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  1. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    "Master of the Flying Guillotine"/"The Tattooed Dragon" will be shown on Friday 3/27/20, and Saturday 3/28/20. "Master of the Flying Guillotine" seemed to have been shown too often, in special screenings. It will have those upcoming screenings because of Quentin Tarantino’s birthday(March 27), and "MOTFG" is one of his favorite movies though. Hopefully, other Jimmy Wang Yu movies can be shown, such as: "The Chinese Boxer", "A Man Called Tiger", "Beach of the War Gods", "The Man From Hong Kong", or "The Screaming Tiger" Info about those New Beverly screenings: http://thenewbev.com/program/march-27-master-of-the-flying-guillotine-the-tattooed-dragon/ http://thenewbev.com/program/march-28-master-of-the-flying-guillotine-the-tattooed-dragon/
  2. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    I just heard the other day, from somebody I know who works part-time for the New Bev, that there are possible plans to show some movies directed by Robert Clouse(of "Enter The Dragon") next month. Some of the movies might include "Golden Needles", "Hot Potato", "Force Five", and others. It probably won't include "Gymkata".
  3. For theatre listing info, do a Google search for Triple Threat or "Triple Threat movie". Looks like it will be showing at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live, and a few other Regal/Edwards theatres, in the L.A. area at night on 3/19/19. It will then be shown at Hollywood's Arena Cinelounge, from 3/22/19-3/28/19.
  4. I know that there's another topic, which is about the upcoming Criterion Blu-ray two-pack, but this has to do with the theatrical re-release that's coming soon. I already saw "Police Story", and I still think that it has too many good reviews. I have some interest in seeing "Police Story 2" though. I've only seen "PS2" in the old Rainbow Video/Tai Seng VHS. I don't think I've watched it on DVD before. "Police Story"/"Police Story 2" will be shown in limited release, starting next month in some U.S. theatres. This includes West L.A.'s Nuart Theatre in March. Here is more info: http://www.maactioncinema.com/archives/10168
  5. wackiechan

    SB Screenings at Egyptian Theater, Hollywood (June 28 - 30)

    So I went to the Thu and Saturday screenings. They were good overall. "Five Venoms" wasn't quite as good as I thought it'd be, even though it seems to be such a famous Shaw Bros movie. "Masked Avengers" was just okay. I saw "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" already, back when it was shown at UCLA's Heroic Grace Series. I liked "T36thCOS" better during this 2nd time of seeing it. "Crippled Avengers" was the best of the four Shaw movies I saw, in this series. Philip Kwok was incredibly good in his fight scenes. I still remember when L.A.'s Z Channel(at around the mid '80s) showed the dubbed version of "C Avngs", called "Mortal Combat"(not the video game movie called "Mortal Kombat"). I think I still have a VHS VCR recording of that Z Channel version. On the Thursday night double feature, there were a bunch of Shaw Bros trailers shown, before "Five Venoms". One or two Wu Tang Clan rap videos were included also. Yes, Jeanne Lau(daughter of Lau Kar Leung) was there. She said she knows martial arts. The photo below shows me(on the left, w/ the Batman t-shirt. Too bad it wasn't one of my two Bruce Lee t-shirts) and her, from the screening. She's a bit cute. Sorry about the fuzziness of the photo. Lu Feng was at last month's Dragonfest convention, in Burbank, CA. He signed my HK imported DVD of "Five Venoms", which was already signed by former Shaw actor Lo Meng. It'd be great if I can somehow have Philip Kwok's autograph on it also. So I'd say I did have a good time at these screenings. It was great to see you there, Shaolin Patriot, at the Saturday dbl feature. I'm sorry for this late post.
  6. wackiechan

    SB Screenings at Egyptian Theater, Hollywood (June 28 - 30)

