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  1. Mine arrived today & I have just watched it. Subtitles were perfection & the film itself was pretty good. Not sure what to make of the bear suit though Thanks a lot for another top notch project!
  2. Whirlwind

    Top 10 Jidai-Geki Films

    Yes, that's me Should have mentioned these as well, I always forget... Sword of the Beast Goyokin Sword Devil I watched Magic Serpent aka Battle of the Dragons recently which was very enjoyable. I don't mind a bit of fantasy in the samuari setting for a change like a huge dragon & toad going at it Anyone know of any similar style films?
  3. Whirlwind

    Top 10 Jidai-Geki Films

    I've been watching quite a few Japanese films of late for a change of pace & plan on getting plenty more viewed soon as I've been slacking off. It's hard to make a top ten, I always forget some or change my mind but I rank these as some of the best I have seen: The Betrayal I Want To Die A Samurai Assassination Orders Inn Of Evil Shadow Hunters Sanjuro Harakiri Red Lion Shogun's Ninja Samurai Pirate
  4. I've enjoyed most of the films Fu Sheng has starred in, actually I can't think of any bad ones I have seen. I watched The Treasure Hunters the other day which is the perfect mix of great action & comedy that works. I don't know how many times Fu Sheng fought Wang Lung Wei (must be in double figures?) but they seem to tangle in lot's of films & have great chemistry together.
  5. Whirlwind


    Hi Ray, just got your email & registered right away. I must say it look's very nice & I look forward to participating. Right, better find myself an avatar
  6. Add me to the list mate! I should think that most people who were in on the first project will jump on this, it look's excellent
  7. Great to hear you are still going ahead with this! This was the Greenfan release I looked forward to the most & I thought we'd never see 'The Lonely Winner' in widescreen. Keep us posted
  8. Whirlwind

    Da Corleone A Brooklyn 1979 DVD???

    I don't think there is a DVD available but there is a fan dub about which uses a TV print that look's pretty good. You can't beat Merli & Lenzi when it comes to Eurocrime. It should still be on CG or trash-online.net
  9. Whirlwind

    Supreme and Imperial Swordsman

    I liked Supreme Swordsman but some of the fights on the IVL seemed to be kind of jerky looking & not smooth while other fights were ok. I don't mind a bit of under cranking but it seemed liked stop-motion in parts. I've never seen another version of the film but I would hope it wasn't intended to be that way & this new release will play better. If so it's a must buy for me.
  10. The first one is Gold Snatchers, I remember spannick posting a screencap of this a while back which looked nice & have been wondering about it's release ever since. It says 75 minutes running time there while the of the Ocean Shores print which made it's way on to bootleg DVD is about 79m.30s NTSC so hopefully it is uncut.... I might take a gamble on this one
  11. Whirlwind

    Deep Red: Arrow Blu Ray and DVD

    I've just ordered a Blu-ray player all because of Arrow One of the best companies around right now!
  12. I got this one Rog, I'll pm you...
  13. Whirlwind

    Update on To Kill A Mastermind

    Wow , nice find kaleyboy! This link will grab it but it's in 14 parts: http://clipnabber.com/