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  1. Just wow... One the best movies Scott Adkins ever did. Non-linear story, brutal fights, a bit of gore, decent plot, acting, directing - can't really complain about anything. Great example of how to make a good movie on a low budget. Kudos to everybody involved!
  2. As far as I remember, trailers for Maria and Furie came out around the same time. I wasn't impressed with Maria at all and was very interested in watching Furie. Now, when I watched both movies, I gotta say, to my surprise, I liked Maria more Furie has better acting(maybe because nobody was speaking broken English), has somewhat better defined characters, but it also has too much drama for my taste and not enough action. Except for the first fight where the main heroine beats some thugs at the market, the rest fights are much better choreographed and executed. They all cramped in the last 30 min, while for the whole first hour we don't have any real action While being a better movie overall and featuring better fights(comparing to Maria), I still didn't like Furie as much
  3. I rather liked it. No doubt, the acting is atrocious, but I don't watch MA movies for some great acting. Of course, it would be nice to see some great performances, interesting plot, but hey, you can't have everything in life/ Anywho. The plot is not original and been done to death, but fights are plentiful, albeit not all of them are equally good. We have 3-4 rather weak ones, but the rest, while not exceptional, are pretty decent. You got some handwork, knife action, use of environment, etc. Can't say the choreo was bad. Shootouts are pretty decent, too, slightly ruined by CGI blood, but at this day and age it's so common and widespread, that I can't blame the creators for that Overall, I wasnt crazy about the movie, but I won't diss it. I even go as far as saying that I found it more enjoyable, than, let's say, Vengeance with Bennet(what a piece of crap that was!), Skin Trade or the recent MJW's vehicle The Hard Way, not mentioning the bunch of others
  4. The poster with shooting Adkins and flying jets must be a joke. I wonder why there are no space rockets, tanks and huge explosions on this poster. Crumbling skyscrapers are also missing Here's a review of the movie - https://asianfilmstrike.com/2019/05/04/abduction-2019-review/ I'd say, it's pretty close to what I thought, maybe a bit too flattering. The movie is more of an Andy On vehicle, he really gets to shine here and has the best action scenes. The whole sequence of him taking on the Russian mafia is worth the price of admission, it's that great. It deserves to be in a much better movie. I was really disappointed in Adkins, playing a mumbling retarded stutterer basically for the whole movie. He should stick with playing psycho bad guys, he was born for those roles. His fights were OK, not bad at all, but nothing extraordinary. Overall, not a very bad cheapo ruined by the third act which was pretty dumb and stupid.
  5. 2 DragonClaws: Aw, man, you beat me to it! I was about to post the link to the trailer :)
  6. Really great, great stories! Happy for you, lucky man! I only saw Jackie Chan, Sammo and Mina Godenzi, so I can imagine how excited you were seeing all the greats (And, as someone mentioned above, it was great to see who rdeen is :) Loved your old youtube channels, man, I remember how pissed off I was when they were shut down. I think I even got a few movies from your collection through a mutual friend) Again, thanks for sharing this!
  7. Hell, yeah!!! I don't know what Skott Adkins is like in real life, probably, he's nice and sweet, but he is GREAT playing a loose canon, borderline psycho types. How it was precisely put in Accident Man: " I just don't fight people anymore, I f**king destroy them!"
  8. Random thoughts A bit above average action flick. Not the best for anybody in the cast, but a better effort for many. Iko had the worst fights, (well, Jeeja Yanin got it even worse, but that's not the point). The point is, Iko was totally wasted here Tiger chan got some OK-ish fights in the beginning, but it was downward after that Michael J White had a blast, wisecracking through the whole movie. His fights suck, though, as usual. Slow and even sloppy at times. I don't think he had any great onscreen fights in his whole career, except for the magnificent Blood and Bone and some very good moments in Phoenix Rising Tony Jaa got the top billing - that was a surprise. Probably his best role after his Thai movies, as good as SPL2 Scott Adkins was the only guy who really shined. His fight with Jaa, obviously, was the highlight of the movie. One of the best one-on-one fights in Jaa's movie career, if not the best. Adkins is still fast and agile as ever Putting rather small Asian fighters against white (and a black) musclemen didn't look like a good idea to me Right up to the police station sequence the movie was well-paced and the story was good. After that, it all went downhill It was nice to see Michael wong and hear him speaking English Gunfights were... Meh... Did absolutely nothing for me. I could understand gathering all the greats of the MA world in a gunfight movie if before mentioned shootouts were as great as John Woo's ones, but here we were treated to the most primitive point-and-shoot gunfights The main guy to blame - Tim Man( it hurts me to say this, 'cause I love some of his work and use to praise him a lot). After a superb job on Ninja2 and Boyka4 he did a lackluster job in Accident Man(his fight with Adkins there was just plain boring) and now this. I can't say the choreo totally sucked, some moments were top-notch, but for the most part it was so generic, so un-inventive and totally unimaginative. I said it a gazillion times, - a great MA movie is made by a great fight choreographer. The fighters, for the most part, are not so important. If your choreo sucks, the best onscreen fighters are not gonna save your movie Overall, a decent above average action movie, which for some totally unnecessary reason features some of the best martial artists working today
  9. I've seen 3 out of 5 nominated films and to me looks like the best action design should go to The Golden Job, even though it's not that good to be honest. How on Earth Project Gutenberg got a nomination is beyond me
  10. D1 Ma

    Revenger (2018)

    Not gonna add anything new. Poor screenplay, bad acting, weak direction, bad pacing, out of place comedy...but the fights! Oh my God, the Fights! I'd say this movie features arguably the best onscreen fights since The Raid. Basically, no wires, no gimmicky editing, no shockingly gory FX, just pure MA awesomeness. Just the way I like'em The guy is beyond good. Easily one of the best kickers out there and one of the greatest screen fighters. I tried to look for some info on him and it looks like its his first leading role! He did some stunts and choreo before, but it looks like its his first real chance to shine. And he's not a young guy anymore. What a pity! Surprisingly, the end fight was as great as any previous fight in the movie. Haven't seen such a great one-on-one fight in a while Can't say that fast-forwarding between the fights would be a bad idea, but the fights definitely worth repeated viewing
  11. So glad to hear Eric got this gig! Hope it will help him to get in big production movies. Even if it's Bollywood for now
  12. the movie was pretty weak overall, but what ruined it completely was the very bad direction. There was enough action to satisfy an action junkie, but it was so horribly shot that totally ruined any impact the action scenes could've had. One of the perfect examples of unbelievably badly shot action.. Iko's scenes actually were nicely choreographed, nothing extraordinary, but good, however they were destroyed by editing. I mean, it literally looked like if somebody had an ultimate goal to ruin a fight scene. Even then it would take a lot of effort to do such a horrendous job. Borne's editing looks perfect comparing to the mess they did in Mile 22. Just awful... And I LOVED the trailer Off topic. I watched The Spy Who Dumped Me and was surprised how good the action was for that kind of a movie. There were 3 action sequences that I really enjoyed. And that's a dumb comedy! Creators of Mile 22 should be ashamed of themselves
  13. D1 Ma

    Peppermint (2018) - A Female "John Wick"?

    I'll watch it. Didn't see any interesting action, but I'm a sucker for revenge films, so, hopefully, this one will be OK