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    Meeting Tsiu Siu Ming , Mung Hoi, Yukio Someno, kicker Jason Ng, Bruce Le, Chiang To, Bruce Fontaine, Kirk Wong, & director Lee Chiu of Two on the Road and Ways of Kung Fu at the Hong Kong Filmart event with Toby Russell, having dinner with Joseph Lai and Joseph Kuo, and meeting Cliff Lok at his kung fu school. Amazing trip.
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    One of the highlights of DRAGONS FOREVER, is seeing the legendary Benny Urquidez aka Benny the Jet letting loose against Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao for the second time.... So its with great pleasure to confirm that we secured an exclusive interview for the upcoming 88 Films release of Dragons Forever, with Sensei Urquidez answering my questions and talking about his martial arts career in both the ring and on the screen. It was a team effort and I want to say many thanks for all involved in making this happen, Thanks to Lee A Charles for his help in securing the interview, much appreciated good sir, Master Phillip Escott for helping me arrange camera, thanks to Sarah for shooting it for us, and a big thanks to Sara Urquidez for letting us take up some of Benny's time
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    Early this morning, my father passed away at home... My father's health has declined considerably over the past 4 years and much of my time has been spent taking care of him and although I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for this inevitable conclusion, it seems you can't really prepare to lose a loved one. He meant everything to me and he was there for me my entire life. I'm trying my best to be strong for my family as they will need me to be but my heart is truly broken. I've mentioned it here a few times but for those who don't know, it is because of my father that I love martial arts movies. He enjoyed them and I enjoyed watching many of them with him for years, from those early days when we rented them on VHS at the video store, watching them on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on TV, to buying DVDs and it was one of the many things that we bonded over. He was a big fan of Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba, Hwang Jang Lee, and although he wasn't the biggest fan of Shaw Bros stuff, he loved 5 Element Ninjas. Many of my favorite memories are of watching martial arts movies with my father. I'm not a religious man or very spiritual but I welcome all prayers, well wishes, alpha waves, and positive thoughts. The road ahead is going to be a very difficult one and I'm not sure what the future holds but I hope to find and maintain the strength to move on with my life without my father in it, whom I will miss forever...
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    It's finished, and fully subtitled. Releasing on the Internet Archive later today. Releasing a 2K MKV, which is H.264/ACC at 35MBps with Mandarin soundtrack and accurately translated English subtitles, and a Blu Ray compatible 1080p MKV. The print is glass and fully remastered to the best standards possible given the condition of the materials. DVD edition will be coming soon, which will include all the special features. Links will be posted at about 3AM Tuesday UK time..
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    hong kong filmart is an event which happens every year in hk since 1997 i think, where companies & distributors meet every year to do business, and actors appear at the event as well toby russell was there with this IFD stall so i went with him all the cast from ipman was there we even saw louis koo walk past our stall but he had security , but the old school stars who might come just walk about casually. Tsiu siu ming had his own stall there so i just come up to him started talking and took some pictures, bruce le and chiang to where in the coffee shop at the event and we just went up to him and said we were fans chaing to loved it and asked his family and freinds to take pics it was great everyone else we met just happen to go to the stall or just walk past just a case of being lucky, we met cliff lok at his kung fu school and that was great cliff is such a nice man and was telling his about this internal kung fu six direction boxing which is from the military he even did some forms and did some moves on my mate heavy stuff, joseph lai was really cool and we were invited to dinner with him and joseph kuo, also met mike abbott and he told us some great stories about making ifd movies , cant believe i met alll those people from the genre in 1 week
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    I was interviewed by the site Cinema76.com based on my SISTER STREET FIGHTER artwork. Initially my interview was going to be a part of a story about that film series' Blu-ray release, but afterward the author decided to split it into two articles so he could make the focus of the second piece more specifically about me. Big thanks to writer/interviewer Aaron Mannino for his interest in my work and for the very nice piece. Here are links to the two articles: SISTER STREET FIGHTER set article: https://www.cinema76.com/home/2019/3/6/shihomi-etsuko-the-lady-dragon-revisited INTERVIEW article: https://www.cinema76.com/home/2019/3/10/drawing-on-history-interview-with-artist-kung-fu-bob-obrien
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    Geez, I got "name-dropped" in a commercial. 😊 Pretty cool. Sent the link to my parents and they were over the moon about it. 😄
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    TVP- The Vengeance Pack's LETHAL PANTHER Blu-ray (yes, it's English friendly- with both English dub and English subs) has a bunch of cool new extras produced just for this release by @Mike Leeder and featuring director Godfrey Ho himself in an interview and audio commentary! Should be available to order today (or in the next few days)... https://shop.dtm.at/index.php?manufacturers_id=316&osCsid=8srec3to28evtnt4a2rees0u53 Here are some "work-in-progress" shots of my cover art for the release (plus, there are several other cover options available too)...
