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  1. I think it speaks more to his magnetism, star power and untimely death than anything else; most of these threads are void of meaningful discussion, and several are duplicative: Would Bruce Lee have ever played a baddie? Would Bruce Lee Have Played a Monk? Would Bruce Lee have played a left-handed asthmatic dentist? Is There More Game of Death Footage Thread #37 Would Bruce prefer iOS or Android? Would Bruce have stubbed his toe on April 2, 2012? Would Bruce and Justin Beiber team up to make The Jeet Kune Do Kid? Would Bruce drink Pepsi MAX? Which Game of Death DVD thread #12 There are plenty of unanswered questions since he died so young, but asking them dozens of different ways in dozens of different threads isn't going to get you any closer to the answers. Understandable, though... but at some point you have to move on.
  2. remo

    Kozo from Love HK Film

    Just for fun, lets compare and contrast some reviews from the two sites shall we? Since the slings and arrows are originating from here and all... --- KungFuCinema's review of 14 Blades http://www.kungfucinema.com/review-14-blades-2010-14954 LoveHKFilm's review of 14 Blades http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/14_blades.html --- KungFuCinema's review Bodyguards and Assassins http://www.kungfucinema.com/review-bodyguards-and-asassins-2009-14674 LoveHKFilm's review of Bodyguards and Assassins http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/bodyguards_assassins.html --- KungFuCinema's review of Little Big Soldier http://www.kungfucinema.com/review-little-big-soldier-2010-16537 LoveHKFilm's review of Little Big Soldier http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/little_big_soldier.html --- KungFunCinema's review of Rob-B-Hood http://www.kungfucinema.com/review-robin-b-hood-dvd-cine-asia-14592 LoveHKFilm's review review of Rob-B-Hood http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/rob_b_hood.htm -- Now obviously this all comes down to personal opinion, but overall I find LoveHKFilm's reviews to be far more thoughtful and informative. If you're only into Asian films for the martial arts, I can see how you'd prefer "in four words – 14 BLADES is awesome. In another two words – really awesome" to "passably entertaining if you're in it only for the action, but a disappointment if you're not." But that's just a difference in editorial focus, they're catering to an audience with much broader tastes.
  3. remo

    Fictional Martial Artists in novels

    The Destroyer is a ton of fun, you should certainly try it out. It takes the authors about three volumes to really hit their stride though -- Chinese Puzzle is usually the best starting point. (but they're constantly reiterating the back story, so you can basically pick up any volume and follow along) Remo Williams is a Newark cop framed for murder by a super-secret government organization who seeks to recruit him as their enforcement arm. CURE was created by President John F. Kennedy to help fix a broken system, operating outside the laws of the Constitution in order to save it. He is trained in the art of Sinanju by Chiun, reigning master of a house of legendary North Korean assassins. There's a lot more to the story, but it basically boils down to the interplay between Remo and Chiun and their adventures. Sinanju is depicted as the sun source of all martial arts, unlocking the potential of the human body to perform all sorts of fantastic feats. Very messy and violent. There's also a lot of political humor.
  4. I wonder if they'll run into any trouble with Marvel -- they're working on a movie featuring their character called Iron Fist.
  5. remo

    Bruce Lee's death

    Fair enough; while I find that explanation of his death to be more plausible, to me the main thrust of the book is that he was murdered. Acknowledging that he doesn't have proof doesn't give him a free pass. I just find his credibility questionable considering he ended up screwing Bruce's wife. And a lot of his allegations don't stand up to scrutiny. Like the insinuation he was killed for the million dollar life insurance policy -- only a small fraction of which was actually paid out. So we're led to believe that, on the one hand, these masterful Machiavellian plotters managed to kill him in such a way that left no hard evidence of foul play -- yet they're such bunglers they couldn't collect on the life insurance policy due to inconsistencies in the application and questions about his health? For a million bucks, why not kill/pay off a few of the witness/insurance investigators? I disagree with Dragon as well, if it makes you feel better.
  6. remo

    Bruce Lee's death

    If by research you mean read a Bruce Lee death conspiracy book written by a guy who married Bruce's wife after he died, then no I don't find him to be especially credible... in fact it's downright creepy. Setting that aside, I skimmed the .pdf and found it to be high on supposition and speculation, low on evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence... where's the proof?
  7. remo

    Bruce Lee's death

    People can't handle it when their larger-than-life superheroes die in such matter-of-fact ways, so they invent grandiose conspiracy theories in an attempt to make a celebrity's death match the spectacle of their life. (and frankly, to help themselves to sleep at night... nobody wants to think they can die from a simple adverse drug reaction) Look at all the Elvis rumors, or Marilyn Monroe...
  8. remo

    NEED Help With NA Shaw Brothers Releases

    Popular with who? If he's your friend you shouldn't mislead him... we might care about these old movies, but the average video store customer certainly does not. I'm sure Bruce still has some drawing power, but if you're expecting 70s Shaw flicks to fly off the shelves I think you're going to be sorely disappointed. Start small.
  9. remo

    Is Media Blasters going under?

