

    I remember this being quite entertaining, although I wouldn't classify it as a particularly good movie. There is a lot of melodrama to go with the action, but it does have Lost's Kim Yun-jin as a badass archer - when she shoots people they explode!
  6. I've also had this unsubbed for ages. Add me to the list too!
  7. ToothbrushFu

    Nora Miao and Sonny Chiba

    Ha! This is what I love about this board - I go away for a few weeks for a personal meltdown and then come back to find you've snagged some awesome new old movie! Who needs Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz when you can have SONNY CHIBA and NORA MIAO?!! I look forward to seeing this.
  8. ToothbrushFu

    The last princess

    This is a remake of Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress. And its terrible. Hiroshi Abe is a good actor but he's not Toshiro Mifune. And I think that Masami Nagasawa is also good, given the right part and co-stars. But those two are about the only decent things in the movie, and the plot has been re-jigged to make one of the peasant dudes from the original into a romantic hero so they're not even the main characters! The peasant hero is played by boyband member and all-round terrible actor Jun Matsumoto. Its directed by Shinji Higuchi, who is great as a sfx guy (check out his work in the 90s Gamera movies) but terrible as a director - if you've seen his remake of Sinking of Japan you'll know what I mean. That movie started off impressively with some nice action and drama but then got bogged down in some awful melodrama that made me want to tear out my eyeballs and throw them out the window. Well, The Last Princess doesn't even have the good beginning, its all rubbish melodrama with surprisingly bad sfx thrown in (yes, they do feel the need to have huge explosions going on all the time in feudal Japan). So I have to sincerely say that if you think the story sounds interesting watch the original and don't bother with this crap. BTW Kurosawa's original is only a minor work from him but it has one of the most fantastic horse chase scenes ever.
  9. ToothbrushFu

    Has Image stopped releasing Shaw Brothers?

    Would you be willing to trade your great week for a "Monday that sucked donkeyballs" and a "the hot blonde receptionist looked particularly fine on Wednesday"? Both with orginal mono.
  10. ToothbrushFu

    Has Image stopped releasing Shaw Brothers?

    Is the great week up for pre-order anywhere yet? If I can get that for a reasonable price then I'll probably sell my lousy week on ebay.
  11. I meant she was in 37 episodes of Edo Dragnet. Kikaida 01 is a different show: GG6oEVg03Jo
  12. According to the Japanese TV drama database www.tvdrama-db.com she was in 37 episodes from October 1976 to September 1977. The show itself had over 600 episodes (1970-1984).
  13. ToothbrushFu

    Japanese Unsubbed Treasures!

    Nope, unfortunately its never had an official DVD release.
  14. ToothbrushFu

    Region Free Blu Ray Player..For UK Readers

    Thanks for the heads-up. They also have that player in stock at ebuyer, who have great service and there should be free shipping from them on that too.