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    Well, I've spent the past couple of months compiling reviews from this forum and other places, mainly defunct websites, in order to make my own Leonard Maltin-esque guide to old school movies. I now have gotten as much as I'd like to get, with the final product being a good 501 pages in length. This is a personal project and reflects no desire on my part to profit from the writing of others. That said, I'd like to make it available here for anyone who might be interested. Here's the file in PDF format, if you're curious. The Kung Fu Fandom Guide to Classic Kung Fu.pdf
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    Being able to announce that we'll soon have more Shaw Brothers classics available on Blu-ray is always exciting, but I had to keep this news to myself since way back in the summer. Why? Well, one of my biggest dreams as an artist and life-long fan has come true... I was hired to create original art for official releases of Shaw Brothers films... On Blu-ray no less! Keeping this to myself was NOT an easy task, I assure you. The first 3 releases are coming out on February 24th, 2017... VENGEANCE http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/kuan-der-unerbitterliche-raecher-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-a-blu-ray-disc http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/kuan-der-unerbittliche-raecher-shaw-brothers-film-collection-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-b-blu-ray-disc THE WATER MARGIN http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/die-sieben-schlaege-des-gelben-drachen-shaw-brothers-film-collection-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-a-blu-ray-dis http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/die-sieben-schlaege-des-gelben-drachen-shaw-brothers-film-collection-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-b-blu-ray-dis SOUL OF THE SWORD http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/ti-lung-das-blutige-schwert-der-rache-shaw-brothers-film-collection-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-a-blu-ray-disc http://www.bluray-disc.de/blu-ray-filme/ti-lung-das-blutige-schwert-der-rache-shaw-brothers-film-collection-limited-mediabook-edition-cover-b-blu-ray-disc I was told that they will be "English-friendly" but I am still waiting for verification/details. From the looks of the pre-order pages, and using my nearly non-existent skills in the German language, it appears they will include both the German and English dubs. It would be strange though if those were the only options. As soon as I know if they will include Chinese audio, and what (if any) the subtitle options are, I will post it in this thread. If you like the art, you can get it as posters & prints here: http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/kungfubobsart/ & shirts here: http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/36styles/ Here's unused art I created for VENGEANCE... And here is the final VENGEANCE art (with a change in the background color for the prints):
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    For those that know I've been in a long bout, but it's now in remission. My various styles helped me in the battle. Hopefully this means I get to visit with y'all brothers and sisters more frequently
