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  1. Sling TV is available on the Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Those sites you listed sell bootlegs of legit releases. If you don't mind that they're bootleg, bruceleewannabe, feel free to buy from them. For cheap Hong Kong DVDs, try these sites: http://www.amazon.com http://www.ebay.com http://www.dddhouse.com http://www.buyoyo.com
  3. I would recommend using your Raspberry Pi for programming only, and use your Amazon Fire TV for videos and games. You can install Kodi and emulators on your Fire TV, checkout http://www.aftvnews.com and youtube for guides on how to.
  4. venom10463

    What Samurai movies from the 90's on do you all recommend?

    Sword of Desperation, one of the best 21st century samurai films I've watched. It's on-par with Yamada Yoji's Twilight Samurai, Hidden Blade, and Love and Honor. http://www.animeigo.com/products/samurai/sword-desperation
  5. Just watched these the other day, will definitely add the Blu-ray to my collection.
  6. I have been trying my hardest to find a reasonably priced Blu-ray of 5 Element Ninjas. I knew I should have grabbed it upon its release. At one point, a seller on Amazon wanted $499. There is no way in hell, I can justify spending that much money on a disc, which I also have on DVD. The most I ever spent on a single disc was $30-50 dollars.
  7. venom10463

    Following Other Forum members

    Click the name of the person you want to follow, then click on follow member.
  8. venom10463

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    I agree with everything SMK said. Amazon Fire TV is the best choice for streaming media players, and with Kodi installed, you have an endless amount of tv shows and movies at your disposal.
  9. venom10463

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    How far is your Roku stick from your router? It sounds like you're not getting enough bandwidth due to distance or interference from other wireless devices in your home. If you have a dual band router and your Roku stick has dual antennas, try switching to the 5Ghz band.
  10. Ching outfit Chen Kuan Tai wears in Iron Monkey. Lo Mang's Kid with the Golden Arm outfit. (I like alot of the outfits Lo Mang wore in different films. The outfits he wore always accentuated his muscular physique.)
  11. venom10463

    1080p Kung Fu Films

    If the content I'm looking to buy is available in HD and after doing my research to ensure the film was given the best possible treatment, I'll consider purchasing. HD contents has spoiled me over the years, so I prefer to watch everything I can find in HD. I still buy DVDs only if it's not available on Blu-ray. Moreover, watching classic kung fu movies in HD, you might be able to notice imperfections, but that goes to show the power of HD. The clarity and sound of HD allows me to experience the film from another perspective when I first watched it on VHS and then DVD.
  12. I concur. I still need to pickup their Stray Cat Rock BD/DVD box set. I will put my HVE box set up on eBay in a few days, hopefully I can get at least $50.
  13. This is so on my wish list! Now I need someone to buy my hve box set.
  14. venom10463

    Coming From Arrow: More Nikkatsu Films

    Arrow has been doing a fantastic job, so excited to see what their have in store for us.
  15. venom10463

    The Joys of Backing Up My Kung Fu Collection

    There are a plethora of free programs you can locate on the internet to backup your DVDs. My favorite are ImgBurn and DVDFab.