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  1. theportlykicker

    The Battle II

    Hey man, I already told you what I thought on the SP forum, but seeing as this place doesn't have a filmmaking section anymore, I thought you deserved some kind of response here. So... good work! XD
  2. theportlykicker

    VIBE Magazine - Best Rapper Alive!

    Man, I've been all over that ish for years! XD 'Lady Brown' and 'Feather' are bona fide classics. Nujabes is probably my favourite producer right now.
  3. theportlykicker

    VIBE Magazine - Best Rapper Alive!

    Hey Endsang, I just noticed that you gave Cise Star an honourable mention. Good lookin out! Cyne are so underrated. Evolution Fight is one of the best Hip Hop albums of recent years IMO, and I'm really liking the sound of their new stuff.
  4. theportlykicker

    VIBE Magazine - Best Rapper Alive!

    I agree with the guys championing DOOM. He IS the man. I'd actually take The Mouse and the Mask over Vaudeville Villain, but both albums are great. Madvillainy, Mm... Food and Operation Doomsday are right up there too. The man has mad skills!
  5. theportlykicker

    Best superkicker

    Hmm, but if he had such good 'control', how come he ended up knocking Jackie's tooth out? Sounds like a bit of a contradiction. Haha, I kid. I know from experience that, no matter how much control someone has, accidents can happen during the shooting of a fight scene, but still...
  6. theportlykicker

    Best superkicker

    Gotta agree about Chui Jing Yat. From what I've seen, he could have been one of the greatest. Shame he's so overlooked. Also... JACKIE CHAN! Totally underrated kicker. I'd take him over Yuen Biao any day of the week. Biao's kicks looked flimsy compared to Jackie's.
  7. theportlykicker

    Ninja In the Dragon's Den (HKL)

    I think it's one of HJL's best ever performances, personally. His kicks look way sharper than usual. Short, but oh so sweet
  8. theportlykicker

    Best Kung Fu performances by Kids

    Any of the Taiwanese Kung Fu Kids films. Check it: zjTzmxS6TWE
  9. "Jeeja" is a star in the making. I can't wait to see this!
  10. Shanghai Shanghai might be a bad movie, overall, but that end fight between Sammo and Biao is magnificent.
  11. theportlykicker

    Game Of Death Rare Behind The Scenes!

    It's always a pleasure to watch footage of the great man that I'd never seen before. Now, if only there was more of it...
  12. Now There's A Man Talking Sense! But yeah, I agree.. The Victim!
  13. I agree about the same old tired questions, but come on, Jackie always manages to entertain in these interviews. He's the man.
  14. theportlykicker

    The Perfect Weapon

    A guy who studies Kenpo on the SP Board recently made his own little tribute fight scene to the Perfect Weapon. It's really good, check it out: p31dxqQoU3Q
  15. theportlykicker

    Happy 54th Birthday Jackie Chan

    Haha, that's awesome, King. Do you have a link to all the gifs you've created? I think I asked you in another thread a while back, but you didn't reply. I'd love to use a couple of em, if it's ok with you.