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  1. FrankBolte

    洪拳武館 - Hung Kuen Mo Gwoon online series

    Thx my friend ! another teaser and a little fight scene rehearsal (filmed with my cellphone..just rehearsal) NPSFiPTrIBc wClclRa7ZYg
  2. this looks like a proper good one in the making... http://www.maactioncinema.com/archives/2782
  3. FrankBolte

    洪拳武館 - Hung Kuen Mo Gwoon online series

    little bit of rehearsal... trying to get the acting right haha.. 0psFJEely90
  4. FrankBolte

    洪拳武館 - Hung Kuen Mo Gwoon online series

    second teaser e5i5HLHXXXs&feature=youtu.be
  5. FrankBolte

    洪拳武館 - Hung Kuen Mo Gwoon online series

    This year wwe will be working on part 3 and everything will improve..we have more people now and better equipment..shooting this summer hehe...heres a little teaser 7cmrKRcH63w
  6. FrankBolte

    Kung Fu Bob's exclusive interview (MovieTown 2015)

    so they all just left in hurry ? Literally dropped everything and left? At least so it looks..kinda weird....
  7. FrankBolte

    WANTED: Enter the Fat Dragon Book

    Anyone still have a spare copy of that book?
  8. FrankBolte

    Has Anyone Met Any Kung Fu Stars

    I was lucky to meet a few Gordon Liu several times ( didnt took any pics lol but I have a bit on video while im chatting with him) Lau Kar Leung (had a dinner with him) Fung Hark On (he was at that dinner too) Hung Yan Yan (same day when I met Lau Kar Leung, we went for the meeting with LKL to a wrong restaurant first with the same name in HK,in the wrong restaurant Hung yan Yan sat there with some friends) Franco Guerreo) Filipino b-movie actor (one armed executioner, Clepatra Wong) he was my door to door neighbour when I lived in Manila Chiu Chi Ling several times,first time in 1991 at martial arts tournament in germany
  9. it wasnt supposed to be touching... but if it touched you..great! /: why not include spiderman then? It would sell like crazy.... If it would feature Wong Shun Leung at least all the WSL students all over the world buy a ticket..anyway nobody said it should be a wsl movie..its still a Yip Man movie!
  10. its true but they didnt use his name..they just said a famous student who lives iin america or something.... in my opinion Bruce Lee wasnt that important in the life of Yip Man, he was just another student who happend to be famous..they should put more focus on Wong shun Leung ,"one of" Yip Mans best students..
  11. watched it .... great movie,lots of action and very brutal if not gory. But it cant touch movies like the raid but it doesnt have to... there are tons of fights and shootouts, awesome stunts...story and logic was a bit neglected but who cares....
  12. FrankBolte

    Skin Traffik (2014)

    that was one aweful movie...
  13. I dont know but I have several versions of this gem,one is the made in Hongkong UK vhs tape..the movie is cantonese and has burnt in subs.. I dont know if these are the theatrical subs though...
  14. FrankBolte

    Dragon Blade (2014)

    for some reason I thought DM2 was from 92... shanghai knight etc is just blah (To me)
  15. FrankBolte

    Dragon Blade (2014)

    In short; some of the action scenes were good to watch the rest was an utter crap-fest... even shorter..Im done with jackie Chan post 92...