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    Fun fact: This interview exists, & resides in the cityonfire archives (along with ´The Big Boss´ saw-in-the-head scene & ´Eastern Condors´ basketball footage). Back in September last year, shortly before Bey annoyingly began bombarding every social media group even slightly related to HK cinema with links to buy his new book, we received an e-mail from him offering us an online preview copy in exchange for a review and interview. I spoke with @mpm74 about how it´d be COF-suicide to do the review, and made an off-the-cuff joke about how we should agree to do the interview, but only if he´d be willing to make it a “Bey tells his side of the story” exclusive, in which we´d basically ask him all the questions we all wanted answers to, but never thought there´d be a chance to ask. A few days later, that same joke became a “to hell with it, let´s propose that exact deal back to him.” After some back & forth (which included us actually buying the book, since the interview wasn´t really going to be about promoting it), Bey agreed to be interviewed on the allegations, and we agreed we´d mutually align on when it would be posted. At the time Louis C.K., the American comedian who also had several women come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct, had just returned to stand-up comedy, so we used that as a framework to draw parallels between their respective situations. It was/is a solid interview, and we aimed to post it in October, so true to our word we dropped a note to Bey advising him of the same. However our agreement to mutually align on the timing came back to bite us on the ass, as Bey said he´d shown the manuscript of the interview to his publicist, who´d strongly advised not to publish it, as it would damage the sales of his book & directorial debut (ha!). Then of course in the months afterward, Bey´s radio silence was well and truly broken as he returned to social media with a vengeance, always seen with a copy of his book in hand, and posting onset photos from ´A Dark Soul´, ´Vixen´, & alike. The mystery of what happened to him in those preceding months after the allegations hit disappeared, and the interview began to feel redundant, so it´s still sitting there 9 months later. Hopefully we´ll post it one day, but for now we´ll honour what we agreed to. The people we interview may lack integrity, but we still prefer to keep ours.
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    Film Movement will release King Hu's The Fate of Lee Khan in the U.S. on Blu-ray in July 2019, no assigned date announced. This is a "brand new 2K restoration... The new restoration will open [on Friday, April 5] at the Metrograph in New York City". Update: The Blu-ray + DVD is now listed for U.S. release on July 23, 2019 - https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Fate-of-Lee-Khan-Blu-ray/239880/ "In his follow-up to the critically acclaimed A Touch of Zen, trailblazing filmmaker King Hu brings together an all-star female cast, including Hong Kong cinema stalwart Li Li-hua and Angela 'Lady Kung Fu' Mao, in this lively martial arts adventure." From https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=24893 Digitally remastered trailer -
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    I was interviewed amongst some solid Hong Kong talent for this upcoming documentary covering the evolution and intl appeal of the martial arts movie from old school to new school and beyond, it makes its debut at Melbourne International Film Festival had to rock a 36 Styles shirt of course for the interview... was funny as we touched on The Matrix and i was shooting Loveland a sci-fi thriller in Hong Kong with Hugo Weaving at the time....
