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  1. If you watch the films of Sammo Hung, many of them are undercranked, probably since the late 70s. They (HK action film makers) just didn't make them cartoon-like fast until maybe the late 80s. That was with all films, not just Wu Xia. Those type of films weren't big during most of the 80s. In fact, period films were not really being made until Jet Li's Once Upon a Time In China. After that, everything 'old' was new again. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was mainland chinese, and artsy, which pretty much shifted the martial arts movie making in the 2000s to where it is today. At least, from what I've seen, most of them are mainland chinese financed and dubbed into mandarin instead of cantonese.
  2. kungfusamurai

    Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014)

    I watched this the other day and I enjoyed it very much. It's like a Korean version of The Water Margin, but with a lot more heartache. The fight scenes are well done, even though they are really spaced apart. No wirefu in this one. The weapons play is awesome, especially the swordplay by the main villain. At 2.5hrs in length, there probably was stuff that could have been trimmed out, but I guess you should go into it expecting a drama with a number of martial arts sequences. pjxR99WMDuQ
  3. I remember when I made Falkor so mad he left KFC because I wouldn't come on his side about Born Invincible. He thought it was the best movie, and I thought it was terrible. A good kung fu movie should have smooth fight scenes, I didn't like the choppy style that Kuo used to speed up the fights.
  4. kungfusamurai

    Two Toothless Tigers

    I didn't get into this one either. I guess Two Toothless Tigers is an appropriate title for this film.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't even see this in the DVD or music stores in Okinawa a few years ago, they only had the popular KF flicks by Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc... I got a couple this week, and they look pretty good. I mean, they're not cleaned up, they have streaks going through them, but the colours are pretty good. They're all 1.78:1, probably as wide as they went. It would be nice if they could have cleaned up the prints more, but it's better than only having bootleg pan & scan VHS sourced copies. Also, in chinese with removable japanese subs. The only one I won't bother with is Snake In Monkey's Shadow. From the screen grabs, it looks like pan and scan.
  6. Bounce TV has been really doing a great job of presenting the old school kung fu flicks in english dub and widescreen! No poorly done pan and scan versions. Last weekend they played Boxer's Adventure, yesterday they played Story Of The Dragon, both of which were in full 2.35:1 widescreen. Next week they're set to play Bronson Lee, so I'm hoping that one gets a nice looking widescreen treatment. I've got a bootleg widescreen on DVD that's really washed out, and the pan and scan warner VHS. A clean widescreen would be nice!
  7. I just got my hands on the rarescope DVD, and I can safely say it's NOT the same source as the version played on Bounce. For one thing, the Bounce version was crisp, and looked like it was from a film print, but a well preserved one. The Rarescope version is obviously from a VHS source, and is not so crisp, with the images (e.g. people) not looking as well-defined, and colours are not quite natural. I'm gonna keep an eye out for more of the Bounce presentations! Other than the fact they're censored (the decapitation scene I mentioned in my first post was intact on the rarescope version), it sounds like they're playing cleaned up prints!
  8. kungfusamurai

    Anyone Know This Shek Kin Clip?

    I did look through IMDB, but there isn't really any way to narrow it down without knowing something about his character in the clip, like his name! I'm just guessing it's from mid to late 70s period when shapes/forms were in style, no more punch and blocking. I'll give it a bit of time, then I'll try messaging the guy. I'm not sure if he'll give it up, since he didn't even bother including it in his description, which isn't hard to do.
  9. He's doing some pretty good forms here. I usually think of his Mr Han fighting when I think of him. tmTkqBrHGQ4
  10. Thanks for the heads up on that rarescope DVD! Bounce is playing Once Upon A Time In China V next week, and Blade of Fury the following week, in case any one is interested.
  11. I was surprised to see that Bounce TV played Shaolin Vs Ninja in widescreen with english dubbing last night. The only version I've got is the poor quality pan & scan from Ground Zero released a decade and a half ago. The aspect ratio of the Bounce version was 2.35:1 and was clean, no faded colors. English dubbed, but also, censored. E.g. there was a scene of a father being beheaded by japanese, but it cut away just as the samurai was raising his sword, and next you see him throwing down a bloody white tissue. You don't even see him wiping his sword. Anyway, does anyone know if this clean widescreen version was released on DVD? Amazon lists a few of them, but i can't tell if they're widescreen.
  12. now that I look at the set, it appears many are from previous sets Mill Creek or another company (I forget the name of it) released as a 50 movie pack. The tell tale movies are Ninja Death I, II, III, and Heroes of Shaolin 1 and 2. They appear in all of the sets, so they're just recycling old releases. The guy who reviewed this set actually gives a good description of which movies in the 50 set are from other Mill Creek sets. So if you're already got the earlier 50 movie set, plus you got Flying Fists and Kickin' It, then you really only need to get Impersonators and Way of The 5 Finger to get the complete set of films that's in 100 movies. http://www.amazon.com/Iron-Fist-Frenzy-Movie-Collection/dp/B00JPQ1I6A/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1398610502&sr=1-1&keywords=iron+fist+frenzy
  13. I didn't see his name mentioned, but Whang Ing Sik is a Grandmaster in Hapkido.
  14. kungfusamurai

    Identify this scene for me

    Definitely Fist of Fury.
  15. I would only invest in these if I knew that most were made from decent sources. But my guess is they're George Tan sourced, or at least from the same quality as his GZ releases. Plus squeezing more than 2 films on a DVD means it's gonna look crappy or pixelated, even if they did get a good source.