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    Here is a list of all the Shaw Brothers films released on blu-ray worldwide, sorted by company. Release dates are the officially announced dates, in some cases they may ship out earlier. There are also these threads for discussion of releases on specific labels: 88 Films Asia Koch Media TVP WVG Medien Inked Pictures IVL (Hong Kong) 2008 04 01 Behind the Yellow Line 2011 02 01 Kingdom and the Beauty, The 2011 02 01 Love Eterne, The 2011 02 22 Three Smiles, The 2011 03 22 One Armed Swordsman, The 2011 03 22 Return of the One Armed Swordsman 2011 03 22 New One Armed Swordsman, The 2015 02 17 Out of the Dark 2015 02 17 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Trilogy, The (Boxset) 2015 08 18 Justice, My Foot! 2015 08 18 Lifeline 2016 02 02 Boxer From Shantung, The 2016 02 02 Love On Delivery 2016 09 02 Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2016 09 02 Look Out, Officer! 2016 11 22 Death Duel 2017 03 24 Mad Monk, The (1993) 2017 04 21 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan 2017 07 14 Super Inframan 2018 01 24 Casino Tycoon Boxset 2018 06 22 Painted Faces 2019 10 15 Mighty Peking Man, The 2019 10 15 Oily Maniac, The Deltamac (Taiwan) 2011 02 02 Three Smiles, The 2011 02 11 Behind the Yellow Line 2011 02 11 Kingdom and the Beauty, The 2011 02 11 Love Eterne, The 2011 04 12 One Armed Swordsman, The 2011 04 19 New One Armed Swordsman, The 2011 04 28 Return of the One Armed Swordsman 2017 06 16 Boxer From Shantung, The 2017 06 16 Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2017 06 16 Look Out, Officer! 2017 08 11 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan 2017 08 11 Mad Monk, The (1993) 2018 03 02 Death Duel 2018 03 02 Super Inframan 2018 07 20 Casino Tycoon Boxset BCI (US) 2009 01 06 Opium and the Kung Fu Master Dragon Dynasty (US) 2010 03 02 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The 2011 05 17 Five Venoms, The Shout Factory (US) 2019 04 09 The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Tokyo Shock (US) 2010 05 11 Deadly Duo, The 2010 08 02 Heroes Two 2012 03 13 Five Element Ninjas Well Go (US) 2010 04 06 Brothers Five 2010 04 06 Delightful Forest, The 2010 04 06 Heroic Ones, The 2010 09 14 All Men Are Brothers 2011 02 15 Web of Death, The 88 Asia (UK) 2016 09 26 (01) Hex 2016 10 24 (02) Black Magic 2016 11 14 (03) Five Element Ninjas 2016 11 21 (04) House of Traps 2017 01 16 (05) Seeding of a Ghost (Mandarin) (Limited - less than 2000) 2017 02 13 (06) Mighty Peking Man, The 2017 03 27 (07) Killer Constable 2017 03 30 (05) Seeding of a Ghost (Cantonese) 2017 05 15 (08) Masked Avengers 2017 07 24 (09) Oily Maniac, The 2017 08 28 (10) Flying Guillotine, The 2017 09 25 (11) Bride From Hell, The 2017 10 09 (12) Bewitched 2017 11 06 (13) Brave Archer, The 2017 11 20 (14) Casino Tycoon 2018 02 26 (17) Enchanting Ghost, The 2018 03 12 (18) Ghost Lovers, The 2018 03 26 (15) One Armed Swordsman, The 2018 03 26 (16) Dragon Missile, The 2018 04 23 (19) Super Inframan 2018 06 11 (20) Black Magic 2 2018 06 11 (21) Spiritual Boxer, The 2018 07 23 (22) Human Goddess, The 2018 08 13 (23) Vengeful Beauty, The 2020 03 09 (24) Come Drink With Me 2020 03 23 (25) Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The Alucard Movie Shop (Germany) 2019 01 31 Super Inframan, The (Cover A-11) 2019 01 31 Super Inframan, The (Cover B-17) 2019 01 31 Super Inframan, The (Cover C-22) Crest (Germany) 2013 12 02 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Parts 1-3, The (3D) (Boxset) Edel (Germany) 2019 09 06 Heroes Shed No Tears 2019 09 06 Magnificent Ruffians 2019 10 04 Come Drink With Me 2019 10 04 Shadow Whip EuroVideo (Germany) 2015 10 22 Best of Shaw Brothers (Boxset) FilmArt [Shaw Brothers Collection] (Germany) 2014 12 19 (01) Deadly Duo, The (Limited-1000) 2015 04 17 (02) Duel, The (Limited-1000) 2015 06 30 (03) Black Magic (Limited-1000) 2015 08 31 (04) Man of Iron (Limited-1000) 2015 12 07 (05) Killer Constable (Limited-1000) 2016 06 24 (06) Boxer From Shantung, The (Limited-1000) 2016 10 14 (07) Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The (Limited-1000) 2016 10 14 (08) Heroic Ones, The (Limited-1000) 2017 05 12 (09) Blood Brothers, The (Limited-1000) 2018 00 00 (01) Deadly Duo, The (Reissue) FilmArt [Trivialfilm Kollektion] (Germany) 2015 04 02 (03) Super Inframan, The (Limited-1000) 2015 06 30 (04) Mighty Peking Man, The (Limited-1000) Great Movies (Germany) 2014 11 01 Return to the 36th Chamber 2014 11 01 Return to the 36th Chamber (3D) 2015 01 02 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The 2015 01 02 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The (3D) Inked Pictures (Germany) 2017 12 01 Fourteen Amazons, The (Mediabook A-222) 2017 12 01 Fourteen Amazons, The (Mediabook B-444) 2017 12 01 Fourteen Amazons, The (Mediabook C-444) 2017 12 01 Fourteen Amazons, The (Mediabook D-222) 2017 12 01 Angry Guest, The (Mediabook A-222) 2017 12 01 Angry Guest, The (Mediabook B-444) 2017 12 01 Angry Guest, The (Mediabook C-222) 2017 12 01 Angry Guest, The (Mediabook D-111) 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid (Mediabook A-333) 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid (Mediabook B-333) 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid (Mediabook C-111) 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid (Mediabook D-111) 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid (Mediabook E-111) 2018 10 25 Four Riders (Mediabook A-333) 2018 10 25 Four Riders (Mediabook B-444) 2018 10 25 Four Riders (Mediabook C-222) 2018 10 25 Kid With the Golden Arm, The (Mediabook A-333) 2018 10 25 Kid With the Golden Arm, The (Mediabook B-444) 2018 10 25 Kid With the Golden Arm, The (Mediabook C-222) Koch Media (Germany) 2014 08 14 Shaw Brothers Collection (Boxset) 2017 11 23 Master of Kung Fu, The 2017 11 23 New Shaolin Boxers, The 2018 01 25 Duel of Fists 2018 01 25 Shaolin Rescuers 2018 02 08 Fourteen Amazons, The 2018 02 08 Have Sword, Will Travel 2018 03 22 Boxer Rebellion 2018 03 22 Pirate, The 2018 08 23 Angry Guest, The 2018 09 13 Four Riders 2018 09 13 Kid With the Golden Arm, The 2018 10 25 Chinatown Kid 2019 09 26 Proud Twins, The 2019 09 26 Rebel Intruders, The 2019 10 10 Champion, The 2019 10 10 Kid With a Tattoo, The Media Target (Germany) 2017 08 04 Super Inframan, The MVL (Germany) 2012 02 24 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Trilogy, The (Boxset) 2014 11 07 Boxer From Shantung, The 2014 11 21 Heroic Ones, The 2015 01 23 Shaolin Temple 2015 01 23 Invincible Shaolin 2015 02 20 Killer Clans 2015 02 20 Mad Monkey Kung Fu 2015 03 20 Heroes Two 2015 03 20 Blood Brothers, The KTL (Germany) 2012 08 21 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Parts 1-3, The (3D) (Boxset) TVP (The Vengeance Pack) (Germany) 2012 10 26 New One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook-1000) 2013 04 26 Shaolin Avengers, The (Mediabook-1000) 2013 07 15 New One Armed Swordsman, The 2013 08 15 Savage Five, The (Mediabook-1000) 2013 09 13 Five Shaolin Masters (Mediabook-1000) 2013 10 04 Shaolin Avengers, The (Hardbox-100) 2013 10 31 Disciples of Shaolin (Mediabook-1000) 2013 11 08 Crippled Avengers (Mediabook-1000) 2013 12 23 Seven Man Army (Mediabook-1000) 2014 12 15 Shaolin Avengers, The 2014 12 15 Savage Five, The 2014 12 15 Five Shaolin Masters 2015 07 24 Crippled Avengers 2015 07 24 Disciples of Shaolin 2015 07 24 Seven Man Army 2016 07 08 Flying Guillotine, The (Mediabook A-500) 2016 07 08 Flying Guillotine, The (Mediabook B-500) 2016 10 21 Flying Guillotine, The (Mediabook C-333) 2016 10 21 One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook A-500) 2016 10 21 One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook B-500) 2017 08 31 Delightful Forest, The (Mediabook A-333) 2017 08 31 Delightful Forest, The (Mediabook B-333) 2017 08 31 Delightful Forest, The (Mediabook C-333) 2019 12 02 