    It's just not going to happen -- you may as well try to revive 70s variety shows, or the Pet Rock. Their time has come and gone. And even if you magically made them popular with kids again, they wouldn't buy the DVDs... they'd torrent them. Good to hear that the rumor is false, but honestly... as long as they're available subtitled straight from Hong Kong, does it really matter if these films are ever successful again in the West?
  10. remo

    New global releases

    So now globe is "classy" because he refunds someone cash after months of poor communication, bad attitude and no product? Ugh... I swear, some of you people sound like battered housewives when it comes to shady dealers: "well yeah he hit me, but I obviously did something to deserve it."
  11. remo

    Korean movies dvd-r

    You can't afford £2 to £8 for a legit DVD?: http://dddhouse.com/v3/product_list.php?CategoryID=11&PHPSESSID=bd07be9beda2782bc9420dff6bef83a4 I can't imagine that DVD-Rs will be much cheaper than that, and the money will go to the people who actually made the movie.
  12. Personally I love the Lucky Stars movies I've seen so far -- but then again I grew up on a steady diet of The Three Stooges. But I can see where this level of comedy in an action movie would turn some people off... then again these aren't really action movies, they're comedies with lots of action. Laughter definitely has a place in action movies -- lighthearted moments give the audience time to catch their breath. Two hours of straight action sounds like a great idea, but it starts to lose its impact without something to break up the pace. Like the scene in Hard Boiled where Chow Yun-Fat's leg is on fire and the baby he's carrying takes a leak, dousing the flames. Or Bruce disguising himself as a mousy telephone repairman to scope out the bad guys. Schwarzenegger built a career on action movies peppered with comedic one-liners, wouldn't have been the same films without them (nor as successful at the box office).
  13. Beyond the obvious fact that tastes change, I think it's pretty simple -- the overall new wave of Hong Kong films in the late 70s/80s resonated with mainstream audiences in a way that classic martial arts films didn't. The write-up on Wikipedia is below (bolded for emphasis). Jackie and Sammo may not technically have been part of that wave, but if they weren't they certainly rode it. If you were a mainstream moviegoer and the choices were actors going through stilted motions on a cheesy set with seams in the sky rehashing the same old plot, or loveable Jackie delivering a near-Hollywood experience with death-defying stunts in exotic locales, which would you choose? Are they going to identify more with a period actor sporting a topknot or Chow Yun-Fat from A Better Tomorrow, looking cool with his twin pistols, trench coat and RayBans? (especially when you consider the anxieties over the impending handover of Hong Kong to communist China) As for how to fix it... if you mean going back to the way things were, that's about as likely as Westerns making a comeback in the States.
  14. remo

    DVD-R = Bootleg?

    To MattC's point though, how many people are going to have that knowledge, or put in that sort of effort... heck, how many are even aware of what a bootleg is? (or care, for that matter) Ebay is always going to be dicey, because even if the seller shows one thing in the description there's no guarantee that it's what they'll actually send you. Best you can do is just look for trustworthy stores/dealers and hope for the best. I don't really care about dubs (unless we're talking old Shaw nostalgia), so I do most of my shopping at stores like DDDHouse.com or Yesasia.com. Here you're reasonably guaranteed that their merchandise is going to be legit, and the prices are decent.
  15. remo

    DVD-R = Bootleg?

    Go to eBay and search for "Pedicab Driver." All the results you see are bootlegs, and there are various telltale signs to that effect: It has an English dub yet no region code. Generally a Western release will be region coded. If you look closely at the photo, there's no distributor logo plastered on the front cover as there often is for most official releases (Western or HK). Not always the case, but something to look for -- you can compare with the official covers. Check the seller's feedback, if they're selling bootlegs there's a decent chance someone has called them out. Price If you did some research, you'd find that Pedicab Driver has never officially been released on DVD if I recall correctly.