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  1. There's an English dubbed widescreen HD version of Cantonen´╗┐ Iron Kung Fu available on Amazon Prime Video Canada - I'm not sure if it's available in other regions.
  2. JustinB

    Best Taiwanese Movies?

    Any of Pearl Chung's movies such as Miraculous Flower, Wolf Devil Woman and My Blade, My Life are great. Also, there are many others with a similar style such as Jade Dagger Ninja and Everlasting Chivalry (both with Doris Lung Chun-erh).
  3. I'm really glad that Shout is putting these out - hopefully there are many more to come. The HK releases of Fate of Lee Khan, Shaolin Boxers and Shaolin Plot were VCD-only - so this new DVD should be a nice upgrade.
  4. If these sets are like the two Mill Creek released last year, they'll unfortunately have all sorts of compression-related picture issues due to too many movies being crammed on one DVD. It's too bad because they have some great titles that would probably have a decent quality picture if they weren't so compressed.
  5. I would definitely be interested. Is it the same print as the YouTube clip?
  6. For anyone interested, The Harvard Film Archive will be showing most of King Hu's films later this month in Boston including a new print of "A Touch of Zen": http://hcl.harvard.edu/hfa/films/2013janmar/hu.html
  7. JustinB

    Gate of Hell Release in the UK!

    I have the UK blu-ray - it looks amazing. Definitely worth picking up if you can play region B blu-rays.
  8. JustinB

    Union Film Company film list please.

    I don't remember who originally posted it, but here's a list of Union Film Company films that I saved a few years ago: Dragon Inn, 1967 Morning Mist, 1968 The Swordsman Of All Swordsmen, 1968 The Knight Of Old Cathay, 1968 The Melody Of Love, 1969 Iron Mistress (or Iron Petticoat),1969 Black Invitation, 1969 A Touch Of Zen, Part 1, 1970, A Touch Of Zen Part 2, 1973 Prosperous Of Family, 1970 The Grand Passion, 1970 A City Called Dragon, 1970 Rider Of Revenge, 1971 The Ghost Hill, 1971 The Fly Dragon Mountain, 1971 The Lost Romance, 1971 She'd Hate Rather Love, 1971 The Bravest Revenge, 1971 I Will Always Be With You, 1971 The Brave And The Evil, 1971 The Decisive Battle, 1972 A Girl Fighter, 1972 The Ghostly Face, 1973 Chinese Kung Fu And Acupuncture, 1973 Gone With The Cloud, 1974 The Windows Of The Mind, 1974 Moon River, 1974 Blood Revenge, 1974 Misty Drizzle, 1975 The September Song, 1975 The Love Offensive, 1977 Many of these have been released on DVD (with English subtitles) by Hoker Records.
  9. JustinB

    Ziieagle shaws doing the rounds??

    Until I read through this thread again, I didn't realize all of the Ziieagle titles looks like this. I thought it was only the previously unreleased titles which I assumed hadn't been fully remastered and only existed on analog tape or something similar. It's too bad these will likely never been released in better quality on DVD or Blu-ray. If they won't release them on disc, the next best thing would be to make them available digitally through something like iTunes or even Netflix.
  10. JustinB

    Ziieagle shaws doing the rounds??

    The screen caps seem to have a lot of dot crawl which normally only shows up with composite video sources. Maybe some of the Ziieagle exclusives were sourced from analog tapes?
  11. I'm looking for the Joy Sales release of the "The Loot" on DVD. Please PM me if you have it for trade or sale (originals only).
  12. Yes, same DVD (Sony owns Columbia Tri-Star).
  13. The Columbia Tri-Star DVD is uncut and in the original 2:35:1 widescreen. It also has the original English dub and Cantonese audio including the music by Space and Jean-Michel Jarre, which I assume was removed in some versions due to copyright issues.
  14. JustinB

    Favorite ninja films

    Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination are coming out in Germany on Blu-ray. Details here
  15. JustinB

    Favorite ninja films

    Amazon includes reviews from other releases of the same movie (look for the "This review is from..." line above the review to see which version the review is for). There are a couple of reviews for this new version - it is the Sho Kosugi movie, but it apparently has the same cuts as the VHS release.