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    I am talking with one of the other members here and I am considering going upscale more with these customs. You know, Mandarin and Cantonese, and depending on the movie, English dub as well, with subtitles. Also Blu Ray, with cover art that you can print. This will slow everything down somewhat, but they will be more of a collectible. For the people that are like me, and just want to watch an MP4 and pay a lower price, that won't change. Personally, my hearing is not all that great and I don't speak Cantonese, and neither does my wife, so I just read the subs. I will still be focusing on the rare stuff. So many people remastering and tweaking Jackie Chan stuff or Shaw Brothers (plus, they have the technology) we are better off with me looking into fixing up rarities. I'm going to go to UC Berkeley's film archive and watch Cathay pictures Black Panther tomorrow so I can get a better idea of the English subs and drop the comedy version with such lines as "Wait here, I left my wallet" or "I dig chicks!" and other tasteless lines that were either loved or hated on youtube................
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    I don’t think ADC was ever primarily about downloading new releases as fast as possible, at least it never was for me. It was about maintaining a catalog of films that were long out of print and were never going to be available ever again. All the stores that offered Hong Kong DVDs are long gone, they are never coming back. It was about the obscure films that only saw the light of day once and wouldn’t come back again. And it was amazing for customs and Japanese media that would never get subtitled becoming more available to enthusiasts, whether pinku or tv shows. Looking at it as a place that killed new releases is limiting its importance in other areas that are going to be missed by the majority of its users, at least in my opinion. It’s potentially a huge loss for multiple genres.
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    Hey STREET FIGHTER / Chiba fans! More good news... I'm happy to say that this set was produced by Cliff MacMillan, a guy we Asian cinema fans owe a debt to for all the great releases he's helped shepherd onto the home video market, like Chiba's "Oyama Trilogy" (KARATE BULLFIGHTER, KARATE BEAR FIGHTER, and KARATE FOR LIFE), THE KILLING MACHINE, the SISTER STREET FIGHTER DVD collection, SHADOW WARRIORS, THE EXECUTIONERS and it's sequel, SHOGUN'S NINJA, SHOGUN'S SHADOW, and many more. If you are reading this and don't own any of the releases I just mentioned, you read too much! Go to eBay and get them now! 😆 Anyway, Cliff really went above and beyond on this set to make it the very best it could be, working tirelessly right up until the last second to please us fans. As we are well aware, many of our favorite martial arts films are thrown out onto the home video market with little care or respect, so it's with a huge sigh of relief that this was not the case here. Though I was simply hired to be the cover artist, I could not help but take a serious interest in how this set would be handled. I tried my best not to be obnoxious with my suggestions and hopes, as Cliff was in the difficult position of trying to make any of my far-reaching ideas into reality. I'm very grateful that he was kind enough to even bother listening to my ramblings, and shocked and delighted that he made it all (and much more) happen. The complications and hurdles that had to be overcome would even give Terry Tsurugi himself pause, but he got it done. The two biggest things that I want to point out to you guys are: - The original English dubbed theatrical release of THE STREET FIGHTER'S LAST REVENGE was not only edited, but the order of some scenes were changed, and the dubbing changes the plot. So there was no way to simply include both the Japanese audio and the English dub without having two completely different versions of the film. Well, that's what happened- this set will include both versions! This is something that rarely ever happens, even for huge studio pictures. How long have fans pleaded/demanded that the original, unaltered version of STAR WARS IV: A NEW HOPE or the uncut version of KILL BILL, aka. KILL BILL- THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR be released to Blu-ray, but to no avail? But still... we're getting the goods on this set. - But for me, much more importantly... unless you saw THE STREET FIGHTER during it's original run in the theater, you've probably never heard the complete original English dub. Kind of a long story, but... When the film was originally released in US theaters it was rated X for violence, however, when it appeared on home video it was rated R and had been shorn of most violence (even the penultimate moment of the climax was missing!) including some non-bloody fighting exchanges and even some dialogue. For those that don't know how it works, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) does not tell film producers what to cut to get a certain rating, which is how they are able to claim they are not "censors", simply providing a service by rating a film for studios to advertise it. So if filmmakers are trying or obligated to deliver a film that adheres to a specific rating, lets say PG-13 instead of R, they have to guess what is pushing them over into the R rating, editing only as little as they hope needs to be cut to achieve the PG-13 rating, then re-submit the film for rating. If it still doesn't get a PG-13 they have to go through the process again, which is not only time-consuming, but they have to pay each time they submit it to the MPAA for a rating. I learned all about this during the '80s when the MPAA was the bane of horror filmmakers' existence, and they were forcing them to shred their films to avoid getting an X rating (kind of ironic that the sort of stuff that had to be cut from an R-Rated slasher film like HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME can now be seen on a Prime-Time TV show like CSI or CRIMINAL MINDS, but I digress). At the time, getting branded with an X was the death knell for most non-Adult films, as most newspapers and TV stations wouldn't advertise them, and most theaters wouldn't book an X-rated film (no matter that it wasn't Adult fare).