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  1. The only name I could come up with is Angela Wang En Chi. And she is very good in this when it came to fighting.
  2. It was my favorite Super Bowl commercial last night! Next was the first Doritos commercial they showed with the snow globe. On a whole, I thought all the commercials were much better than previous years.
  3. TheManInWhite

    Congrats to Steelers - Super Bowl champs (again)

    Very good game. Almost as good as last year (my NY bias, of course)...
  4. TheManInWhite

    I've reached 3 decades

    Ah 30, oh how I knew ye once...happy birthday man!
  5. TheManInWhite

    Does anyone have Kung Fu HD?

  6. TheManInWhite

    Happy birthday to Leung Kar Yan!

    Whether it's playing a good guy, villain or henchman, this guy delivers. Definitely one of my favorites!
  7. TheManInWhite

    The End Of DVD

    It wouldn't stunt me if that was the case. I work with someone has a 1 TB external HD which is used to store her movies. I also convert my films that I have to an external HD so that I can play them on my Zen Vision. But I, like you, will hold on to my DVDs for dear life until further notice. But I can see the DVD, much like the CD, being phased out down the road.
  8. TheManInWhite

    Movies sitting in your "to watch" pile

    These are some of the movies I need to get to: OLD SCHOOL Shaolin Traitorous Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 2 Secret of the Shaolin Poles (rewatch) Shaolin Ex-Monk (rewatch) Bells of Death Ways of Death Master of Death Challenge of Death Duel to the Death King of Fists and Dollars NEW SCHOOL Two Tigers The Rebel Flashpoint
  9. TheManInWhite

    Does anyone have Kung Fu HD?

    The last day (according to my cable provider Cablevision) will be January 20. :mad:
  10. TheManInWhite

    Best Tea House Destruction?

    Judy Lee litters a tea house with a bunch of bodies in Queen Boxer. But the best modern day destruction of a teahouse has to be Hard Boiled hands down.
  11. He looks a lot like Wang Li (mostly in Venoms films).
  12. TheManInWhite

    Batman 3 (????)

    "Heard the most ridiculous of rumors a few days and it was shot down on the spot. This was the dumbest rumor ever: Eddie Murphy as Riddler and Shia LeBeouf as Robin!!!" Yeah, that would have been a franchise killer. XD
  13. TheManInWhite

    Does anyone have Kung Fu HD?

    thekfc, Both Golden Swallow and All Men Are Brothers were English dubbed. I think Pursuit of Vengeance and The Master Strikes Back was actually subbed. Seems like you hit all the titles. Good job!
  14. TheManInWhite

    2 Questions about Bootlegs!

    This thread may be of assistance... http://kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5472
  15. TheManInWhite

    BCI Eclipse's Shaw Brothers releases

    I just saw the full version in English on Kung Fu HD not too long ago. So yes, there is a dub. And it had the Celestial logo at the beginning so there should be no excuses. :monkey13