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  1. teako170

    Happy 2020

    Dug these up in a closet today. Happy New year ... 2009?! Dang, we need to get together again before we're pushing daisies.
  2. teako170

    Happy 2020

    Hard to believe that Blade Runner is now behind us and BTTF part 2 is five years ago. At least Planet of the Apes still has a chance.
  3. teako170

    Happy 2020

    2020. Wow, welcome to the future! A new decade is soon upon us though it seems like yesterday when Brian Clearly initiated the forum way back in September, 2001. In internet years, that's huge. A lot of members have come and gone. A lot of movies watched, purchased, traded, and discussed. Friendships made. Loved ones lost. Graduations. New jobs. New homes. Families started. And despite it all, KFF remains. Its a one constant in an ever changing world. Wishing all a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best, Teako...
  4. teako170

    Has Ku Feng Passed Away?

    I’ve spoken with two folks in HK, and one mentioned he has been sick of late, but neither had news of his demise.
  5. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    Sammo Hung Chin Kar-lok organized and hosted the Chan Sing memorial Cliff Lok addressing the crowd Chin Kar-lok with Chan Sing's widow, Elizabeth. Yasuaki Kurata
  6. The Invincible Kung Fu Legs 南北腿王 (1980) a/k/a The Leg Fighters. Have two copies. Tai Seng full frame had much better colors but watched the wider burnt in subs version.
  7. From SCMP. A 1971 newspaper article on Chang Cheh's Vengeance! 報仇 (1970) and The Duel 大決鬥 (1971).
  8. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    The son who passed was indeed a piano player.
  9. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    Interesting. Only read about the one. Hopefully someone will be able to verify with further details.
  10. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    Some additional details about the life of "Hong Kong's Charles Bronson." Chen immigrated to Canada many years ago, but in recent years settled in Indonesia. Last year he returned to Hong Kong but was struggling financially and the Hong Kong Stuntman Association had helped him out. Sadly, his only son (see photo) died two years ago from cancer. Chen Sing passed in his sleep without any pain or illness in Indonesia. He is survived by his wife.
  11. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    Here's some scans from a 1975 magazine that I uploaded several years ago. Posted it on my FB timeline back then but not sure if I ever added it here.
  12. teako170

    RIP Chen Sing

    https://hk.on.cc is reporting he died back on Sept. 4.
  13. teako170

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    No lyrics. Perfect for work.
  14. Arrival (2016) Not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ aliens come to Earth flick. Solid.
  15. teako170

    Fu Sheng Book NOW ON SALE!

    Thanks for getting us together. Ben put a nice podcast together and made it sound great. I was trying to cram in 5 hours of info in 60 minutes so I got a little tongue tied in spots (lol) but it was a fun experience. Here's the link everyone... http://kungfumovieguide.com/kfmg-podcast-s04-episode-45-terrence-j-brady/