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    Very happy to hear you like them. Thank you! Yes, I am doing artwork for 88 Films' upcoming Blu-ray releases of DRAGONS FOREVER, HEART OF DRAGON, and HEROES SHED NO TEARS. I highly recommend you ask Santa for an All-region Blu-ray player this year. Were you on the "naughty" or "nice" list for 2019 @Jay Stone? 😄 Having the freedom to purchase and play the best releases of the films you enjoy, regardless of their country of origin, is very freeing. A worthwhile investment for a lover of (especially) foreign films. Ever since HKFlix closed down I get my All-region players from 220 Electronics web-store. They've never let me down.
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    March releases...will end up getting 8 diagram for sure but still bit disappointed with these announcements...But there is more going funds going to 88 next year besides Pole Fighter, italian releases look awesome. Floor is wet as been drooling a lot, drowning danger soon...
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    I don't have the answer to your question, but if it had à Blu ray release, I would be on a cloud of happiness!!
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    Showdown at the Cotton Mill 1978 Do I have to say it ? SUPERB movie, in which Chi Kuan Chun shines and Tao Tao Liang is hatable as possible ! The story shows how Hung Hui Qian, after having been taught high martial arts by Monk San Te, takes revenge on those who murdered his father. But it leads to the Jin Lun Society members to want to take revenge on him too, helped by the officers ruling the town, which also leads to a possible destruction of the Shaolin Temple and Hung Hui Qian's family (he is married with a son, in this movie) and friends. As there is a traitor among his friends and San Te's disciples, he has to fight several top fighters sent by the government to kill him, the worst of them being Tan Tao Liang. The way this latter cheats the monks and even Hung Hui Qian and his best friend is absolutely diabolic ! By a despicable trick, he succeeds in badly hurting Hung Hui Qian, who asks San Te not to save his life, but to help him recover all of his strength for one day in order to defeat Tan Tao Liang and the remaining members of the Jin Lun Society. The plot is excellent, the fights are excellent, Chi Kuan Chun is at his best and still so elegant even when he fights, and Tan Tao Liang is excellent too. Here, no Fang Shi Yu, no ending fight with a lot of soldiers as in Shaolin avengers, but if this movie had been a Shaws' movie, it had been a must have in the Shaolin cycle, even if the story differs a little bit from Chang Cheh's ones. A must watch movie.
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    Once agin excellent work! Thank you for your work on these they’re awesome really nice to see such care being given to these movies we all love. I see 88 are releasing Heart of the Dragon in March!! Can’t wait, will you be providing us with more art? Be a shame not too really!
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    Yuen Biao hanging out with Jackie, Frankie Chan and Anita Mui during the making of Drunken Master II. I wonder if he helped in any way...
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    The Leg Fighters - I’ll admit, this is my first time seeing this one so I consider myself lucky that my cherry was popped with the new Blu Ray release. Wow! I can really understand why this one is considered a classic. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Chin Fa is a fucking nightmare. I get he’s the comical relief but he is constantly grating and brings nothing to the film whatsoever. Even the hilariously dreadful Ding Dong and Dong Dong bring more to the table (is Ding Dong’s voice modeled after Yogi Bear?). With all that said, the film is thin on plot and uses most things to make way for a fight scene. Which is where the film flourishes. Kicks galore! I’ve never been a huge fan of Dorian Tan Tao Liang and he shines here. Truly masterful boot work. Also, I’ve never heard of Ha Keon’s Li and she kicks arse in this movie. Even her brief weapons fight is something to behold. But, for me, Peng Kang is the man of the hour. Again, I don’t know much about him save for the fact he choreographed Shaolin vs Lama but the guy just oozes talent. He’s up there as far as villains go. He doesn’t have much of a plot to make him evil but, somehow, he comes across as a genuine menace. And his kung fu skills are bonkers. I liked this one an awful lot. Yes, the comedy killed it a little bit there is a fight scene every ten minutes, it seems. A good fight scenes at that. I am so lucky that I still have gems like these to watch for the first time.
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    Would love to be able to see this deleted fight scene from Yes madam
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    I do miss Jackie Chan being a bit more relevant. Heck, he had his own cartoon show when I was a kid!