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook A-333) 2019 12 02 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook B-333) 2019 12 02 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The (Mediabook C-333) WVG (Germany) 2017 02 24 Soul of the Sword 2017 02 24 Vengeance 2017 02 24 Water Margin, The 2017 04 28 All Men Are Brothers 2017 04 28 Chinese Boxer, The 2017 04 28 Human Lanterns 2017 07 28 Come Drink With Me 2017 07 28 Emperor and His Brother, The 2017 07 28 Lion vs Lion 2017 09 29 Savage Five, The 2017 09 29 Shadow Whip 2017 09 29 Web of Death, The VZH (Germany) 2013 12 10 Five Venoms, The X Rated (Germany) 2013 11 29 Five Venoms, The Shock Entertainment (Austria) 2017 12 15 Bamboo House of Dolls, The (Mediabook A-750) 2017 12 15 Bamboo House of Dolls, The (Mediabook B-250) 2017 12 15 Bamboo House of Dolls, The (Mediabook C-250) 2018 02 02 Lost Souls (Mediabook A-750) 2018 02 02 Lost Souls (Mediabook B-250) 2018 02 02 Lost Souls (Mediabook C-250) 2018 05 04 Battle Wizard (Mediabook A-750) 2018 05 04 Battle Wizard (Mediabook B-250) 2018 05 04 Battle Wizard (Mediabook C-250) 2018 08 17 Flying Guillotine 2, The (Mediabook A-750) 2018 08 17 Flying Guillotine 2, The (Mediabook B-250) 2018 08 17 Flying Guillotine 2, The (Mediabook C-250) 2018 08 17 Vengeful Beauty, The (Mediabook A-750) 2018 08 17 Vengeful Beauty, The (Mediabook B-250) 2018 08 17 Vengeful Beauty, The (Mediabook C-250) 2018 08 17 Bamboo House of Dolls, The (Mediabook D-111) 2018 08 17 Lost Souls (Mediabook D-111) Wild Side (France) 2012 03 15 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Trilogy, The (Boxset) IDG (Poland) 2009 12 15 Seven Man Army 2009 12 15 Fourteen Amazons, The Paramount (Japan) 2013 04 26 Martial Arts of Shaolin 2013 06 07 Heroes of the East 2013 06 07 Shadow Boxing, The 2013 06 07 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin, The 2013 06 07 Return to the 36th Chamber 2013 06 07 Disciples of the 36th Chamber 2013 06 07 Thirty Sixth Chamber of Shaolin Box Set (Boxset) 2013 08 09 Golden Lotus, The 2013 09 13 Chinese Boxer, The 2013 09 13 Come Drink With Me 2013 09 13 Golden Swallow 2013 09 13 King Boxer 2013 09 27 Five Venoms, The 2013 09 27 Flying Guillotine, The 2013 09 27 Heroes Two 2013 09 27 Heroic Ones, The 2013 09 27 Mighty Peking Man, The 2013 09 27 Shaolin Temple 2013 09 27 Super Inframan, The 2013 09 27 Water Margin, The Nova Media (Korea) 2018 12 07 One Armed Swordsman, The 2018 12 07 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The 2018 12 07 New One Armed Swordsman, The CN Ent (Hong Kong) 2009 10 09 Turning Point: Laughing Gor 2010 04 15 72 Tenants of Prosperity 2010 09 24 Jade and the Pearl, The 2011 03 31 I Love Hong Kong 2011 10 13 Fortune Buddies, The 2012 02 23 Turning Point 2: Laughing Gor Returns 2012 04 03 I Love Hong Kong 2012 2013 03 27 I Love Hong Kong 2013 2015 04 23 Triumph in the Skies 2016 06 30 Buddy Cops Panorama (Hong Kong) 2016 10 28 Line Walker Vicol Ent (Hong Kong) 2010 12 23 Perfect Wedding
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    Hey All, TVP (The Vengeance Pack) will be releasing THE DELIGHTFUL FOREST (1972) on Blu-ray, most likely in July. And I know because... I got to do the cover art for it. So extremely excited because, first off, I love this film, and second, I'm a huge fan of TVP and their releases. So it is an honor to work with them. They are an absolute pleasure to collaborate with, and they treated me really well. Here's a look at the artwork I did for them. I know you will all want to know... No, this release will NOT include English subtitles nor the English dub. TVP would include them if they were allowed. It will however include an English language audio commentary (with optional German subtitles) by Bey Logan.