* Therefore I've deduced that when it was going to be put out on home video, they needed THE STREET FIGHTER to be rated R. So apparently, instead of paying the MPAA to have it reviewed for a rating over and over again while trimming it each time, they decided to just butcher the film and remove anything that could even vaguely be considered offensive or "R material". So in the middle of fights characters simply disappear with no explanation (in the original we see them being dispatched in all manners of tasty karate brutality), and it was already confusing enough due to the frenetic filming being cropped to full-screen, eliminating about 40% of the image! So this mangled version is what many of us grew up watching on VHS. Jump forward to the early '90s when New Line (reportedly at the urging of Quentin Tarantino) finally released the STREET FIGHTER films to VHS and Laser Disc. Finally uncut, letterboxed, and as they should be... right? Not quite. They must've only had access to the English dub track from the heavily edited version of the movie, so they filled in the missing parts with new dubbing (which did not match very well) and somehow managed to screw up the best (and Chiba's first) line in the movie "My heart beats in this time." even though there was no reason to mess with the audio during this part. 😣 The line has an audio drop-out right in the middle of it so it sounds like "My heart this time."! Those bastards! 😡 It's an iconic line, as I said- my favorite- and so it was a major disappointment. Kind of akin to releasing DIRTY HARRY with his famous line "Do you feel lucky?" messed up to say "Do you lucky?"! Well, sadly, this was the best I figured we'd ever get. And now most people that have seen THE STREET FIGHTER are probably used to this version which was also used to create the many bootleg DVD releases over the subsequent years. And now, knowing this Blu-ray release was my chance to possibly see these flaws corrected for all fans to finally see and hear the film properly, I jumped at the chance. I am so excited to say that thanks to our very own @wigsplitta providing the original uncut English dub (🙏), the notes of some rabid fan (who, me? ☺️), Cliff's incredible commitment, and his Shout! Factory team's hard work (under severe time constraints), the original English theatrical dub will be included in all its' glory! And... for those of you that are used to the re-release dub, that is also included (along with the original Japanese audio and optional English subs, of course). So everyone should be happy. I am beyond stoked for this release! 🤓 Here are the updated details for the release. Is it March 26th yet???? 😋 Bonus Features DISC ONE: THE STREET FIGHTER NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements Of The Uncut Version Uncut Version Of The Film (91 Minutes) With English And Japanese Audio Two English Dubs – The Theatrical Dub And The New Line Home Video Dub NEW Street Fighting Man – An Interview With Star Sonny Chiba NEW Cutting Moments – THE STREET FIGHTER Trailer – An Interview With Filmmaker Jack Sholder U.S. Theatrical Trailer Japanese Theatrical Trailer Still Gallery DISC TWO: RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements Of The Uncut Version Uncut Version Of The Film (83 Minutes) With English And Japanese Audio U.S. Teaser Trailer U.S. Theatrical Trailer Japanese Theatrical Trailer Still Gallery DISC THREE: THE STREET FIGHTER’S LAST REVENGE NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements Of The U.S. Cut (80 Minutes) NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements Of The U.S. Cut With Standard Definition Inserts From The Original Japanese Cut (84 Minutes) U.S. Theatrical Trailer Japanese Theatrical Trailer Still Gallery Product Information Discs: 3 Run-time: 91 / 83 / 84 mins Color Language: Japanese / English Dub Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Region: A Rating: R / Unrated Close-Captioned: No Subtitles: English Production Date: 1974 It's also cool that both the Japanese and US trailers for each film will be included on the set. The US trailers are especially terrific Grind-house treasures, and feature some of my favorite hyperbolic trailer narrator declarations ever, such as "Terry Tsurugi, six foot six of half-breed fury". LOL 🤗 Plus, some very generous collectors contributed some stills, etc for the extras. Big thanks to Cliff, Shout! Factory, Mr. Wiggy Von Splitta, and everyone else that contributed to help make this set as cool as possible. Can't wait to see the new interviews and have all of this karate awesomeness in one beautiful little HD package! So, based on this, I think 2019 is off to a great start as far as Asian cinema home video releases go... 😀 Note: From what I've gathered over the years they were all made and released in Japan in 1974, but their releases in the USA (according to IMDB) was as follows: THE STREET FIGHTER- November 1st, 1974 RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER- December 3rd, 1975 THE STREET FIGHTER'S LAST REVENGE- February 16th, 1979 Perhaps the third film being released so long after the others explains why different voice actors were used for the English dub. *George A. Romero and producer Richard Rubinstein were among the only horror filmmakers of the day to throw caution to the wind, refusing to edit their film DAWN OF THE DEAD to achieve an R-Rating, instead opting for the very risky move of releasing the film Unrated.
