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  1. http://www.scmp.com/article/354876/singer-and-executive-held-over-triad-attack "Award-winning Canto-pop singer and actor Joey Yung Cho-yee and an executive at a listed company were arrested yesterday in connection with the assault of comedian Eric Tsang Chi-wai - taking the total number of arrests in the past two days to 11." http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/movies/story/cecilia-cheung-fired-how-she-lost-the-protector-who-stood-her-every-time-nich [...] "Enter Chen, who was asked by [Cecilia] Cheung's father, alleged gangster Cheung Yan Yung, to mediate between the two sides. "She also helped the Cheungs when the father got into trouble with a triad and rumours went round that gangsters had been ordered to rape and kill the daughter. After resolving the crisis, she became the star's manager." http://yellowcranestower.blogspot.com/2010/05/simon-yam-famous.html Simon Yam forced to make movies for the triads.
  2. Glad I backed this and spread the word. It was much better than I expected/than the trailer. Not perfect by any means, but a lot of fun.
  3. Yeah, avoid this one. Have to disagree. Keep in mind it's a Chinese Opera, which is an acquired taste (which is difficult to acquire). I think it's a lot more accessible than say The Love Eterne. If you're not up for a film with a lot of opera-style singing and very little action, then it's not the right kind of movie for you, nothing to do with the movie itself. Personally I find Chinese Opera a bit of a struggle, and LGHML is the only one I've seen more than once. If your interest in Shaw Brothers movies goes beyond the fight scenes, their opera films have the most impressive sets and costumes, and actresses Li Ching and Ivy Ling Po really shine in them. However, you may want to turn the sound off when watching.
  4. My take on Daredevil is not as positive as y'all. The fighting was fine, but personally I don't care for gore, in which the show seemed to revel. Fisk came across as a "fat guy trying to look tough" and (mentally) weak and indecisive. He really brought down the series for me.
  5. xianzai

    Tiger Cubs II

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger_Cubs_II Tiger Cubs II consists of ten two-hour (about ninety minutes without commercials) episodes. I was hopeful this would mean ten low-budget SDU movies, but the series did not play out that way. There is certainly SDU action in the series, but for some reason the creators decided to make the series revolve around a lady cop on the edge (Linda Chung), including to some degree her relationship with an SDU officer (Joe Ma). Fortunately that story is well done, and Linda is game for the crazy cop role. An interesting story in one of the episodes is a gang of "crippled avengers" led by Jade Leung. The budget is low and the writing is certainly not the best, but I enjoyed the series.
  6. xianzai

    Gangster Payday (2014)

    http://lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/gangster_payday.html "Gangster Payday is a competent telling of a fine little story that’s representative of the type of film that once made Hong Kong Cinema unique." Like the review says, this is a nice little movie which also has some Triad movie regulars who are fun to see on screen again. Don't watch it for Triad fights, because there aren't many. The movie did a good job with making the lead police officer's intentions ambiguous until near the end, adding to the feeling of "us against the world" of the leads.
  7. You can FFWD to her fight scenes if you don't care for the movie; they are pretty good. The movie itself I recall as being mildly entertaining in a so-bad-it's-good way.
  8. xianzai

    Brotherhood of Blades (2014)

    I felt the movie had a good premise and cast, but the slow pacing padding out many non-action scenes killed my enjoyment. There was a good banquet scene where the slow pacing built tension. That wasn't the case for me with much of the rest of the film.
  9. No problem; In the years I've spent on film forums I've found what films a person likes or dislikes has more to do with the person than any objective quality of the films. It's normal for reasonable people to disagree on the merits of a film. 1st Detective Dee -- Didn't grab me emotionally, seemed kind of by-the-numbers, and I don't care for large-scale contraptions in wuxia. The second had a fun Holmes and Watson aspect to it, and I found the film more engaging than the first. I thought The Four 2 was better than the first movie, but neither were as good as the TV series. The other films didn't make enough of an impression on me to give you any specific reasons at this point.
  10. When you say modern, do you mean 2010's? 2000's? 1990's? Assuming 2000's: Chinese Odyssey 2002 (comedy) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Hero House of Flying Daggers Tracing Shadow (comedy) The Duel Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon Reign of Assassins Wu Xia (the first half of) True Legend Ones I didn't like, but you might: 14 Blades Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame The Guillotines Tai Chi 0, Tai Chi Hero The Four, The Four II The Storm Warriors Seven Swords Wu Dang An Empress and the Warriors The Banquet Curse of the Golden Flower The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom The Sorcerer and the White Snake Haven't seen yet: Brotherhood of Blades The Four III Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters (comedy) I know I'm missing some, but it's a start.
  11. xianzai

    [Podcast] Serial, might be the best podcast ever created.

    If you haven't, I suggest you try other podcasts from public radio, such as This American Life, Invisibilia, etc. My impression from the evidence presented is that Adnan and maybe Jay were high as kites that day on something bad and that led to what happened.
  12. I liked it, but it moved too slowly for my taste. Personally I far prefer Reign of Assassins as far as recent kung fu films. IMO it's best to not compare this film with TBWWH. The latter was much more like a fever dream (see also Green Snake), whereas this movie was a straight-forward wuxia.
  13. Liked the movie, loved the concept. Seen the actor playing the villain playing an idiot one too many times to take him seriously as a villain. I thought the end fight was particularly interesting, It definitely adds another layer of interest when MA films are about MA in some way.
  14. xianzai

    Korean Gunplay Movies

    Give the movie Guns & Talks a try. nm8vJg0uO-8
  15. xianzai

    Text list of all/most Hong Kong movie titles?

    Thanks, I do know about that site. I looked at it again, but didn't see a way to get a simple list of films.