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  1. it's only relevant for German customers, with the original fighting yells now been added to the German dub. it was unbearable nonsense before since ever it played in cinemas here, imagine all the fighting without any yells being heard. silent theater with only birds chirping and the BAM PUFF heard for minutes. (and seeing them yell didn't help making it any more fun...) the original Cantonese for Iron Fisted Monk has that same problem and thankfully that was resolved with the UK Bluray.
  2. it's a clueless lazy fool doing these repacks, sadly i do not have any input in these repack (or even worse) versions...
  3. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    we are pretty sure this is one of the reasons why this never came out officially yet, but i as an oldschool fan am really happy how the movie looks now! better this than the trash bootlegs from vhs!
  4. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    the "stutter" is done by Celestial: they slowed down a few frames to not have to cut the whole shot out. a very strange idea, but that is how it was delivered. not a fault.
  5. the German Blu also has a comparison of one Action Scene included, Taiwan vs Japan.
  6. the Japanese "Version" ist a completely different Movie. this Taiwan Movie just uses a few Action Scenes & Effects Shots from the original JP Movie, just like a IFD Movie used older Movies among Ninja Scenes.
  7. a German Mediabook has just been announced! The Bluray will have both 1.78 Widescreen and 1.33 open Matte HD Transfer (English Audio & Subs included)!
  8. @DragonClaws yes they a proper HD Transfers from IFD (Toby Russel) for Company AVV from Germany. there are great trailers online, and there is a bit more coming i was told. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvtq_C2iHSLBNSe_cid4UQ
  9. long lost and only on horrid VHS Version dupes, German Label Retrofilm will soon release this fun Redo of the Jp Kamen Rider Series Movies, made in Taiwan. https://ssl.ofdb.de/film/4961,Frankensteins-Kung-Fu-Monster it will only have German Audio, but optional English Subtitles. mastered from 2 vintage German 35mm Prints and combined for longest Version ever (VHS is a few Minutes shorter) Promo Clip for Release: https://youtu.be/7QYtW8q3xeA maybe some Fans outside Germany can enjoy this superb super Hero Movie from good old Times. i loved it. lots of Bonus Stuff also, even a Comparison of the original JP Movie Footage with the new Taiwan Scene is included.
  10. the German DVD is surely based on a vintage 35mm Source done in a HD Transfer also...
  11. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    that should be coming too some time, yeah. i hope so at least...
  12. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    i think we can expect titles from the Trailershow next: "Daredevils" and "Police Force" from what i remember now. but there's nothing in the works as of now what i gathered.
  13. the previous NEW / Megamax Movies are FSK (age restricitions) friendly now and cheaper, that should be the only real difference. none will ever be Region encoded.
  14. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    here are the correct titles: Death Flash of Shaolin = New Shaolin Boxers His Fists Jerking Like Lightning = Master of Kung Fu The Ironfist = Proud Twins Secret Society of the Death Claw = Rebel Intruders
  15. spannick

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    at least they were correct PAL and no interlaced PAL-NTSC crap conversions. but problem is, from what i remember, you can't zoom then easily in for 16x9 TVs with the subs inside the huge black bars.... the prints are usual Celestial quality, all OK.