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  1. Bravery

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Thanks, fellas. Decided to order from amazon. Would like the slips but, would also like to avoid hassle. New releases i'll probably pick up from the source. Ordering Masked Avengers, Killer Constable and The Mighty Peking Man. Went with Peking because I've never watched it. Was always a movie that I constantly pushed to the back because there were other movies i'd rather get. Sure I wont be disappointed.
  2. Bravery

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    A little late to this party but, I will be ordering a few movies tonight or tomorrow. Not sure which ones, though. Masked Avengers is a must, for me, just need to decide on the others. Also, from what I skimmed over it seems that the best way to order for shipping to the US is direct from the site, not amazon. Am I correct?
  3. Someone just sent me a text saying he died a few days agi. I can't find anything.
  4. So could I, I could think of 10 women for all of them that would be better in any movie. But, this is an asylum movie, and those woman wouldn't even take the phone call.. All of these woman are c movie actresses at best.
  5. Bravery

    RIP Bob Hoskins

    Don't care what people think, I love the super Mario movie. R.I.P
  6. Bravery

    Blood Brothers (2007)

    I've only watched it once, and I probably will never watch it again. Not because it wasn't a good movie, it is, but because there is nothing in it that really grabs on to you. Not like the original does. So, is it worth watching? Yes. But, chances are you'll never watch it again. And, it was worth the buck you paid.
  7. Decent List, I guess. But, I guess it means in the mainstream. Those of us who watch martial arts movies know most, if not all, on that list. I'd take a few off and replace them with others. But, in any case, on any list, Michael Jai White should always be first.
  8. Yeah, he has "Semi-Retired" twice. Once from period movies, and then from action. I think he is gunning for Ray Leonards record.
  9. Bravery

    RIP 'Winfred', We've lost a forum brother...

    I just noticed this. I will be sending blessings and prayers up for his family. Really sad.
  10. Nice topic Chang Cheh - Invincible Shaolin Lau Kar Leung - Dirty Ho (My mother found this on my VHS player and thought it was porn) Sammo Hung - Millionaire Express Yuen Woo Ping - Close Encounter of The Vampire John Woo - Red Cliff movies Tsui Hark - Legend of Zu Sammo's was the and is the Hardest for me, I had to put action director out of my mind first. Then I had to decide between The Prodigal Son, and Dragon's Forever, and Wheels on Meals, and..... I finally realize that I don't have a favorite Sammo movie. So, I said what do they all have in common? Yuen biao, and then I asked myself what is my favorite Biao directed Sammo movie, and that didnt make it any easier. I finally decided on Millionaire Express, because I don't know why, lol.
  11. I would love to see that Venoms documentary.
  12. Bravery

    The Dynamite Kid- Wrestling Legend!

    The dynamite kid is one of the greats. Top ten, for me, for sure. I remember a lot of his matches as a child. Edit: I'd put Brett Hart ahead of him on my list.
  13. Bravery

    What's with the slump?

    Nice to see another, as well. I am a proud No Ma'amer; until Tyesha comes around, and then I pull out my Yes Ma'am shirt.
  14. Bravery

    Chuck Norris talks about Bruce Lee

    Sure, Chuck,Sure.
  15. Bravery

    Best martial arts training for children?

    Teako, why wing chun? Just your preference or do you feel it will fit with them or their age?