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  1. Linn1

    Linn Haynes In Memory Of

    teako170 That is a beautiful banner. Thank you for that. Mo
  2. Linn1

    Linn Haynes In Memory Of

    ministry88 You have truly captured the essence of Linn in your comments. He was a lot of fun, so much so that we could even chuckle at things that had happened throughout the years at his funeral. You said "He always struck me as a big kid with a Southern twang who wanted to play grown-up by becoming incredibly knowlegable about these films so he could write about them for pay so he could do what he REALLY wanted...buy more films and watch them!" This is more true than you will ever know! My brother is coordinating www.linnhaynes.com to get a central page to link to Linn's knowledge and passion for the world. Please email my brother as you sound as if you have a lot you can help him with. Thank you, Sincerely, Mo
  3. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    Macon, Ga. I'll post a bit more on it when it's final. I'm not expecting anyone to come from here really, but if your in the area....
  4. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    Yes, Italian Spiderman. Look it up on youtube. That could happen if you want few to no extras on the other releases. There's a budget for these films and they've actually gone over it for this release. Yes, within the week. I can't speak for the other releases, but Heroes Two will only have that option for the Three Styles of Hung Fist. I highly doubt it for alternate intros and the like. That sort of thing is just a lot of hassle to get okayed with any company really. That's why you nearly never see it. Maybe.
  5. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    Italian Spiderman...nice. And yes, subtitles have already been approved.
  6. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    I was sweating bullets until getting this email a second ago. Just one sentence, but it's worth the wait: Your commentary was finally approved by Celestial! BTW, more good news. If anyone remembers me talking before Christmas about an Asian Film Festival I might be hosting, that's got a tenative ok for the month of April.
  7. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    I haven't heard the new track, but I'm guessing so. They're making an effort to really not screw up the audio since the HK discs were so bad. We talked about doing just that, I'm not sure until I see the actual disc what they did. Can't speak on combing issues, but they are supposed to be anamorphic and subtitled.
  8. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    I know exactly what you mean. What's funny is, I hadn't seen the film in quite a while prior to get a copy of the video portion of this new release to do the commentary by. So over a night or two I watched it two times to get a feel for the film. Then I didn't watch it for a week or so, the next time I did was to compare the HK disc and the HD transfer, and I was really shocked. The HK disc looked like a bootleg! I never noticed a whole lot of the PAL to NTSC problems, etc without watching on a computer, which is completely different from an actual TV experience. It was like there was a deep haze over the HK disc. BTW, the Three Styles is Mandarin, just in a rush when I typed that today. As for why there's not a 5.1 Mandarin track, it's largely because they knew the original 5.1 tracks were so screwed up on the HK discs. LOL, I'll remember that when everyone is picking it apart in a few weeks! The story of the commentary is pretty nutty. As anyone who knows me is aware, I don't do commentaries mainly because I've always had problems pop up that were such a hassle, I've joked quite a few times I'm cursed. Well, the curse was in FULL effect for this one. I had more than a few people, including my wife, ask why I didn't just give up on doing it. It was EASILY one of the most irritating experiences I've had in a long time.
  9. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    I think it's a good bet you'll see it there. FYE too. The idea I had with this release, and all of the ones from Media Blasters, is to make enough improvements on the HK disc that fans feel like they have to buy it. And I guess it's working! And as I've said, if you want to see more releases, Shaw Brothers or otherwise, we've got to support these early ones.
  10. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    To be honest, it's been a FAR easier thing to deal with them than it was when I was helping Image on their discs. I don't know if it was that they didn't like Image or Image just didn't know how to talk to them, but they've been much more open with myself and Media Blasters on these releases. Since I've been much closer to the deal in this case, I've had a little more say so in how things have been handled as well. Half the stuff you see in the extras would have never made it onto the Image discs. It only leads me to believe Image didn't really have a handle on how to deal with Celestial overall.
  11. Linn1

    Heroes Two (1974)

    Last I talked to the home office a few days ago, the following is on there: New Hi Def remaster of the film, 16:9 enhanced (I've seen it, and it blows away the HK disc) New retranslated subtitles (includes onscreen text as well, even during dub) Original Mono soundtracks (Original English dub and original Mandarin) 5.1 English dub remaster Original English international trailer Original HK trailer Original HK and English lobby cards/posters (maybe more coming) Original Three Styles of the Hung Fist with English dub (includes option to watch it at the start of the film as it was in theaters) New Three Styles of the Hung Fist with new English dub and Cantonese sound track New interview with Chen Kuan Tai on his background and the film itself And there's a few more things that may be on there as well, including my commentary, but it has to all be okayed by Celestial. The Master comes out a couple of months later.
  12. Linn1

    Where is Falkor??

    I'd figure I'd set the record straight. First off, I deleted the thread. Second, it had nothing to do with any post from anyone or even the thread itself. It had nothing to do with bootlegs, as I have no problem with somone selling to fans on a one on one basis. And it certainly had nothing to do with HKFlix or anything said in the posts above. The deletion was a mistake that had more to do with the way the new forum works than anything else. What happened was I marked the thread to move it to buying and selling where it belonged. I then had something come up where I had to leave the computer. I came back and forgot I marked the thread. I saw a post that someone had erased their post and was asking MODs to delete. I deleted it and it turned out that even though I had the marked Falkor thread in another window, it deleted both threads. I've known falkor for a long time and have never had any problem with him. The second I found out this happened, within minutes I PMed him, told him I was sorry, explained my mistake, and asked him to post the thread again. That's what actually happened.
  13. Linn1

    How about some exciting news Linn?

    aside from the upcoming Media Blasters and BCI Shaw releases, Image has bought another group of Shaw Brothers films. There's also one more contract in the works that will be interesting to every kung fu fan in the world, but that's about all I can say at the moment. I'll post news of it here first if everything goes through as planned. Very simply, if you want more releases, support the films we're getting. These companies are testing the waters with these releases, and how they do will make a difference as to if the companies involved go for other titles, or other non-Shaw titles. Outside the US, the pickings are slim. Last I heard, Greenfan may be making a deal for more films in the near future. Other than that, there's a couple of rumors, but little else.
  14. Linn1

    Question about Celestial / IVL (remastering)

    IVL is a distribution company, they've done quite a bit more than just the Shaw Brothers films. And as a distribution company, in general they are responsible for the production of the DVDs they distribute.
  15. Linn1

    Matching Escort

    Matching Escourt has been used as an AKA for Mysterious Flower in some books. BTW, she didn't direct all three of those films. There is a widescreen version of Mysterious Flower from a Greek tape. There's also a widescreen version of Matching Escourt floating around among collectors.