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    As some may already know, I'm currently writing a book length bibliography on one of Movietown’s greatest performers; Alexander Fu Sheng. So not to hijack any current Fu Sheng threads, I'm creating this new thread which will provide updates on the status of this project. I’ve been posting the latest developments on FB but as many may not utilize social media, or belong to the groups I’ve posted in, I will begin to provide these same updates here at the forum. First, I invite you to read the following written by KFF moderator, One Armed Boxer, which gives some details into this upcoming book. http://www.cityonfire.com/alexander-fu-sheng-the-biography-of-the-chinatown-kid Currently I’m working on the third draft which is roughly 375 pages (90,000 words) and should be complete by year’s end. I have created a very stringent timetable for the various drafts and so far have not deviated too far from it. There will be at least three more drafts to work on in 2016 but hopefully it will all be complete by the end of next year. This work will not be a book of film reviews but an in-depth look at the man, his movies, his love, and his family. It will also not be a reiteration of the same old/same old information that we find scattered across the net. No, there will be an abundance of new data, a multitude of quotes from Alex, Jenny and the people that worked alongside him, new details about many of the actors, actresses and Shaw staff, as well as, a look into Alex's family history. As I mentioned in the above interview, "This book will be enlightening to even Alex’s biggest fans" and I cannot wait to share it with you all.
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    341 pages. My little typewriter sure is tired (LOL). I actually took this photo over two years ago, waiting for the day I could finally say .. Yes, the book is complete! Well, here we are. The manuscript is now being reviewed for printing, and while I would love to give myself a nice break, there's still more to do: Webpage, book-trailer, promo shots, etc, etc. 28 days and counting...!
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    Remembering the good old Shaw Brothers Lobby Cards in alphabetical Order.... 36 Secrets of Courtship (1982) A Deadly Secret (1980) A Friend from Inner Space (1984) A Mad World of Fools (1974) All Men are Brothers (1973) All mixed up (1975) Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981) Ambush (1971) An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984) Angel with the Iron Fists (1967) Asia-Pol (1967) Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983) Bank Busters (1978) Bastard Swordsman (1983) Bat without Wings (1980) Beautiful Vixen (1976) Behind the Yellow Line (1984) Bewitched (1981) Beyond the Great Wall (1964) Big Brother Cheng (1975)
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    Unfortunately, the server hosting the site experienced problems, which caused the database of the forum to produce errors that were unrepairable. Fortunately, we had a schedule set up for making a backup of the forums database once a week. We were able to restore the forum from the date of the last backup, which was made on August 18. We have now begun to make backups twice a day. So if this were to happen again, the potential loss of content would be quite minimal. We do apologize for the inconvenience in downtime and any loss of content that may have directly affected you.
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    An update on the progress.... Here's a few pages from a few years back. Think that's Draft 1 or 2. I've done a total of 6 and presently finished with the major drafts. The manuscript is currently being cleaned up at the editor's desk while I meticulously work on the chapter notes, bibliography, index, and all that good stuff. Not a fan of "footnotes" as they tend to act like tiny speed-bumps as you read. End notes are nice but who wants to do all that flipping back and forth? I've opted for chapter end notes (like used in "Shaw Screen" and elsewhere) which include both comments and citations. End of a chapter is a good stopping point and the material is still fresh in the readers mind. So, how many? Looking to be about 325. Ouch, that's a lot of notes. What's next? A quick polish once the editor is done then off to the beta reader. Another quick polish and then off to the publisher. Oh, and we need to squeeze that book cover in there somewhere. Have an artist waiting in the wings for that. Wish I had a precise date for the release but with multiple parties involved, it’s like pegging down a moving target. But it’s coming. Every day, we get closer and closer. And you will not be disappointed or your money back. (Ok, I’m joking about that last part). Anyway, back to the notes and thanks for the continued support.
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    There's no shortage of critics when it comes to the net, and while the kung-fu movie has long since past its heyday, any new efforts are quickly given the judge, jury, and executioner treatment. But is it fair? It's with this mindset that we asked the question - what if the net had been around when the classics came out? Would they remain so, or be subject to the same scrutiny we see today? Check out the entirely tongue-in-cheek feature here - http://cityonfire.com/the-kung-fu-golden-era-had-the-internet-been-around/
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    I was already looking forward to reading this, but now? Geez... his last interview I guess. So glad you posted this clip @Gaijin84. Thanks. I hadn't heard that. That insipid disease claims another life. I've watched this scene countless times. Man, you said it @Shaolivevil. Yes, sadly we lost a Hong Kong cinema legend today. He was a kung fu actor, action director, producer and director. If you are a fan of the genre, I'd be very surprised if you haven't seen him in at least two dozen films. Of all his many contributions my absolute favorite is his role as the Temple Abbot and his epic pole fight with Gordon Liu in THE 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER. Simply outstanding- in my top 10 fight scenes of all time. Thank you for all your years of hard work entertaining us. My thoughts are with your family, friends, and fans. RIP Phillip Ko Fei.
