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  1. Peter Chan Lung and Peter Chang. You ladies are talking about 2 different people. I'm not a fan of Spooky Encounters. I also didn't care much for King of Fists and Dollars. The choreography is too casual for my tastes. There is one good scene where CWM takes on iron head Cliff Ching Ching and another guy. And Cheng Lui gives a good performance.
  2. I got the Groundzero DVD of Super Chan. It was quite an experience. I think the only way to describe this movie is badass, and crazy. Just what I look for in a movie. Does anyone one know if there is an uncut version?
  3. Morgoth Bauglir

    January mutual review thread

    Robo Vampire "We must find a way to handle Tom that god damn anti drug agent. I've employed a taoist. He'll train vampires to deal with him." And indeed the taoist and his vampires deal with Tom. Tom is dead, but gets put into a secret project and becomes Robo Tom. Now armed with a high powered rifle and a costume covered in silver spray paint, he's ready to take on the drug gang and the vampires once more. It's not long before Robo Tom is blown to smithereens by a bazooka. "It's not that serious" the doctor says. And after a couple repairs Robo Tom is back again and ready to fight all the villains. But it's not all shooting and kung fu robo fighting. There's also a touching sex story between a gorilla vampire and a lady vampire. A flashback shows that the gorilla vampire is Tom's former partner, adding to the already rich storyline. The final battle is long and has Robo Tom fighting hordes of vampires. There's also a tense scene where the gorilla vampire gets loose in the city and takes a couple of hostages. Will Robo Tom be able to save the hostages? Will he be able to defeat all the vampires and shut down the drug business? Watch and find out, in Robo Vampire!
  4. Morgoth Bauglir

    January mutual review thread

    Love the latest reviews. I need to check out Project Jaguar.
  5. All of the fights in 7 Grandmasters have their moments of greatness, except maybe Jack Long vs Lee I Min which was not as good as it could have been, but the Corey Yuen fight I think is an easy pick for one of the best fights ever. No doubt about what you say paimeifist it had to be impossible to get all of those movements done perfectly.
  6. I like the Genesis a tad more than SNES. The Genesis has high definition graphics. But of course neither system can compare to the Jag. I think the only way to describe the Jag is to imagine a mermaid 69ing a grizzly bear. It's that awesome.
  7. It's well worth it for me to have it on disc because you never know, maybe one day you won't be able to find them on the internet. I like AVGN probably a bit more than most people. Some of his work like Ninja Gaiden, Spider-Man and R.O.B the Robot are up there with some of my favorite movies of all time. The AVGN movie is, um, it's ok. It's better than that James and Mike Mondays Bluray. What were they thinking? I'd rather drink milk from a rhino's tit than buy that Bluray buffalo shizz (a mix of shit and jizz).
  8. AVGN X Bluray- I've been meaning to get the AVGN DVDs for a long time, so it was a nice surprise when this came out. It has the first 6 volumes of the DVDs. I figured that the movie footage would be cut out of episodes like Back to the Future and TMNT 3, so that's not a big disappointment. But what sucks is that they cut out the theme songs on some episodes. I was really looking forward to cranking up the diarrhea volume for the extended theme on the Sega CD episode. I was so excited to get this Bluray when it was announced I got a tattoo on my face of a Bluray disc and a goat holding up a baby snorting cocaine off its penis. But even though it doesn't have the extended theme song I did enjoy watching 19 hours of the nerd and 6 hours of bonus features. Actually... That reminds me, the "Contra Memories" bonus feature doesn't work. I mean, it's like, they rip you off and don't care one bit. I mean, Cowabunga? Cowafuckin piece a dog shit!!
  9. I don't think I've ever been able to pick just one. But it's clear to me now, it's the 1985 Hong Kong Godfather finale. I've seen it at least 100 times and I'm still not tired of it. It's always one of the first things I show to someone when I want them to see how awesome Chinese fight scenes are.
  10. Morgoth Bauglir

    Boxer from Shantung the next Celestial Blu-ray!

    Yeah I got it on hkflix years ago. It's a Malaysian DVD and it was super cheap. I liked it so much I got the Speedy Accidental Spy VCD with a cool popout collector's case and the pic quality is so bad it's completely unwatchable.
  11. Morgoth Bauglir

    Boxer from Shantung the next Celestial Blu-ray!

    I have the Speedy Video DVD of Love On Delivery. The subs are bad for about the first 10 or 20 minutes, but they seem to get better after that. Definitely not worth the upgrade for me. I didn't realize Boxer was not anamorphic, I still watch most DVDs on a full screen TV. I didn't have a problem with the pic quality, but I haven't watched it in awhile.. If it has the English dub it may be worth the upgrade for me.
  12. Morgoth Bauglir

    Boxer from Shantung the next Celestial Blu-ray!

    I'm not all that excited about these 2 blu rays. I love them both, but I don't see any reason to upgrade to blu ray.
  13. Morgoth Bauglir


    I think most of the old movie fighters could handle themselves in a scuffle. Lily Li would probably kick my ass. Jimmy Wang Yu and Ku Feng would wipe the floor with me.
  14. I figured Blazing Magnum was a giallo because it follows the same formula as a lot of the other movies I just watched. A killer is on the loose, there's a lot of suspects, and we don't find out until the end who the killer is and why they are killing. But I always considered it more of an action movie. Stuart Whitman has way too many fight scenes for a guy his age.
  15. Thanks. None of those were on my radar except for Lizard. It's too pricey I think right now but tax season would be a good time to get it. I think I've seen 2 other giallos. Don't Torture a Duckling which is my least favorite, and Blazing Magnum which is my favorite. The murder mystery part of Blazing Magnum is well done but nothing special. And it has a couple amazing car chases.