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  1. venomsfreak

    Ebola was first discovered.

    I added my signature. Thanks for the link. Although I'm starting to feel like it might be too late already. I'm in south Texas and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we start seeing it down here. I own a store and the majority of my customers are tourists, I'm trying to remain calm but it's getting hard.
  2. I personally love weird movies, the weirder the better. The Child of Peach movies are great Here's a few more you might like: Riki Oh the story of Ricky (based on a Japanese manga, very bloody, but really weird and entertaining). Nine Demons (lots of people here talk about how much they hate this one, but I like it) Fury of the Silver Fox with Pearl Cheung. Actually all her movies are pretty weird especially Wolf Devil woman.
  3. venomsfreak

    The Frank Zappa Thread

    I got to see Frank during his 1984 tour. We saw him at the beginning of the tour and again at the end, 2 amazing shows. My all time favorite Zappa song is Sofa http://youtu.be/QQonpmDL5IE
  4. venomsfreak

    Bruce Lee in Mazda car commercial?

    I saw that car commercial the other night. I also saw some commercial (don't remember what it was for) but it had 2 guys sitting watching kung fu. When I looked closer I realized they were watching Invincible Shaolin. Maybe there's a new interest in old school kung fu.
  5. venomsfreak

    Need help with movie

    A couple of the Venom films come to mind. I know I've seen iron rings in 2 Champions of Shaolin and Crippled Avengers.
  6. Candy Wen was pretty nasty in 2 Champions of Shaolin, killing Lo Mang's bride. The Landlady (don't know the actress's name) in The Hot the Cool and The Vicious was a villian.
  7. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin No offense but I don't think Enter the Dragon is that great a movie, there's are alot of others that are more deserving.
  8. venomsfreak

    Movie Intro / demo?

    Best intro ever! y-D9NarRjEI
  9. I think it's just wrong information. I see Amazon says it's 350 pages, that's incorrect. I have this book and it's 287 pages.
  10. venomsfreak

    36 Styles - A Clothing Brand For The Kung Fu Movie Fan

    I'm in South Texas, it's super hot here too. I wore my Hot-C-V shirt yesterday and I was very comfortable.
  11. Handcuff starring Chan Wei Man, excellent movie.
  12. venomsfreak

    Rest in Peace Jackie Cooper

    It's called "Birthday Blues" released in 1932. TCM ran a 24 hour marathon of Our Gang a few months ago, I managed to record a few of the episodes and this was one of them. If you can't find it send me a pm and I can send you a copy.
  13. venomsfreak

    Rest in Peace Jackie Cooper

    Very sad news. RIP Jackie. I like that episode too, but it was Dickie Moore that starred in it not Jackie. Jackie Cooper had moved on to movies by then. . One of my favorite Jackie Cooper episodes was when Miss Crabtree was a border at their house and the mother served everyone soup with mothballs in it.
  14. Yes Don Wong Tao is in this. I'm not sure if it's ever been released on DVD in it's entirety, I got a copy on dvdr, but that might be from a VHS source also.