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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_

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  1. silver hermit

    The Future of Houndslow Team

    Fist full of talons and shoalin vs ninja telecines releases have been canceled. All future telecines public releases are cancelled. After some reflection the telecine part of our project series will go private. Up to the fans to make it happen now. Serious inquiries only...
  2. silver hermit

    Phantom Thief (Hwang Jang-Lee)

    I guess the 300 rant was a bit much it also seems the satire of the situation and people I call friends acting a fool over all this BS was lost on some... But not all.
  3. silver hermit

    Phantom Thief (Hwang Jang-Lee)

    If 2 or 3 or 4 of my friends start beefing with each other over non-sense I'm a check them. A real friend will check you and call you out, a real friend won't be offended if their friend checks them. That is all....
  4. silver hermit

    Transferring VHS & VIDEO8 to DVD

    Capture on a DVD recorder. Many shops offer super 8 transfers pretty cheap
  5. silver hermit

    Selling my collection

    Is the list updated?
  6. Don't worry my friend. I know you wouldn't do anything to harm us.
  7. silver hermit

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    Bloooodddclllllaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt! LoL:nerd:
  8. Uploading whole DVDs of recent releases is questionable. But people will do what they want.
  9. silver hermit

    Bruceploitation and Important. Read and understand why

    If you can get it transferred cheap it may be worth it.
  10. silver hermit

    Cannibal king DVDs

    Where did his store go?
  11. silver hermit

    Returned packages

    Houndslowteam has had packages returned if you still have not received your order please contact us at houndslowteam@gmail.com. Thank you
  12. silver hermit

    mainland shapes?

    what film from the mainland,( including co-productions) has the most shapes displayed? baby venoms?
  13. silver hermit

    The Future of Houndslow Team

    Black dragon river out now!!!!!!!!