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  2. Unfortunately Das Todesduell Des Kung Fu is not the custom 2.35.1 Widescreen anamorphic mentioned it is from the 2006 master which various video labels have been using. It starts fine as usual 2.35 but zooms to 1.78.1. However this is the same version that the majority of fans already have in their collection. If anyone can help with the "custom version" mentioned by Kevenzz please send me a private message. Many thanks.
  3. Thank you very much Kevenzz and Spannick for that screenshot and for more infomation. I have now ordered Das Todesduell Des Kung Fu . I also noticed that the running time is approxmately 85 mins compared to Die Rache Der Gelben Spinne which runs at 82 mins so we shall see. Once again thank you both for your help and expertise. Much appreciated
  4. Thanks Spannick I was expecting and waiting for your comments as I consider you an expert and the most knowledgeable KFF member on German Theatrical, Home Video and TV releases. I just need some more insight and clarification from you if I may, there were earlier 4.3 full screen versions of this film from various sources, then I think the 1st "widescreen" version - 1.85 leterbox? I believe appeared between 2000 to 2006 from Prism, Eastern Heroes, Wu Tang Clan etc. AVV's sleeve says 2014 and DVD.COM's Das Todesduell Des Kung Fu says 2000 (printing error?) so is the DVD.COM version actually widescreen 2.35.1 ? The vendor on Amazon.de seems to have approx 19 copies left, (possibly still in stock within the past two years but not OOP? ) so could this be the original aspect 2.35.1 version or just 1.85.1 widescreen? I am a bit confused due to the gap in the release dates between the 2 labels. Please help!
  5. Thank you very much Kevenzz. This version is available on Amazon.de https://www.amazon.de/Death-Duel-of-Kung-Fu/dp/B000EZ7ZCC/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1553598986&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=das+todesduell+der+kung+fu. Much appreciated 😁
  6. Thanks my friend but what I don't understand is why would a label, AVV in this case, take all the trouble to source and transfer/telecine a 35mm print of this popular film in the correct aspect ratio for that matter, the only widescreen 2.35.1 transfer that I am aware of, knowing very well that the English dub is available, and yet only release the film on DVD with a German soundtrack? What kind of business sense or marketing strategy is this?
  7. This is the link odioustrident posted
  8. Does anyone have or knows where to get an English friendly version (either dubbed or subtitled) of this German DVD release ? Die Rache Der Gelben Spinne (The Revenge of the Yellow Spider?) English title Death Duel of Kung fu aka The Snake The Eagle and the Fox in some regions. Is the German DVD the only official 2.35.1 widescreen version available. I know some fans/collectors have added an English dub to their YouTube uploads in the various channels. Were they custom made ? because I doubt if the original German DVD release had English subtitles and an English dub.
  9. Kwok Choi

    Show me the RARES!

    I doubt if this was ever released on video but I saw it on its initial run (released much later in W/Africa 1976/77). It bombed;big flop a disaster at the box office. No one liked it apart from moi Well....you know........okay not every film from HK/Taiwan should be just about about awesome kung fu fights in my opinion so in a nutshell, (perhaps Stallone saw this) it is Rocky-esque. I like the story.The poster artwork is deceitful, amazing designs which didn't help but it is really a drama about a man who due to dire perpetual financial issues, status, poverty, hard luck, almost completely down and out, really destitute - if I recall correctly, having the burden of an ailing mother and promising sister - who decided that the only way out now maybe apart from regularly selling the blood in his veins for daily survival was to become the punching bag (yes you heard that right) literally, not idiomatically, to Shut Chung Tin the very strong, tough, extremely cocky egotistic reigning boxing champion with a very bad attitude;not as a sparring partner but as a human punching bag. Why? well perhaps to see the effect and damage of his blows. A very poignant scene was after Kang Sha/Tung Li/Alex Tan Lec's first day coming home after "work" to his mother and sister in a terrible state feeding his mum with the food he bought on the way from the first payment/wage per day and the dawning reality on the family that this is the only forseeable means to their daily bread. It is an emotional film recalling the effect it had on me as a youth. There is a very good pop song in the film about money, the evils of money, which is our hero's inspiring signature tune or theme song the equivalent of "the eye of the tiger" that was a redeeming factor for me. I use to sing this song all the time in half-baked Mandarin with people going..this guy has lost it. Still singing it my way as we speak, of course no shame. Anyway I don't quite remember if Yasuaki Kurata was one of the opponents of Shut Chung Tin or just the nasty baddie around or the actual mentor who turned the tables (I honestly cannot remember his role) but to avoid spoilers, if you know you are definitely gonna die making this type of living then why not train yourself, find a promoter, believe in yourself, dare to challenge the reigning champion, chance are...hey you used to be his punching bag! right,you could have an ace up your sleeve.......so you see....your troubles could be over for good one way or the other.......
  10. "The Rebel" http://variety.com/2007/film/reviews/the-rebel-2-1200557505/
  11. Kwok Choi

    Show me the RARES!

    The Magic Ring
  12. Kwok Choi

    Show me the RARES!

    This film is a hybrid of genres with an awesome plot about revolutionaries trying to get rid of a powerful and invincible white haired eunuch? played by Chang Yi with great aplomb possibly in the Ming Dynasty perpetually getting the upper hand made even more formidable by obtaining the magical flying scorpion. As the oppression worsened freedom fighters led by Barry Chan seeked the help of Chia Ling, a no nonsense happy go lucky local isolated from the conflict in a sense. Chia Ling, her little brother and a friendly aid later introduce Barry Chan to her wizard grandfather who advises the cohort that there is only one possibly ray of hope defeating the general and that is the fabled magic ring (possibly related to Na Cha) but all those on the mythical quest to obtain it were never seen or heard of again. Chia Ling, Barry Chan, Lin Hsiao Hu and Wong Sai Tin then set out on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure to obtain the magic ring. It was a perilous task.....(let's hang it here to avoid spoilers ).................. Regarding the comment, "This looks funky to say the least. I mean the guy in the left corner what the hell is he fighting against " in context nothing can beat Chang Yi (he can single handedly defeat a 1000 revolutionaries in battle no matter what;no sweat) Pissed off by wasting precious time fighting the protagonists who were simply no match, he decided to unleash the magic scorpion relax and watch the fun......but he never contemplated that the heroes also had an ace up their sleeve; the magic ring. To proceed from here will reveal what happened so I can only push on a little bit to mention that the flying scorpion can transform into a life size fighting scorpion....anything from here on will be a great spoiler but there are clues in the lobby cards provided in this post. Celestial should definitely, absolutely, and positively release this film. Impressive fight scenes throughout.