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  1. My recent purchases. Also these two. Double Dip on Avengers: Endgame 4K UHD Best Buy Steelbook & the Target exclusive.
  2. thekfc

    The Hong Kong Bluray/UHD Thread

    I pre-ordered The Bride With White Hair Limited Edition but did it thru Buyoyo.
  3. thekfc

    Cheetah on Fire Custom Blu Ray rip

    I think you may be referring to Fujimi Nadeki who is also in Crystal Hunt, Satrye Monks, Pink Panther & Rock On Fire (ask Girl On Fire).
  4. Notorious Eight is a crime/action modern day gambling movie which I did enjoy to an extent as it pre-date many of the HK gambling movies. And coming from Sun Chung many people were expecting an old school martial arts movie especially with the cast involved and because of his recent previous outputs - The Proud Youth, To Kill a Mastermind, Avenging eagle, Deadly Breaking Sword, Rendezvous With Death, The Kung-Fu Instructor, etc,.
  5. Yep, a lot of good stuff were uploaded. Due to licensing agreements they cannot upload any full length movies with any subtitles (English or Chinese). However, with no subtitles on there, that would be an opportunity to make some very good customs as this is a clean "unobstructed" print.
  6. Here in the USA we do not have a TV license fee, just buy/get your TV and you are good to go. You just pay for the cable service & the tier that you want (you may not even need/want cable). You can upgrade or downgrade as you wish. You can switch to a different company (if they service your area) as you please - there is no penalty or cancellation fee (unless you are in a "special" contract with them). Sometimes the cable companies do charge you an installation fee. We have 5 major TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & CW) that are free over-the-air, so all you need is an antenna to bring in the signal. There are plenty other channels that are free....if you can get the signal. Personally I get about 90 free over-the-air channels but I hardly watch any of them. I am lucky because I am in an area with unobstructed views to where the TV towers are located, some people may not even get half of what I get. I got rid of cable a long time ago & never looked back - I didn't need it and was paying for something I didn't want. The good thing for us here in the USA is that you have the option to try out a service to see if you want it; Some have either a 7 day, 14 days or 30 days free trials. Some channels like HBO & Showtime also once in a while have a free weekend/week viewing period.
  7. thekfc

    Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (2019)

    I enjoyed watching this one but at the end it was a little underwhelming.......maybe I was expecting too much.
  8. I watch this movie last night on Star Chinese Movies channel. It was broadcast in HD (looks like a legit HD) and it is a definite upgrade from all the other versions I have seen. It was broadcast with Chinese subs and the gore/violence like when Wong Kam-Kong ripped the head off one of the ladies & holding it in his hands is still there. I may have missed some parts of the broadcast as I was doing other stuff so I am not sure what version it was (uncut or HK Cat-II). Not sure if it was remastered or they found a good print but it would be nice if the version I saw last night was release on physical media.
  9. Don't Give A Damn played on that channel a few days ago.
  10. Streaming TV isn't going to be more expensive. In fact with all these services there will be more competition, better services/products competing for your money.
  11. In my neck of the woods this is basically non-existence......unless you walk into one of these 2nd hand stores or one of these ethnic store. I have a few African stores near my home that sell DVDs but then that is titles that are not readily available. But then if you go to one of the bigger chain store then very likely you would know more than the person behind the counter & you would be the one giving the suggestions. It's like this. "Usually" you have a grace period (15 days, 30 days, etc,) but that depends on the (terms of the) service you subscribe to. For some service if the bill is not paid by a certain date, then you will not have access to some/all of your services until your bill is paid. Some services will let you go up to a certain period of time but add a late fee to your bill; if it is not paid by the next billing cycle then you are cut off. Note: Your account is not deactivated - it just go dormant.
  12. The Fate of Lee Khan was in my mailbox when I came home last night. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, it may be a little while before I get a chance to watch it.
  13. My recent orders. The Fate of Lee Khan was delivered yesterday. The others were last week's delivery.
  14. There is one paragraph that makes me chuckle...........because it is (mostly) true. The Selwyn concession stand was always open, but honestly, I never once saw a customer purchasing food. A Large Popcorn went for $2.75 and Large Cokes were $2, but their hot dogs always looked a bit scary (not to mention, slightly gray, as if they'd been re-heated one too many times over the past month), with buns that were kept warm by laying them on top of the fresh popcorn. Yummy, eh? Perhaps not. From personal experience, it was always easier, cheaper and safer to grab your foodstuffs before entering the theater, Back then we never bought from the concession stand inside the theater, we always buy from outside (mostly Chinese food, sandwiches or burgers) and then we would eat it inside. Just about everyone was doing that.
  15. Police Pool of Blood one of my fav Beardy movie, actually my fav Beardy weapon's movie.
  16. Like I am watching Battle: LA but in a different setting. I will eventually end up seeing it. With a popstar as your main male lead and that it is a "futuristic romance", I know what to expect. Lu Han is extremely popular, especially among the younger Chinese/youth (we can see who the target audience are) but his filmography is meh.
  17. I just got a shipping notification text from Best Buy a few seconds ago - "Awaiting USPS Pickup"; A tracking number is also provided.
  18. I have mine ordered via Best Buy - they gave me a delivery date of "received by August 2nd". They initially had a release date of July 23rd - but then they had it "out of stock" as well as many other retailers so I am not sure if it was ever release that day. Maybe they held back the release so it can finish the rounds in the US theaters. Amazon have "usually shipped shipped within 1 to 3 months".
  19. The 1st trailer had me interested. The 2nd trailer just took away my interest.
  20. thekfc

    Next 007 to be woman

    That would be a great way to introduce her. Introduce her in the next James Bond movie, then something happens to the current Bond (kidnap, jailed, etc) and have her take over temporarily and former Bond down the road comes back and take over. Or they can do a spin-off like they did with "Hobbs & Shaw" from The Fast & Furious franchise. I think Ghostbusters tanked because you have a cast not that many people were into. I didn't go to see it in the theater because the cast didn't interest me. With the right female cast the studio can have a "hit" on their hands - it may even surpass the last Bond movies(s).
  21. I have seen that movie, I just can't remember the name of it.
  22. thekfc

    Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天再起風雲

    Got home early from my travels and I just caught the end part of it a few minutes ago. No English subs - It does have Chinese subs.
  23. Since the trailer have the iQiyi VIP logo on it, then we can assume that it is another movie made for the streaming platform. They also have "exclusive" contents as well as produce their own stuff just like Netflix.
  24. thekfc

    Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天再起風雲

    I saw the preview over the weekend on TVB Jade. TVB Jade sometimes offer subtitles in their programs but there were no subs in the preview so not sure if this one will have subtitles or not. If not then we may have to wait for a fun-subbed version. I am in transit & will not be home until Thursday - hopefully I will catch it on a replay to verify. Also it is slated for 20 episodes which will run until August 17th.
  25. thekfc

    Beyond Hypothermia (1996)

    My Mei Ah copy is subtitle in English. My international version copy is English dubbed.