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  1. teako170

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    No lyrics. Perfect for work.
  2. Arrival (2016) Not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ aliens come to Earth flick. Solid.
  3. teako170

    Fu Sheng Book NOW ON SALE!

    Thanks for getting us together. Ben put a nice podcast together and made it sound great. I was trying to cram in 5 hours of info in 60 minutes so I got a little tongue tied in spots (lol) but it was a fun experience. Here's the link everyone... http://kungfumovieguide.com/kfmg-podcast-s04-episode-45-terrence-j-brady/
  4. Vintage behind-the-scenes from The Water Margin 水滸傳 (1972) DVD featuring Chang Cheh, co-directors Wu Ma and Pao Hsueh-Li, action directors Lau Kar-Leung and Tong Kai, plus David Chiang, Ti Lung, Yueh Hua, and Japanese actors Tetsurō Tamba and Kurozawa Toshjo. Cool factoid: Tamba played Tiger Tanaka in the 007 film You Only Live Twice (1967).
  5. teako170

    Paul Nice?

    Skelton Claw I believe is his current alias. We talked regularly over the last several years. He was a big supporter of my book and assisted me on various instances.
  6. teako170

    Paul Nice?

    Anyone heard from Paul of late? Aka 7hooks? I forget his current ID on the forum. No activity on social media since last summer and phone is dead. Hope he's okay.
  7. teako170

    The Wife of Run Run

    I'm not sure what their status was at the time of her death or why she was buried in the US. Perhaps she had family there. I'm assuming Mona Fong was in the mix by that point.
  8. teako170

    The Wife of Run Run

    While researching for the Biography of the Chinatown Kid, I discovered a lot of interesting tidbits on those who worked with Fu Sheng. For instance, we often hear about Run Run Shaw's (2nd) wife, the late Mona Fong; however, not much is mentioned about first wife, Wong Mee-chun (黃美珍). When Run Run went to Singapore to join Runme in the late 20s, he was introduced to a wealthy businessman, Eu Tong Sen, who had an interest in filmmaking among other ventures. One day, he invited the Shaws to his home and when they arrived, Eu Tong Sen greeted them with his young girlfriend by his side. She was dressed all in white and well refined. Her name was Wong Mee-chun and while Runme and Eu Tong Sen discussed business inside, the younger Run Run and Wong Mee-chun sat out in the gardens chatting. Wong Mee-chun also had an interest in film, and over time, the two of them grew closer. When Run Run when to the States to purchase film equipment for their first talkie production, Wong Mee-chun was at the docks upon his return. Runme became concerned about this relationship, as he didn't want to jeopardize their business relationship with Eu Tong Sen. Eventually, Run Run went to the Eu Tong Sen and professed his love for Wong Mee-chun, to which Eu Tong Sen laughed and said he was well aware of their feelings and had no desire to interfere with their happiness. In 1932 (or 1937 depending on the source), Run Run Shaw and Wong Mee-chun married in Singapore in which Eu Tong Sen sent a gift of 500,000 yuan to congratulate them. According to Wikipedia, Eu Tong Sen had 11 spouses and 24 children. He died of a heart attack in 1941. Wong Mee-chun would give Run Run four children before she passed in 1987. She is buried in Glendale, California at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Her sarcophagus (see photos) is near the grave of Ted Knight; best known for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Caddyshack (1980). Rest In Peace Lady Shaw...
  9. teako170

    Chang Cheh (in remembrance)

  10. I recently watched the first film. I admit I went into it with a bit of an anti-DC mindset but I was rather surprised how much I enjoyed this. Some of the CGI on Paradise Isle was a bit off but the chemistry between Gadot and Pine was the real glue. Showed some of the DVD to my kids and now they both want to be WW for next Halloween (lol). Anyway, I welcome this next film and hope it holds up as well as the first.
  11. teako170

    My Father...

    I'm very saddened to hear of your loss. When my mother passed over a decade ago, I received many comforting comments from the members here. In my heart, it further solidified the concept that this forum was more than just a place about movies but an extended family that shares in both our joy and our sorrow. My prayers are with you and your family.
  12. teako170

    Behind the scenes...

    To add to that photo with Fung Hak-On and Lau Kar-Leung, its from an April 1976 article in Real Kung Fu magazine. The author called the movie "Luk Ah-Choi and Wong Fei-Hung" which eventually became Challenge of the Masters (1976).
  13. teako170

    Run Run Shaw vs Jimmy Wang Yu

    From May '71. A clash of cinema juggernauts.
  14. Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972) The Iron Bow (Griffin Yueh Feng) The Tigress (Cheng Kang) White Water Strand (Chang Cheh) Not really sure how to rank these. Part 1 was fun to watch, part 2 wasn't action packed but had a weighty tale, and part 3 was simply eye candy for Chang fans.