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  1. daisho2004

    The 'Rurouni Kenshin' Trilogy

    I have the 1st movie on BR and it has English subtitles. So I'm hoping they release these also with subtitles.
  2. daisho2004

    The 'Rurouni Kenshin' Trilogy

    When are they getting released and I heard there not going to have English subtitles?
  3. daisho2004

    Godzilla (2014)

    mpm74: I'm catching a lot of flack over my review of this movie. But I have to agree with you the Guys Son was all over the place in this movie! OK I just got back from seeing Godzilla, and I'll be totally honest I was disappointed with it. I love Godzilla I grew up with all the Godzilla movies. I was glad to see this movie made but it had a lot of major flaws with it IMO. I loved the whole backdrop cover up on Godzilla with the nuclear bombs in the Pacific. And when you finally get to see Godzilla and the other monster about to fight you only see it on a TV as the news was reporting it. That pissed me off and again when there about to go at it the door closes and you don't see anything at all! I enjoyed the new monster design very original. I just expected more and I was let down. Then the whole Bryan Cranston story is another thing in its self. He Son is like an indestructible Guy I was like OK come on now really! Godzilla looked very real loved it. But as far as action goes I'm going to compare it to Pacific Rim and I thought that movie was awesome! Godzilla was a good Popcorn flick I'll say that much.
  4. Takuma Great reviews as always and Pic's I wish you would come over to The Ninja Dojo on FB and post over there.
  5. daisho2004

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

    OK I just got back from seeing this movie, now I'm going to give review Pros first than Cons: 1) I liked the whole backdrop story about his Parents it explains everything and actually shows how they Died. 2) Jamie Fox as Electro was Awesome. 3) Andrew Garfield as Spider-man is Great Cons: 1) Again as in Spider-man 3 I felt they had to many villains, and they hardly got any screen time except Electro! Again why?! Didn't they learn from that movie to many villains ruin a movie! 2) Rhino had 5 minutes of Screen time at the End and it didn't even show them fighting! And I hated the Giant Metal costume he lokded like a small Transformer! 3) You bring back the Green Goblin and I like how he looked, but again he comes in towards the end and has about 10 minutes of screen time and the fight scenes wasn't even that good! Overall I thought it was a good Popcorn Flick but no where near as good as the 1st Spider-Man
  6. daisho2004

    Confession of Murder (2012)

    Good Deal, Bob! But the only time I correct the clerk is if the movie is more than its advertised for!
  7. daisho2004

    Live (2014)

    It looks like its worth a watch for sure.
  8. daisho2004

    Confession of Murder (2012)

    I just order mine online, hopefully it will be here by the weekend.
  9. Hammer Girl Fight Scene:
  10. OpiumKungFuCracker: No Problem Bro! We all got different opinions on what we love/hate, agree/disagree about movies.
  11. OpiumKungFuCracker: I said a few of the Characters like Bejo and a few others, Hammer Girl and BB Dude were awesome! Some of the character were to stale. The Villains were all top notch.
  12. daisho2004

