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  1. HAZ

    Okinawa Yakuza Wars

    Hi! Was in China for a Vacation/Chinese New Years Festival, and then went for a Toronto excursion. I've been in touch with agentzuk. He emailed me at my work address. Will be shipping for people who didn't get their copy tomorrow. That means: Karlos Agentzuk OAB
  2. I got secret service of the imperial court and a few others from dddhouse recently. but not all dvd's come with slipcovers.
  3. HAZ

    Okinawa Yakuza Wars

    Hi! I am home with the flu, but I will check my shipping list tomorrow! its at work. h
  4. HAZ

    North Korean Martial Arts Movies

    I once emailed the North Korean government to ask them about visiting NK and going to the movies. They actually replied and said that travelers are not allowed to go to the theater unsupervised, but that they have some kind of film festival/market yearly that foreigners are welcome to attend. I wanted to buy a 35mm print from them, but they had none for sale or even to rent.
  5. HAZ

    North Korean Martial Arts Movies

    There's two other NK movies worth looking for - Hong Kil Dong, and Pyongyang Nalpharam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2dG5BQOVhI
  6. This showed up a few weeks ago on line. There should be a discussion about it in the japanese forum.
  7. I have a bit of a connection to the producers of the Raid. I had no idea that the film had such a big following. Kudos to them for getting to be the opening film of sundance. One of the producers runs a site called Twitch film. Pretty much anything exclusive and Raid related will end up there.
  8. I sent a link to this discussion to Terence's family. I'm sure they will be touched by Bob's eulogy and all of the kind words here.
  9. Winfred was very active on the old KFF boards. His siblings also had a great interest in films. 60 is young. Its sad that he was taken so soon. I will see if I can send a link to this conversation to his family.
  10. That is so sad. We used to talk about Malaysia all the time. He was a super nice guy. RIP
  11. I'll check the list for him too, I have his email. Thanks!
  12. Hmm... Curious! I will check my shipping list at the office tomorrow. I know yours was shipped. I distinctly remember your name.If I am not mistaken, your last name ends in F. It was only the PAL discs, and it was an error that I was making in authoring, one that I only found after I burnt 10 discs. It did slow me up - It was human error. I kept trying to burn a DVD with no audio track. I wasted hours trying to sort that out.
  13. Hi, There was a bit of a delay with the Pal DVD's, There was an authoring error that kept coming up - the audio was not playing. but they have all been sorted and everyone's films have been mailed out! best, h
  14. HAZ

    Funding Project for Custom Subbed Gems

    I have hired a translator that works for some anime & manga companies for wicked priest 2, and for that other chiba film. Hopefully she will be done soon!
  15. HAZ

    Funding Project for Custom Subbed Gems

    Hi! I just started work on The Boss (1971) http://asiandvdclub.org/details.php?id=70953 Katsu's directorial debut. It looks cool!