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  1. gfanikf

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    Worth mentioning that for only $4 more Hulu, except for like 6 ABC shows which are only interruption free, now has a commercial free option.
  2. Let's not forget Secret Service (in?) The Imperial Court and also Hong Kong Godfather.
  3. gfanikf

    Shaw Brothers on Amazon

    This may already be common knowledge, but a lot of Shaws are on Amazon, most are English dubbed and most but not all are available for purchase in HD for only $5.99 and even cheaper for rental or standard definition. A few outliers are $7.99 for HD, but most are not that much.
  4. Oh how the times have changed. I bought for about 105 on Amazon at 4 TB hard drive...I remember paying this much for a giant ass 500 gb one back around 2007.
  5. gfanikf

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    Well this was a pleasant to surprise to see even my avatar from Legend of Boggy Creek was saved. lol
  6. Yep via NJTransit at the moment, but I am looking for work closer to home. She's doing quite well, she was enjoying the opening kata part of Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin last night. Hope yours is doing well too.
  7. That's what I have the most issues with, I mean in the last few years most hong kong action and kung fu movies have actually been getting released to the US (and other major markets) rather quickly. It's not like finding an uncut version of a movie that's only been released on a super OOP VCD. I mean Hong Kong Adam's Family (which EVERYONE here should see) is quite different than one of the Ip Man movies. If you rocked a 6 hour daily commute you would! Like I said I do recognize the value, but it definitely has some very real and tangible downsides too. Jeez you weren't kidding about Chinese Zodiac! Then again I've found that newer Chinese Ghost Story on too and it was a Blu-ray rip! It's pretty crazy considering how new these movies are and that it's being uploaded as one whole file and not futzed around with to beat Youtubes upload scanners. I agree it makes it a lot easier to try and introduce new fans to the genre. Saw Rumble in the Bronx...went out and rented Battle Creek Brawl I also got a VHS pack of the Lo Wei films (which were the assiest prints around). I would have preferred Youtube then! lol
  8. gfanikf

    Old School Kung Fu Fest - April screenings in NY

    You're always welcome to come visit me with that HK GF print. lol
  9. gfanikf

    Worst HK Movie Covers!

    Yeah, I just love that someone bothered to draw a Jackie Chan First Blood cover, would make a great bizarro t shirt. lol
  10. gfanikf

    Worst HK Movie Covers!

    Actually that kind of makes me want to see the movie, looks pretty damn fun!
  11. gfanikf

    Linn Haynes In Memory Of

    He is still deeply and truly missed.
  12. Yeah, it's one thing when it's an old VHS or something we no one has any clue who the hell owns the rights, but when it's some new movie or something that is cheap and easy to get it's kind of annoying. I mean I don't want to seem down on trailers or fight clips.Granted I think the ability for legit companies to sell digital (and for reasonable prices) will help. If I could get Kid with the Golden Arms via Amazon Video or Itunes for a fair price in good quality I know I'd own it, but contracts may prevent it. I know it would have to be a lot better than a Youtube rip. That kind of nicely sums up the dual nature of it.It is always weird to see better versions on Youtube, when you had no idea a better copy existed. That is correct and they do remove things from copyright holders (which gives them DMCA protection...well they argue that). For Youtube legal issues look up the Viacom case. Suing Google is not an easy thing, they have immense resources at their disposal.
  13. Granted the title is a vast exaggeration, but who could have thought...even just 3 to 5 years ago that super rare movies (and even really common ones) would be turning up on youtube in one complete file (no movies chopped up into 10 parts). Granted it's still fans and collectors uploading them in the first place, but it's still pretty amazing when you think of it. I have to say I do have very mixed feelings about the whole thing when fans upload things properly paid for and licensed and easy to find, as it only serves to discourage more companies for licencing kung fu and new wave, but then again I'm starting to wondering if in the next 5 years it's going to be 65% or more digital only releases. Heck knows I would have never predicted being able to get Demon Strike by simply typing it in to Youtube!
  14. besides Kid With the Golden Arms. I'm happy some more are coming out. I've been trying to grab all MB Blu-rays as I don't want to deal with MB going out of business and OOP prices kicking in. "Oh yes we have KWTGA on Blu-ray used conditions it's $200".