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    This thread might not be everyone's cup of tea but I wanted a place to post any cool behind the scenes photos we stumble across. Martial arts movies only, of course. I'll get the ball rolling... Police Story 3 Fearless Hyena (2?) Once Upon a Time in China The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Righting Wrongs aka Above the Law Outlaw Brothers Fist of Legend
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    just cleaning up some files and found a bunch of varied BTS shots....
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    Thanks for sharing your findings. I had not picked up on these connections between Pursuit of Vengeance and Sentimental Swordsman, not even the Ah Fei appearance. I am going to have to re-watch that one. So these 7 films sit in roughly this order: The Sentimental Swordsman Return of the Sentimental Swordsman Pursuit of Vengeance Magic Blade Death Duel Killer Clans Full Moon Scimitar
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    Chang Yi left for Golden Harvest around this time leaving this film, Finger of Doom and Duel For Gold in the middle of production. His scenes in all of those films had to be re-shot, and Duel For Gold changed from being directed by Lo Wei to Chor Yuen since Lo Wei left for Golden Harvest too! Mutiny! If the film had been completed with Chang Yi it would have been released that way. I don't think there was an actual 'fist edition', just the early production footage before Chang Yi left. If the footage still exists in a vault it most likely does not have sound. There are a few examples at Shaws of early productions that then changed cast members and footage had to be scrapped and re-shot. Looking through copies of Southern Screen is very informative in this regard. HKMDb ocassionally have scans from the magazine with this type of info. A couple for example - Chang Cheh's 'The Hell'. Started production in 1975 with Shih Szu as Red Dress, but not released until 1980 as Heaven and Hell with Lin Chen Chi. Shih Szu was also in early production of The Devil's Mirror. Cheng Lui was originally in The Blood Brothers, but his footage was cut when he left Shaws in 1973. The early cast of Virgins of the Seven Seas was dropped and replaced including Lo Lieh, Danny Lee and Chen Ping.