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    Two Champions of Shaolin (Hong Kong, 1980: Chang Cheh) - One of the lesser films from Chang Cheh and the Venom Mob, which is missing both Philip Kwok (who worked behind the scene as action director) and an interesting story. Lo Meng plays Tong Qianjin, a layman student of Shaolin kung fu who is released from the temple to join the anti-Qing movement. He goes to Guangdong to meet up with Hu Huichien (Chiang Shen, in a role made famous by Chi Kuan-Chun). Hu, best known for studying at Shaolin to avenge his father's murder, has recently completed his task for vengeance, killing the gang members responsible. Two of the gang members, however, were bigwigs at Wudan. Wudan has also recently allied itself with the Qings, with Feng Daodeng and an absent Pai Mei at the head. Feng sends his top students, Li Bashan (the 6th Venom, Wang Li) and Li Dezong (Yu Tai-Ping, another frequent Venom collaborator), to start systematically killing Shaolin students. They are to be joined by Pai Mei's top student, Gao Jinzhong, in short order. Meanwhile, Tong Qianjin meets up with Hu Huichien and the two are joined by two closet martial artists, the Jin siblings (Sun Chien and Yeung Ching Ching). The conflict erupts, with bodies piling up on both sides. Wudan student Wei Xinghong (apparently Chin Siu-Ho's first film role) turns out to be a Ming loyalist as well. It ends with a big action sequence that will leave every major character dead, with only a couple of third-string supporting characters living to tell the tale. First of all, this has three of my favorite kung fu movie death scenes of all time: 1) one guy gets castrated mid-jump kick, 2) Chiang Sheng whacks a guy in the back of a head with a hard whip with so much force that instead of a blood geyser, he has a cerebrospinal fluid geyser, and 3) one character gets slowly folded in half, backwards. The action by Philip Kwok, Chiang Sheng and Lu Feng is generally pretty good. Sun Chien looks especially good in his big fight, which is sadly too short and the only real fight that Sun Chien has. Weapons fans will be glad to see more obscure weapons like the three-pronged fork and the hard whip get some screen time aside more common weapons like the saber and pole. The first act has a lot of action involving boomerang-esque daggers. The actual kung fu is pretty good, with Chiang Sheng doing his usual acrobatic shtick and Lo Meng doing his hand-based southern styles. There are no all-time classic Venom fights here, but it's all solid. My main problem with this film was a big lull during the second half leading up to the big finale. The story wasn't interesting (or original) enough to sustain such a long period without fighting, nor were the production values good enough to distract from the story we've all seen before. Had the action built up better in those last 40-50 minutes, I think I would've enjoyed it more.
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    When asked what she thinks about kung fu, Lily Ho says, she thinks it's bad for the education but does not want to say more, to avoid trouble with the boss Thanks for sharing! After watching, I found these in the yt suggestions. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are also on the channel. Part 2 is also on the channel.
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    Holy cow! This looks really good! I actually am stoked to see this. Oh crap....just realized we need to merge it with this
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    I think Adkins has gotten consistently better over the years. Although, admittedly, his American accent is a bit wonky.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing this interview! Such a pity that we can't see more of these documentaries in their full length! It's always a pleasure to see David Chiang, Chen Kuan Tai, Lily Ho and the others when they were young! I also spotted Ching Miao, who seemed to direct a scene with David Chiang and an actress, and it also seems to me that I spotted Lily Li in the training scene... Run Run Shaw looks like a kind person in this interview...
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    I’d read somewhere once that Sammo Hung helped with some of The directing of Project A because of time restraints and Jackie had multiple duties,this might be one of the scenes.
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    ip man 2. After recovered from thins in 1st movie Ip Man resides in hong kong and again having financial troubles. Setting up a kung fu school is not easy, not only need to get students but also be accepted by other martial clubs. Easily arranged by fighting Lo Meng, Fung Hak On and Sammo Hung in excellent table contest which is best action scene of the movie...Sammo who at first appears could be baddie of movie is not that but man who defends honor of chinese kung fu against western boxer. Until that movie was quite unpredictable but then it becomes obvious.. Unfortunately Fan Siu Wong from 1st flick has very small role. IM2 is a good movie, improvement over 1st Ip Man. Sometimes I like Sammo sometimes not. But here he was terrific in non comedic role and excellent in fights. Action is fine and story is too. Like 1st movie, imo this also perhaps not revisit stuff but it did purpose for spending bit under 2 hours nicely.
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    Heart Of Dragon also coming in March.
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    I think the series you’re talking about is Nihon kaidan gekijo (日本怪談劇場) (1970). It had 13 episodes. Amachi was in episode 13. I have not seen the series myself. It has been released on DVD in Japan several times, first in 2001 by King Records (4 DVDs, 3-4 episodes on each disc), the again by M3 Entertainment (4 Disc box set) in 2007, and finally in 2014 (6 DVDs, 2-3 episodes on each disc) by a company whose name I can’t quite figure out (it’sスバック in Japanese, maybe Svac or Sbac). All should be without subs of course.