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    So, What’re your favorites ‘stache kung fu fighters? I’ll go with Gordon Liu in Dirty ho and Ti Lung in Shaolin temple (lord that guy is made for a stache!).
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    I just found out that the total file size of the extended version with the inserts from the Crash Cinema DVD is around 4.7GB, so they must have downscaled the HD master. That really sucks. What a waste. So, I’m not as excited to get this as I was, but I’m still glad to be getting it, amped to see the uncut final fight. Hopefully someone will make a custom of this and do the extended cut correctly, in full-strength HD except for the inserts. I wonder what happened to the print that Crash used?
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    Perfect choice, stache + fedora + beautiful lady is killer style. Plus it should won an lgbt kung fu style awards in addition.
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    More comparison shots: I did check out the Dragon Dynasty DVD and I do think it has better colors than any of the Hong Kong DVDs or Blu-rays. In fact, I compared it to the US Echo Bridge Blu-ray and the colors are identical. So I'm using the Echo Bridge Blu-ray as a color reference for all the scenes that are similar. I have a rip of the Supercop Criterion laserdisc and I think it serves as a good reference for the scenes that were cut from the international release. The Criterion laserdisc has a bonus feature that contains all the cut scenes. As always, comments and feedback are welcome.