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  1. The Human Condition (1959-1961) - This was the hardest movie I've ever watched in my life, and I'm not talking about the 6 hour running time, it's a movie you want to forget after watching but can't, it's a movie that should make you question everything you've ever believed in. One of the truest war movies ever made, Kobayashi's masterpiece and cements in my mind why Tatsuya Nakadai is one of the greatest actors that will ever be. Had no idea Kubrick lifted the training camp scenes for Full Metal Jacket, like to touch more on this movie in the Japanese section but it will warrant another watch when I can bring myself to do so. The Brood (1979) - Picked up the criterion over the sale, always been a Cronenburg fan but this one, along with shivers, bypassed me for years. Great horror concept with some freaky moments, solid cast - Oliver Reed just oozes charisma. Ending kind of fizzled out but I guess due to budget restraints, still solid flick in the body horror canon. The Devils (1971) - Oliver Reed made such an impression I wanted to seek out more of his movies, this is one I've heard about over the years and had to stream the uncut version, which frustratingly kept loading towards the end, had to stick it out as I was so enthralled. How in the fuck this movie got made on the year I was born is beyond me, based on an actual event in history in France in the 17th century during an outbreak of the plague it holds nothing back, excellent direction and cast, especially from Reed and Vanessa Redgrave. Possession (1981) - Watched this on video as a teenager with a bunch of friends in the 80's, didn't remember much about it except the freak out scene and the monster and was probably wanting something more like Evil Dead, but now, after several failed relationships, I fully understand the impact and realize it's not really horror. It's a whirlwind of a movie, the arguing scenes where they're talking over each other and other various noise is what it's like when communication ends and there's no saving the relationship, this film deserves more praise. Surf 2 (1984) - Another movie I caught sometime in the 80's, after watching the 4 movies above my mind needed something less taxing, this fit the bill, just a goofy comedy it was a who's who of hollywood with many cameos and bit parts filled by veteran actors/actresses, with a young fresh Eric Stoltz, Eddie Deezen plays the villain, not for everyones tastes but harkens back to the 80's T&A movies that didn't take anything seriously and were just a lot of fun, you can watch this one on Youtube.
  2. Godzilla vs Bruce Lee would have to be up there with movies I'd like to see -
  3. Alright, got my sound squared and put this in last night, even got the gf on board as she found out it was from a manga. I loved it, it's just one weird movie, but I can't help think how much better it could of been with a little more effort and budget, and when I mean effort I mean from the director and producer who didn't seem to want to even do the movie after watching the extras, Chiba's intensity makes the movie, well that and boobs, and a well shot downtown Tokyo, some great 70's imagery, and I'm really surprised no one has mentioned that trippy jazzy score - one up there for the ages. It did peter out by the end, I was kinda hoping for a wolf - tiger battle ala Karate Bear Fighter, but that's how it goes with these 70's shoe stringed budget flicks. It does have me curious for the source material. So a really good B movie, certainly enough fighting, sex and insaneness to go around.
  4. Thanks for the reviews, I'm picking this up now!
  5. Tosh

    M.I.A. Forum Members

    Vengenceofthehumanlanterns? Kungfusamurai?
  6. Tosh

    Vietnam - Ken Burns

    Yeah I've been watching it, funny I heard the theme from Platoon and started watching a "making of Platoon" on youtube, my favorite war movie. Turned on the tv and caught the (KB's)second episode that night, really comprehensive, I learned a lot of things I didn't know. Was watching Ken Burn's "The Roosevelts" on netflix before that, recommended if your digging his Vietnam doc.
  7. Tosh

    Doberman Cop (1977)

    I have to say I'm digging the artwork for this one but I'm going to have to tell Mr Walkow to give the KFBob treatment on the next Chiba release, I saw this years ago on some shit release(or boot), think it was so bad it was almost unwatchable so I don't remember to much about it, looking forward to pick this up.
  8. Oh man, first my 3 year old smart tv dies, then I was moving during the busiest time of the year for my work, the deal with the new apt I had to do some fixing up - drywall repair, painted the whole place including the popcorn ceilings(with a roller), got all that done and went last weekend and got new tv just to find out there's no audio out for the rca jack so I can't get my dinosaur of a surround system hooked up, now I have a monster of a hurricane coming at me and it's been pandemonium trying to get water/food/gas/supplies, every fricking year I say I'm going to get prepared and never do. So I haven't got to it, wanting to get the audio figured out, trying to figure out a conversion to hdmi or digital audio out to rca but everything I've found goes the other way(to an old tv), seeing how my new tv crapped out around 3 years I'd like to keep my old sound, it's 25 years old and still sounds great, plan B is getting a sound bar. I got an all region blu from LG, it was around 100 bucks. I did get to watch Time Bandits! LOVE this movie, all the way up to it's insanely bizarre ending. I'll pick up Doberman Cop, I'm going to place a good order next time. I'll be sure to drop Arrow a line, I want to also praise them on their excellent customer service.
  9. This may be old but not having cable it was new to me, nothing ground breaking but it was cool to see George Takei, who I had no idea dubbed some of the American voices in the old movies, and John freaking Carpenter talk about the big G.
  10. Funny how we have opposite experiences with these two movies. Man, you got to see Ice Pirates, I want to call it a Star Wars parody with a mix of rock'em sock'em robots but it's really it's own thing, I still remember in the movie theater back in 84, my friend and I laughing so hard we couldn't breath at the end. Surprised this one passed you by. So I got my disks and my blu wouldn't play them Just got my region free player in the mail today so I'm going to have a great weekend! Looking forward to watching Wolfguy.
  11. Ah BMtHoAG is one of those movies that sticks with you, kind of like a knife in the chest, I would say they don't make movies like this anymore but it's more like they won't make movies like this anymore. For some reason I hardly remember BB, need to watch it again, was going to rent it but I'll just order it to give Arrow my business. Time Bandits on the other hand has a place in my heart having loved it in my younger years, I remember them both being totally off in that great way 80's era left field, hope Arrow release Ice Pirates, another oddball flick. The kid sounds like a chip off the ol' nunchaku Heading out of town for the holiday weekend, going to have to hold off on these till I get back, aggh.
  12. I want to say thumbs up to Arrow, they gave me free shipping and got it shipped overseas in 5 days, now that is customer service on the highest level and a sign of a well run business, they'll get my $ again.
  13. Gremlins - Been a while since I watched this, wanted the gf to see it. Still a great classic, forgot this was set at Christmas time(he was a gift of course). The evil gremlins were a great creature design made back when hollywood still had some balls, it gets nasty and that's what makes this such a great movie, offset by Gizmo's cuteness. Interesting social commentary in 80's rural small town America. The bar scene is great. Gremlins 2 The New Batch - It occurred to me that I never watched this back in the day, certainly different, bit more parody on some classic movies helped by a cameo by the great Christopher Lee and some genetic engineered Gremlins. Missed the mark for me may have to give it another watch as I wasn't expecting parody, seems to be popular with people but I think it's a stretch to call it better than the original, still gets nasty though.
  14. Tosh

    When did Sho Kosugi release...

    That is a bit steep, no offense to Sho and his movies but imo if you want to learn Ninja movie making go back to the 60's b/w Japanese movies.
  15. Tosh

    RIP Chris Cornell, Soundgarden/Audioslave singer

    What a shame he just didn't pack it up and gave up the rock and spend time with his kids, guess no one can walk through anyone else's shoes. Not going to be any one left for any rock concerts in my old age.