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

    I seen Captain America Winter Solider and I thought it was Epic, definitely one of the single best Marvel Movies, I've seen and I thought the 1st. movie was Awesome as well. Non stop action from beginning to end. I kept on feeling that Iron Man was going to have a cameo in this movie because honestly it did have a lot to do with Stark & his Father and his company. * Fun Note: I don't know if anyone caught the scene at the end in the Graveyard but did you read what it said on Nick Fury's Tombstone? It was the quote from Pulp Fiction Ezekiel 25:17 "The Path of the Righteous Man" I almost died laughing when I seen that, I don't know if anyone else caught that scene real quick.
  13. OAB: I think Johnnyray hit a lot of key points on the head I guess him being an Indie Film maker he will critique the films more than we do. I felt a lot of The Raid 2 dragged on , I agree that the action scenes were awesome as I had hoped for but a lot of the characters were bland, like Bejo. The 3rd act was just amazing I was on the edge of my seat. I just feel like G.E. tried to cram to much into this movie, all at once. Trust me I'm glad I seen it on the big screen and I will be looking forward to picking it up on BR when it gets released in the future as well.
  14. This is a review one of my Friends wrote about this movie, he is an Indie film Writer and Director: Johnnyray Gasca March 29 at 2:20pm THE RAID 2 (Non-spoiler) REVIEW: As good as the first, so if you liked the first you won't be disappointed. If you have never seen any of the Hong Kong cinema of the 80s and 90s, then this may be one of the best action movies you have seen. Thus, such critical reviews and praises hailing the movie as a "masterpiece" and "Greatest action movie ever made" may be honest reviews for that reviewer. However, if you are familiar with Hong Kong cinema, then don't believe the hype. The movie doesn't contain a single stunt or fight maneuver that hasn't been done NUMEROUS times already in many other films, and in films which did them much more dangerously and dynamically. When Iko slings a thug into a corner of a curb or slams a head against a wall, it can't compare to the guys being kicked over a ledge and bouncing off several objects before hitting a floor with no map, as was a common staple in many Hong Kong films. When Iko is standing his ground against the onslaught of attackers, there isn't a single move or choreography maneuver that even comes close to rivaling the best of Tony Jaa in the same scenario. So the film was not even close to being one of the greatest action movies ever made. We are in a time when so few good movies are made that whenever we do get one this good, it has that extra kick of feeding a starving audience. The script was filled with many holes and the filmmakers definitely expect you to suspend your belief and just enjoy the ride. If one guy is ruthlessly executed, you are not expected to wonder why when the main star is knocked out, he is not executed as well, but instead given the courtesy of being carried off to get killed some place else for no other reason than to get him to the car for the next action scenario. The film is wrought with such "conveniences "and it made if difficult for me to "get into" the movie's story. Now this is a movie you come to for action, but the problem is that these "conveniences" continually appear throughout the action, such as a motorcycle assassin blazing a machine gun down the highway, but just as he catches up to the car, his clip runs out of bullets. These "conveniences" kept knocking me out of the moment and so I can't call it anything other than what it was - VERY LAZY scriptwriting and action story design. It frequently happens with sequels when the first has had such success that the filmmakers feel "we got this" and don't bother to fine tune their work as they did when they were less confident. It's bigger budget but less attention to detail. This attention is what separates the master filmmakers like James Cameron from the pack. Once you get caught in, there is no sloppiness that is going to let you "out" of a Cameron film. The Raid 2 knocked me out of it's scenes several times denying me that thrill that I got from the first film and that I get from great action films. The biggest flaw of the film (and I will be extra careful here not to give anything away) is not understanding what makes a great villain and why audiences are endeared to one. Boba Fett is a Star Wars favorite because he is cool. Darth Vader was just as cool and unflinchingly ruthless (until the prequels destroyed all of that). And in the same vein the first Raid gave us the sinister Mad Dog who tells us clearly he LOVES the thrill of the fight. I won't tell you what the filmmakers do with that character for the sequel, but it is obvious WHY they did it. Since he became a favorite character, they then attempt to turn him into a likeable guy, thus attempting to make Darth Vader someone you feel sorry for and want to have a meal with. Nothing short of amateurish and ridiculous. And the done-to-death cliche devices they attempt to use to endear us to Mad Dog were eye-rolling. I just completely cut him out of the story and pretended I didn't see it, the way one tries to erase Jar-Jar Binks. As referring to only the ACTION, the movie is a solid all-around action piece lead by a filmmaker that understands pacing, so there is never a dull moment. And I could actually see the filmmaker improving as he went along, so that by the time we get to the final fights, you are treated to some masterful moments. By now most have seen Hammer Girl and Bat Boy snippets, but when they both battle Iko near the film's final (as if you didn't know that was going to happen), it was dazzling. Rather than featuring the same by-the-numbers moves and rotating camera shots of the film's previous fights, this battle was unique. It contained some highly creative movements and the spacing where it took place denied the camera to be used to way is had been used throughout the movie previously, thus forcing it to be filmed differently and having the added effect of a different feel than the other fights. It was in that battle that I found my high and was treated to what I came for. That one scene itself made the movie worth watching. No one did any moves that would rival the best of Jet Li , Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa, but everyone was in perfect sync with not a single convenient detail was thrown in. It was here that everyone involved clearly understood "it has to be great." And you can see it in the result. I just wish the whole film would have been given that attention to detail. Then it would truly have been one to the greatest action films of all time. Instead, it's just a damn good one. Don't miss it.
  15. OK I just got back from seeing this movie and its nowhere near as good as the first movie as far as storyline goes. Action wise some of the fight scenes were even more brutal then in the first Film. But this movie just drag on a bit to much IMO! I agree there were a lot of hole in the storyline and stuff that really wasn't explained all that much. I did enojy some of the newer characters they brought into the movie. Even some of the fight scenes didn't need to be o make sense as to why these Guys were being set up. Now when we were chatting with Gareth Evans he said this film was suppose to be a trilogy I'm curious if he is still planing on a 3rd movie.