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  1. froffeecoffee

    Predator Remake / Reboot

    Only announcement is that it's a sequel. I don't think it has to be a direct sequel to any of the previous installments. But it will be nice just to have a great Predator story that expands the mythology.
  2. froffeecoffee

    Predator Remake / Reboot

    Turns out, it will be a sequel and not a Remake/Reboot.
  3. froffeecoffee

    A Better Tomorrow 4k Blu Ray release

    Came across this announcement about A Better Tomorrow release. Does anyone have any other information about it This hopefully will be a pristine version done right! http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=14290
  4. froffeecoffee

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I'd recommend, what I consider his best comedy, Twins. Like a good comedy, I stop and watch it whenever I come across it on television.
  5. froffeecoffee

    Looper (2012)

    YES!!! It's an instant classic already! No joke either, it's already my favorite movie of the year! Definitely will be seeing it again soon. An original story with well developed characters and carefully planned out plot. Nothing is wasted on screen. Everything has a purpose and there are no cliched moments that make you roll your eyes. This is what happens when a film is made outside the studio system. Characters that are real and a story that doesn't waste time with unimportant sub-plots that hinder the experience! LOVE, LOVE THIS FILM!!!
  6. One good aspect of the BR release that I bought is that the Redemption part of the title is gone.
  7. froffeecoffee

    Nightwatch (Russian)

    I could've told you all of that without you buying them.
  8. froffeecoffee

    The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    Early Screenings have begun and the early reactions are that it is brilliant! No spoilers yet, but word on audience's twitters is it's better than The Dark Knight and a great ending to the trilogy!
  9. froffeecoffee

    The Amazing Spider-Man

    I'd give it a B-. Not bad like the Fantastic Four or Elektra movies, but not as good as The Avengers, X2, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2. Definitely an improvement over Spider-Man 3! Its big problem is it's weighed down by another origin story and uninteresting, unnecessary sub-plots that hinder to best part of the film, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy's relationship. Emma Stone is perfect! Andrew Garfield is great as Peter Parker/Spider-Man! Their relationship was believable and had a lot of depth that makes you care what happens to both of them. It's said the hero is only as good as his villian and The Lizard was definitely not as good as he could've been. He was adequate and should've been developed more. His character felt rushed and shoehorned into the story just so they could have a villian. Still don't like the design at all. So a solid movie, but not as great as a Spider-Man movie should be.
  10. froffeecoffee


    Yes it was! Not disappointed in anyway. I was totally immersed in the questions it raised and what was answered and not answered. Here's hoping the inevitable sequel opens up the Alien universe even more. It really makes the Alien movies feel like minor sidestories compared to what was revealed in Prometheus.
  11. froffeecoffee

    Snow White and the Huntsman

    It was much better than I expected. Not great, but really good. Charlize Theron was outstanding as the evil queen stepmother! Yes, more of a dvd rental.
  12. froffeecoffee

    Iron Monkey Blu-Ray question

    I'm sorry. With so many blu rays I mistakenly confused it with a different movie. Again, very sorry.
  13. Man O Man! Saw this 2 days in a row! It is worth the hype and more!!! Everything everyone says is true! This film is insanely great! Can't wait for The Raid 2!
  14. froffeecoffee

    Iron Monkey Blu-Ray question

    Yes, the original HK cut with the original mono even.
  15. froffeecoffee

    Trailer for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows"

    Reminds me of the Brady Bunch movie approach. Will it work for Dark Shadows though?