    I recently received an e-mail from the American Cinematheque, with some info about this Shaw Bros film series. Part of the info said that The Martial Arts History Museum will have free giveaways, at tonight's opening night double feature. I will be there tonight, to see the Shaw Brothers double feature.
  7. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS For "Lee Lives Within". So FINALLY, here is my report of the 9/24/17 New Beverly double feature of "The Real Bruce Lee"(1979)/"Lee Lives Within"(AKA "Showdown At The Equator")(1978). Since that double feature was from last September, it's a bit hard to remember the trailers that were shown. I think that before "The Real BL", trailers for "Fists of Fury", "The Chinese Connection", and "Fury of the Dragon"(a movie w/ some of Bruce Lee's Kato character scenes from "The Green Hornet" TV show?) were shown. Before "Lee Lives Within", I kind of remember the trailers that appeared were for: "Fist of Fear, Touch of Death" "Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger" "Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave"(Is it true that "Revenge of the Ninja" actor Sho Kosugi has a cameo in a fight scene, and was also the fight choreographer of that movie?) Anyway, like I said in that message before, I thought "The Real Bruce Lee" wasn't that bad. I don't know why it seemed to have quite a few bad reviews. I still somewhat remember the L.A. Times review, from 1979, saying something about "rated R for violence". The last part of "The Real BL" is a shortened version of a Dragon Lee movie called "Last Fist of Fury". "LFoF" was a good kung fu movie, w/ some good fight scenes, in my opinion. I read somewhere that either a British VHS tape or DVD has an uncut version of "LFoF". "Lee Lives Within"(English dubbed) was a good HK kung fu action movie. Lo Lieh was not really the star of the movie though. Larry Lee played the main character. Nora Miao played a supporting character, and looked really pretty in the movie. Nora's pretty good w/ her fight scenes, and in one fight scene, she uses a "particular" weapon. If you've been trying to find a HK movie where Nora is the star, and if she appeared in a HK movie called "The Story of Daisy", then I wonder if she was the star of "TSoDaisy"? I do also still remember one or two Pacific Theatres in Downtown L.A. and maybe in Hollywood, showing "LLWithin", at around 1981. I didn't see the movie that time. I only saw the L.A. Times newspaper listing. Bruce Liang, of "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Badges of Fury", had a supporting role in "LLW". His kung fu was good too. Overall, I had a good time watching these two movies for the first time, and it was great to see them in a theatre. Does anybody know how come it looks like "Showdown At the Equator" was never released on HK import DVD, in Chinese language w/ English subtitles?
  8. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    I was at the Amoeba Music store in Hollywood today. The store had a stack of the New Beverly schedules for December 2017. That's when I noticed the New Bev will show "Infra-Man", as the 2nd movie in a double feature w/ "The Amphibian Man", on Tuesday 12/12/17. I don't think I've heard of "The Amphibian Man", but the info says it's "the Russian sci-fi classic". If "Infra-Man" will be the Chinese language w/ subtitled version, then I have interest in going to see it. If it'll be the English dubbed movie shown, then I probably won't go. I'm not sure if the New Beverly would be able to get a 35mm subtitled print from Celestial, that guy in Vancouver(or was it Oregon?), or anybody else though. Ken, about "Victim". I saw that Amoeba had a "Victim" DVD available, approximately 3 or 3 and a half weeks ago. Also, back on 9/24/17, I saw the New Bev double feature of "The Real Bruce Lee"/"Lee Lives Within". I'm sorry it's taking me too long to do a report on it. I'll do a report as soon as I can. Here's one thing I'll say about "The Real Bruce Lee": It seems to have too many bad reviews. The movie wasn't really that bad, including the Dragon Lee movie called "Last Fist of Fury", which was shown at the end.
  9. Sorry to tell you at the last minute. "Chinese Zodiac" will be showing tonight, at the Alhambra, CA library at 6:30p. https://alhambralibrary.org/events/2017/09/28/chinese-movie-十二生肖-chinese-zodiac
  10. Those sound like disappointing choices, for Jackie Chan movies to be shown. "Miracles" didn't seem to be as good as I thought it'd be. I've seen "Police Story 3:Supercop" quite a few times already(at around 1992 in a San Gabriel Valley[L.A.] theatre, Tai Seng VHS video, and U.S. dubbed theatrical version). "Police Story" is still a bit overrated, in my opinion. How about any of these suggestions for Jackie Chan movies instead?: "Project A" "Wheels on Meals" "Project A 2" "Police Story 2" "Dragons Forever" "Armour of God 2:Operation Condor"
  11. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    I already saw "Robotrix" back in the 1990s, maybe at L.A.'s Vista Theatre, when Rim Films would have their Cinema Hong Kong film festivals in the L.A. area. Which Facebook page do you mean? Are you talking about the New Bev Facebook? I posted a comment, by the way, on the New Bev Facebook from yesterday night's message. My comment was about suggestions for the New Beverly. I feel bad there were no replies or likes to my comment yet, though. I wasn't really planning on going to tonight's double feature. Like I said, I already saw "Robotrix". I don't have that much interest in seeing "Roboforce", even though I heard it's a bit similar to "Metropolis" because of Sally Yeh's character. I also do remember The Discovery Channel, back around 1990, showing a "Tsui Hark" episode of "The Incredibly Strange Film Show". I think that showed some scenes from "Roboforce". I recorded the "Jackie Chan" and "Tsui Hark" episodes of "The Incredibly SFS" w/ my VCR back then. I'm not sure if they're available on DVD. Anyway, I hope you had a good time at tonight's double feature, Ken! I also hope that Brian, of the New Bev, read my comment about the suggestions from around last night on the theatre's Facebook
