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    The Clones of Bruce Lee Facebook page is reporting that actor Chen Sing has passed away.
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    Very sorry to hear. He was always great in his roles.
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    @Graeme Of Death I am usually not that concerned with slipcovers, but I can understand why some people are. To each his own. My son likes them, and when one of his was accidentally destroyed I gave him mine (we both had the same film in our collections). However, I do like when they display different art/poster for the film than what's on the sleeve. That's cool. 88 Films and Arrow's are among the ones that I really dig. Plus, if you're a collector, it's nice to have a set on your shelf that all match. I understand your "marketing ploy" warning, but what's wrong with a company trying to entice their customers with an added bonus? With the current state of physical media looking a bit dire, and me being a fan of it, I hope their ploy works, and that more fans purchase their products rather than stealing (and purchasing) films via streaming.
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    https://hk.on.cc is reporting he died back on Sept. 4.
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    David Carradine looked incredibly awkward trying to do martial arts in the Kung Fu tv series but acting wise he played that part great. The best he ever looked was against Norris in Lone Wolf McQuade. Macchio has never been a believable looking martial artist and neither has Martin Kove but boy did they both play those characters well!
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    Very sorry to hear this, he was an entertaining actor who played a great villain and a few heroes as well. He definitely looked like a tough guy.
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    5 element ninjas slip included is available to buy for 25€ on website. Got from same source "house of traps" with slip but that was easy decision purchase as didn`t own already 88 disc unlike 5 elements. Seller has even masked avengers with s/c for 12€, that is bargain but own it already.
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    This was once one of Roger Ebert's "Dogs of the Week" but then I don't think he liked kung fu movies to begin with. Oh,and it's Li Yi-Min
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    And you can also try on zavvi.com, they have some of them too.
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    Yes, but there's other stuff, too. Here are details.
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    Caught my attention alittle, see how this turns out.
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    When I bought from Tan's Dragon Video after seeing his advertisement in Black Belt magazine back in the the day his Ocean Shores vhs of Sun Dragon, Kungfu Zombie and Fistful of Talons were all originals but all of his Jackie and Shaws stuff were boots. All his shit was way overpriced too, but back then it was the only place l could find it like alot of people so the crook took advantage.
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    Wow I find it surprising he ever reviewed that movie, figured he was to much of a highbrow film snob for that. I bet he liked some of Bruce Lee's movie though. 7 Grandmasters is a great classic of the genre imo. I really liked Chien Yuet Sun as the monkey stylist.
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    Wow she is quite the inspiration, kinda hard to make excuses when you see the will power and dedication of someone at that age doing it.
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    @DragonClaws how nice of you to resurrect a thread l started in 2006 about this weasel lol. Hard to believe we're still talking about this dude all these years later. Wonder why this guy who is Greek wanted to change his last name to Tan to try and make people think he was Chinese? One thing's for sure, the man loved a dollar...
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    https://www.ebay.fr/itm/One-armed-Swordsman-88-Films-Asia-Shaw-Brothers/223754636147?hash=item3418d0cb73:g:N0UAAOSwcYVdvspg There are surely other ones on ebay...
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    7 Grand Masters A genre classic from Joseph Kuo. An ageing master and his pupils travel China seeking out various kung fu experts and challenging them to a duel. Eager wannabe student Yi-Min-Li eventually is accepted and trains to a level where he can avenge his fathers death. The media blasters DVD is excellent,widescreen, dub or sub options, it's a pity it didn't sell well and no more classics were releases.
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    The Million Eyes of Sumuru (Shaw Brothers, 1967) Source- http://moviemagg.blogspot.com/2009/05/million-eyes-of-sumuru-shaw-brothers.html
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    Most people that are fans of these film bought them right away to ensure they'd get them with the limited slipcovers. So unfortunately, it's doubtful they'd be willing to part with them. I have occasionally seen a few pop up for sale on eBay. Have you written to 88 Films and double-checked on availability for what you are looking for? If that doesn't work out, hopefully you'll be contacted by someone on here that's willing to sell or trade theirs to you. Wishing you the best of luck.
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    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha Another one that I maybe would have appreciated a bit more had I watched an HD version of it. But coming off the back of watching the 3 Sammo films from Eureka my standards are pretty high The horrendous camp "Carry on" film cockney dubbing didn't help. Hwang Jang Lee playing a good guy just doesn't work for me. Also imagine my horror when I find that the fella that plays Beggar So in Magnificent Butcher turns up here playing pretty much the same character. No idea why this guy is in loads of movies because 90% of his fights scenes he appears to be doubled. Also similar to Magnificent Butcher and Iron Fisted Monk we have another mix of comedy and rape and murder. The Shaolin temple element is also a bit different as Hwang goes there, doesn't abide by a single rule, learns kung fu in secret over a couple of months then fu*ks off. Not your usual Kung Fu enlightenment. Can't fault any of the fight scenes though as they're top notch. 6/10
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    Only been to 4 my whole life, please don't judge. 1. Rage Against the machine- battle of los Angeles tour 2. Master P- 90s 3. alien ant Farm and Papa roach- pre 9/11 4. Family Values Tour- pre 9/11 Concerts I would time travel back to: Live Aids U.S Music Festival 1983ish?? Woodstock 69
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    John Woo said filming is set to begin in January according to this interview and he confirmed Lupita Nyogo'o will play the Chow Yun-Fat role. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/hard-target-john-woo-clashing-jean-claude-van-damme-1137208
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    While something more original would probably have been better. This does have the potential to be interesting. I'm not expecting it to be on par with the original, but then again I don't expect any other John Woo movie ( or heroic bloodshed for that matter) to be as thrilling for me personally as the original. The original, THE KILLER is not a bad source material, a bit like LE SAMOURAÏ wasn't bad for a certain movie I like a lot. I'll have to hear more about it. But I'm actually contemplating this as a potential movie to go see at a cinema with a friend.