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  1. Mike Leeder

    Joey Chen's - New Bruce Lee Book (Coming Soon)

    and i did forget that he comments that Raymond Chow was a CIA operative in Taiwan!!!!
  2. Mike Leeder

    Joey Chen's - New Bruce Lee Book (Coming Soon)

    the Facebook posts make some interesting reading too.... "Joey kicked and Bruce Lee took the cue and did the same kick in Enter the Dragon" King Hu Hong Kong film director "I saw the two of them (Bruce Lee and Joey Chen) fight in action; they have to be bloody good" Ingrid Bergman 3 times Academy Award Winner. "I am Joey Chen. I know Bruce Lee very well, too well. I help to make Bruce Lee in the film Enter The Dragon famous all over the world. I like to keep diaries when I was still in secondary school. So obviously when I met Bruce Lee, worked with him from November 1971 to the time he died on 20 July 1973. Diaries daily of everything that I know about Bruce Lee especially people, actors, actresses, during filming,no filming, argument, shouting, threats, injuries, ambulances, "f" word are in Cantonese and English," bullshit ", lunch at McDonald, dinner in Chinese restaurant and so on. McDonalds didn't open in Hong Kong till 1975 Joey Chen refused to fight Bruce Lee Opening Scene in the film Enter The Dragon. At first Bruce Lee requested that I do the fight scene with him since Bruce and I had been sparing kicking punching way before even ETD ever existed and I knew exactly what Bruce wanted in the fight scene, so he approached film producer Raymond Chow and as a courtesy informed him but Raymond Chow refused because I was contracted to Bruce's Concorde production and not Golden Harvest but then Bruce was angried and took revenged by seriously planning a sequel to ETD with me Joey Chen Charles Bronson: I know what you are thinking. I have two adopted son from Asia. They look like you. I hate to see anything bad happen to you. So like a father I forbid you to go back to Hong Kong. We do not know what happened to Bruce Lee. How did he die. None of us know anything. Stay on here in Rome and wait until we hear something from Hong Kong. They will tell us something... King Hu to Charles Bronson: Joey punch like Bruce Lee. But Bruce Lee learned how to kick properly from Joey because Bruce has one leg shorter than the other. Must get cue from Joey all the time.
  3. Mike Leeder

    Behind the scenes...

    thats Paco Wong doubling Jet in the photo with Tsui Hark
  4. i snapped this shot in between takes of The Little Dragon & the Leyland Tiger Danny Chan and Mark Strange in the midst of their battle
  5. Mike Leeder

    Vanguard (2019)

    First character posters
  6. Was able to bring out another UK martial arts hero Mark Strange (Underground/12, Red Con 1) to play a Bob Wall styled bad guy who faces off with Danny Chan's incarnation of the Little Dragon One of my favourite memories from this scene is Mark apologizing to Yuen Woo-ping after hurting Danny Chan's foot with his head when an errant kick connected hard Yuen Woo-ping laughing: You are the one who is bleeding! Why are you apologizing? Always good to have some rise to the challenge and its a cool fight with fists, kicks and nunchucks!
  7. i think i got contacted about this project a few years back, there's a trailer/pitch reel online somewhere
  8. more character posters and a new BTS featurette featuring Donnie, Yuen Woo-ping, Wilson Yip, Scott Adkins, Chris Collins, Danny Chan, Vaness Wu and a first glimpse of mighty Mark Strange in action ip man 4.mp4
  9. The TRIPLE THREAT photoshopped nunchucks i think came as a suprise to all of us when we saw the artwork..... But yes nunchucks really do play a part in the battle between the Little Dragon & mighty Mark Strange, and the still of Danny is in mid fight!
  10. Mike Leeder

    Behind the scenes...

    Anita Mui on a Kwun Tong rooftop posing for Johnnie To and co on Executioners: Heroic Trio 2 Johnnie To posing with his 3 leading ladies Maggie, Michelle and Anita
  11. Mike Leeder

    Behind the scenes...

    When i first arrived in HK, a big eye opener was how so many people smoked and still do, actors, directors, stuntmen etc In HK, China, Korea etc, smoking is still something of a social occasion, and cigarettes are still cheap compared to the west there was also when i arrived cigarette advertising on TV< blatant advertising in moves,how many times have you seen Winston Cigarettes popping up in HK movies? And then Marlbaro and other companies started sponsoring music and movies in the early 90's, Saviour of the Soul, Gameboy Kids etc feature some blatant cigarettes are cool moments!
  12. American martial arts actor/director Kenn Scott the star of SHOWDOWN with Billy Blanks and James Lew, and the Director of the fun rockabilly martial arts action comedy THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY TAO, first popped onto the radar playing Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and in his new book, Kenn talks about the ups and downs, the highs and lows of becoming a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and working with everyone from Pat Johnson, Ernie Reyes Jnr and the Yuen Clan It's a lot of fun, and has that same kind of sense of fun as Matthew Polly's American Shaolin https://www.amazon.com/Teenage-Ninja-Mutant-Turtle-Becoming-ebook/dp/B07ZBK5HGH/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1572015103&sr=8-1&fbclid=IwAR2XmX8A-Q3KvldB6uO5piAPnsMcMDwQs2N2OyaktWdZh0KEPwfq4MoHJU8
  13. someone put a nice tribute piece together about some of the mainstays of Donnie's action team over the years including mighty Mike Woods, John Salvitti, Kenji Tanigaki, Yuji Shinomura, Yan Hua and Yu Kang.... some nice BTS in here too http:// https://www.bilibili.com/video/av53216718/?redirectFrom=h5