  12. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    I just saw "The Kentucky Fried Movie" tonight(Thursday). I kind of remember seeing "TKFM" already, on either L.A.'s The Z Channel or HBO, back in the 1980s. Tonight was the first time I saw it in a theatre. I also remember the movie being shown at midnight at some United Artists theatres, back in the late '70s/early '80s. This 35mm print was scratchy sometimes, and was mostly faded. Evan Kim, in the "A Fistful of Yen" sketch(an "Enter The Dragon spoof), was good w/ his martial arts. I think that Evan also co-starred w/ Clint Eastwood in the last Dirty Harry movie, "The Dead Pool", in case you didn't know. I already saw the 35mm print of "Road Warrior", when The New Bev showed it before this month's screenings. "Mad Max: Fury Road" was a disappointing movie, in my opinion. I went to a recent Director's Cut screening of "Robocop", at Hollywood's Egyptian theatre. Peter Weller was there. Yes, it would be good if "Super Inframan" could be shown again. Hopefully, there'd be a chance of a Mandarin w/ English subtitled screening. For Kaiju movies(not English dubbed), I'd suggest: "Destroy All Monsters", "Godzilla Vs. Megalon", "Terror of Mechagodzilla", "Godzilla 1984", "Godzilla: Final Wars", "Decisive Battle: The Super 8 Ultra Brothers". Brian Quinn of New Beverly, said maybe there will be some HK movies shown at the New Beverly next month. Possibly some '80s HK movies. I'm sorry if I talk about this too much, but I really still wish The New Bev could show "Tiger on the Beat" again. It would be such a good choice for a Summer movie there, because of audience participation from those two INCREDIBLE action scenes. Maybe a Lau Kar Leung double feature w/ "Operation Scorpio"(not an '80s HK movie though)? Brian also said there's a chance of Shaw Brothers movies showing again, but not until this Fall. Sorry if my post was too long.
  13. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    POSSIBLE VERY MINOR SPOILERS: So I went to the "One Armed Swordsman"/"Return of the One Armed Swordsman" double feature this past Tuesday. I decided to only watch the trailers before "OAS"(because I already saw "OAS" in the past), then skip that movie and go eat dinner nearby, then go back to see "Return of TOAS". Before "OAS", a Bugs Bunny cartoon called "The Singing Sword" was shown, and then there were U.S. English dubbed trailers of: "One Armed Boxer Vs. The Flying Guillotine" "Blood of the Dragon" "Hammer of God"(AKA "The Chinese Boxer") After having dinner, I went back to the theatre to see "Return of TOAS". This time, it was not U.S. dubbed trailers shown. It was the HK trailers for "Five Element Ninjas" and "House of Traps". "Return of TOAS" was good, but there are other Jimmy Wang Yu movies that seem to be better. For some reason, some scenes looked similar to "Master of the Flying Guillotine" and "Five Element Ninjas". Then again, it could be because Liu Chia Liang was one of the fight choreographers of the "Return of TOAS", if that's true. By the way, Liu Chia Liang appeared in the movie, and there were cameos from Ti Lung and David Chiang. The host of the screening, named Brian, said for late March 2017, the New Beverly will show a HK '80s double feature. He also said there's a chance of more Shaw Bros movies coming soon to the New Bev. It looks like Brian was right. Next month, a HK double feature of "Heroes Shed No Tears"(John Woo?) and "Eastern Condors" will be shown. Too bad it wasn't a Sammo Hung double feature of "Dragons Forever" or "Millionaires Express" w/ "Eastern Condors", instead of "HSNT". I also still wish the New Bev can show "Tiger on the Beat" again, possibly w/ "Operation Scorpio". "Tiger on the Beat" is a very good HK movie to see with a crowd, because of those two incredible action scenes in the movie. Anyway, sorry if this was a long message. Here is the March 2017 schedule for the New Beverly. New Bev 2017 03-COMBINED-FINAL.pdf
  14. wackiechan

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    The New Beverly will show a double feature of "The One–Armed Swordsman"/"Return of the One-Armed Swordsman" next month, on FOUR TUESDAYS IN A ROW! The reason for the four showings, could be because "Return of the One-Armed Swordsman" will be a brand new 35mm Print. For "Return OTOAS", the New Beverly site says, "No other known print of this martial arts classic exists!". There is a slight chance, however, that the collection of old HK film cans(now given to the UCLA Film Archive) that were found at L.A. Chinatown's King Hing/Sing Lee Theatre, includes "Return OTOAS". I don't know for sure. One of those HK film reel cans was labeled "A Better Tomorrow 3". Sorry to go off-topic, but I wanted to talk about that, ever since I saw some photos of the King Hing Theatre finally re-opening, but it only has some special events there and no HK movie screenings for now. Anyway, here is some info about the "TOAS"/"ROTOAS" double feature. Click on the "Schedule" button, on the top menu, for other info also: http://thenewbev.com/program/february-7-the-one-armed-swordsman-return-of-the-one-armed-swordsman/