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    Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy. But better late than never I hope. Last month on March 12th, I went to the New Beverly Cinema to watch their Bruce Li double feature: Soul Brothers of Kung Fu and The Image of Bruce Lee. Now that I’m a licensed driver, I was able to drive myself this time (fortunately for my mom who hates English-dubbed kung fu movies). When I got there, I met up and caught up with @ShaolinPatriot who I hadn’t seen for about a year. It was great getting to catch up with him before the film. Before Soul Brothers started, New Bev programmer Brian Quinn came out and introduced the two films, and encouraged everyone to stay once Soul Brothers ended because of a surprise interview with Carl Scott himself! Coincidentally, @ShaolinPatriot and I were talking about how Carl Scott lives in LA and the chances of him being here for the screening. I was already excited for the films, but this just made everything better. They showed a live-action comedy short film entitled “So You Want a Raise” starring Joe McDoakes which was pretty enjoyable. The following trailer reel included trailers for Amazon Women on the Moon, Slumber Party Massacre, and Sorority House Massacre (all of which showed later that month). The print for Soul Brothers of Kung Fu was an English-dubbed print, and it was in great shape for being over 40 years old. The print shown didn’t include any music from the Rocky soundtrack (unlike other versions), but it was completely uncut. And without spoiling anything, the ending included was the “happy ending” instead of the alternate downbeat ending. I hadn’t seen Soul Brothers of Kung Fu for a few years, and I had forgotten how innovative the fight scenes were for the time. The film is otherwise pretty standard, but the fight scenes really make it exceptional and thoroughly entertaining. The story is half-decent as well and the audience reactions added a lot to the excitement. Following Soul Brothers was the live interview with Carl Scott which was very informative and fun. Apparently, Carl Scott disliked making live appearances until recently. He actually reached out to the New Beverly when he found out they were showing this film and said he’d love to come by. Brian Quinn asked questions about his background and how he got involved in Hong Kong films. Then, they opened up questions to the audience where they asked about his martial arts background and who his favorite people were to work with (among other things). He also said his favorite film that he made is Sun Dragon (aka A Hard Way to Die). Brian Quinn then said they haven’t been able to find a print of that yet, but if they were to show it, Carl Scott said he would definitely come back for that. I would go more in-depth, but maybe another time on a separate post. I’m scrambling to get this write-up posted. 😁 But, overall, it was a super cool surprise and Carl Scott was a very nice guy. Next was an intermission, and before The Image of Bruce Lee started, there was another brief trailer reel including trailers for Exit the Dragon Enter the Tiger (which I actually enjoy a lot for some reason) and Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (which I refuse to see because it looks horrendous). The Image of Bruce Lee was shown English-dubbed with faded colors, but was otherwise in decent condition. The version they showed was strange. None of the nudity was censored, but certain scenes were clearly trimmed for violence by the distributor. And the ending was cut as well. The airport scene at the end of the film was completely absent, and instead it ended with the shot of John Cheung and Han Ying-Chieh followed by a title card that said “The End”. It was a shock to everyone that it ended so abruptly, but I couldn’t help but laugh. This was my first time seeing The Image of Bruce Lee, and though it has a few moments to shine, it was otherwise horribly boring and repetitive. My biggest problem with some low-budget kung fu movies of the time are the fight choreography. One of the main reasons why kung fu movies appeal to me is because you get to see incredible feats of athleticism that few in the world can achieve. But the fight choreography in The Image of Bruce Lee was completely devoid of any creativity, and it all looked like stuff that I could do. And it didn’t help that the fight scenes took up a majority of the film. It was pretty rough to sit through, but at least it was on the big screen with an audience, making it only slightly more engaging. It’s really hard to complain, because I’m just so appreciative that a theater in LA is still showing these kind of movies. Despite being indifferent about The Image of Bruce Lee, I still had a great time going to the New Beverly again. I say this every time I go, but it’s absolutely true. If I’m free next week, I’m gonna try to see the Lee Tso Nam triple feature (but I’m not sure if I can stay for the third film) and A Better Tomorrow 2. I am definitely gonna try to see Dangerous Encounters-1st Kind and School on Fire the week after. Intense downbeat movies like that are my jam. Can’t wait! I can’t thank the New Beverly enough for these awesome film-going experiences!
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    No worries guys! I will be helping 88 Films out on the new Jackie Chan releases so expect the same care as the Eureka titles. I will do my very best to make sure these releases are definitive!!
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    Not exactly sure I'd say this is something to be proud of, but a quote from my review has made it onto the back cover of the Well Go USA release -
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    Yes, I'm the ancient member of the forum that was/is Markgway. There can be only one... No, I'm not fluent in Chinese. I just found that I was pretty good at translating when dabbling with my own fan projects. I volunteered my services to Eureka when it transpired that they intended to use whatever Chinglish scripts Fortune Star were giving them and weren't interested in paying for "a professional" to do new ones. I start my translations from scratch. If they're the same in any part to previous translations it's pure coincidence. The only time I've "borrowed" was for the Russian dialogue in OUATIC 3 (as I couldn't find anyone who spoke that language).
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