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  1. thekfc

    Beyond Hypothermia (1996)

    My Mei Ah copy is subtitle in English. My international version copy is English dubbed.
  2. thekfc

    Tik Tok (2016) - China/Korea Co-production

    I have had this movie in my queue at Netflix for a while - I will give it a view very soon.
  3. thekfc

    Parasite (2019) Bong Joon-ho and Song Kang-ho reunite!

    This one is definitely on my movies to see on the big screen and to get on physical media. For the big screen, we in the USA will have to wait until October - release date so it can be eligible/in contention for award season.
  4. Nice review there @DrNgor I use to have the disc with the alternate/extra scenes. Not sure what I did with it as I have looked for it multiple times but can't locate it.
  5. thekfc

    Untitled Fast and Furious Spin Off

    IMAX, here I come.
  6. Streaming is now becoming more "streamline", so to speak. I see competition, and in a good way. Each of the services will be "producing" more of of their own contents, they will be "raising the bar" to attract subscribers, they will be competing against each other for subscribers. People will be subscribing to multiple services (I know I will). I can see in the near future, we will be getting a bunch of Asian shows (Netflix already started) & the other services will too as that is a huge market waiting to be tap into. It's a dream but I don't think it gonna happen. Marvel is owned by Disney while DC is owned by Time Warner - big rival there.......but you never know. Also DC have their own streaming service called DC Universe but it may merger with the WarnerMedia (AT&T / Warner Bros) streaming service.
  7. Awesome!!!! I was scheduled to get mine today but no one was home when the UPS driver came (I got the delivery attempted notification while I was on the train to work). They will try again to deliver tomorrow.
  8. thekfc

    Great Highwaymen Cathay 1970 go fund me.

    I am in. PM me so I can know how to send payment.
  9. It may not fell like it but it is a light-hearted movie that do not take it to seriously. It is like the cast said "we are busting our butts so lets go out there and have some fun", which they did. For some people the concept worked but for some it doesn't, for me it worked & I even like it better than 5DV. The main problem I see with the movie is the promotion. People been promoting the movie for what it is not just to capitalize on the success of the 5DV. Some folks call it "The Return of The 5 Deadly Venoms" or the sequel to 5DV when infact the closest movie that would be a sequal to 5DV would be Invincible Shaolin as that movie have 7 core members from 5DV including WLW and it follows a similar theme (greed, deceit, manipulation, etc,).
  10. I will get both release.
  11. thekfc

    NYAFF 2019

    I may end up going to a few movies. The Yuen Woo-ping event should be great, although I already seen both Miracles Fighters & Iron Monkey on the big screen, I may end up going to one of them. I don't mind see Furie again on the big screen especially if Veronica Ngo is in attendance.
  12. Just got the notification that it have been shipped - I should receive it in a day or 2.
  13. Release date 7/23/2019. I already pre-ordered it.
  14. thekfc

    Shaw Brothers Photo's & Poster's (1951 - Present)

    19th Asian Film Festival in Singapore (1973) David Chiang (Most Contemporary Award) for Generation Gap & Ti Lung (Special Jury Award) for Blood Brothers. Photos from the 1973 June issue of the Hong Kong Movie News.
  15. I have been trying to watch it but have yet to make it thru, maybe I will make it all the way thru on the 3rd attempt.