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    Movie Name: The HK-English title of the movie. This is the name Celestial is releasing it under. The link will take you to the iTunes web page for the movie. New: Just a quick identification of which movies were recently added. (will remove the new after the movie has been available for aprox. 2 months) Year: The year Celestial lists for the movie. These are frequently debatable. To be consistent I'm using Celestial's dates. Min: This is the running time according to iTunes. M-D: Mandarin Dub C-D: Cantonese Dub E-D: English Dub E-S: English Subtitles T-S: Traditional Chinese Subtitles S-S: Simplified Chinese Subtitles Notes: Any notes about the release Y: A link to the Youtube version of this movie if it's available. (I'll add a google play link soon, these come from the same store as Youtube, just a different interface). Red Square - Identifies something missing on this release that's available on a separate release (I use this primarily for English Dub) Price Comparisons Rent-SD Rent-HD Buy-SD Buy-HD iTunes $2.99 $3.99 $4.99 $7.99 Youtube $1.99 $2.99 $3.99 $5.99 Google Play $1.99 $2.99 $3.99 $5.99 Amazon X-Box Netflix Free Hulu Free ** There are differences between the releases, most notable is that other than iTunes the movie will usually not have audio/subtitle options ** Currently Available on iTunes 180 Currently Missing 0 Expected 1 The New Game of Death Promoted 9 The Daredevils, Heaven and Hell, The Magic Blade, The Magnificent Ruffians, The Monkey Goes West, The Naval Commandos, The Rebel Intruders, Ten Tigers of Kwangtung Movie Name (Linked to iTunes) New Year Min. M-D C-D E-D E-S T-S S-S Notes C I Y 14 Amazons, The 1972 117 X X X X C I Y 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The 1978 111 X X X C I Y 7-Man Army 1976 113 X X X X C I Y 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, The 1984 93 X X X X X C I Y All Men are Brothers 1973 101 X X X X C I Y Angry Guest, The 1972 89 X X X C I Y Anonymous Heroes, The 1971 104 X X X C I Y Assassin, The 1967 112 X X X X C I Y Avenging Eagle, The 1978 86 X X X C I Y Bare-Footed Kid, The 1993 83 X X X C I Y Bastard Swordsman 1983 89 X X C I Bat Without Wings 1980 88 X X X C I Battle Wizard, The 1977 72 X X X X C I Behind the Yellow Line 1984 92 X X C I Y Bells of Death, The 1968 84 X X X X C I Black Lizard, The 1981 82 X X X X C I Black Magic 1975 91 X X X X C I Y Black Magic 2 1976 88 X X X C I Blood Brothers, The 1973 118 X X X C I Y Boxer From Shantung, The 1972 124 X X X C I Y Boxer Rebellion 1975 137 X X X X C I Brave Archer 2, The 1978 110 X X X X C I Y Brave Archer 3, The 1981 92 X X X X C I Y Brave Archer and His Mate 1982 100 X X X X C I Y Brave Archer, The 1977 116 X X X X C I Y Brothers Five 1970 102 X X X C I Buddha's Palm 1982 93 X X X X C I Y Casino, The 1972 77 X X X X C I Y Casino Tycoon 1992 124 X X X C I Casino Tycoon II 1992 107 X X X C I Cat vs Rat 1982 91 X X X C I Challenge of the Masters 1976 92 X X X X C I Y Chinatown Kid 1977 86 X X X C I Chinese Boxer, The 1970 86 X X X C I Y Clan of Amazons 1978 88 X X X X I Clan of the White Lotus 1980 89 X X X X C I Y Come Drink With Me 1966 90 X X X C I Y Crippled Avengers 1978 100 X X X C I Y Deadly Breaking Sword, The 1979 101 X X X X I Deadly Duo, The 1971 78 X X X X C I Y Deadly Knives, The 1972 83 X X X X I Death Duel 1977 84 X X X I Delightful Forest, The 1972 92 X X X X C I Y Destiny's Champion 1997 97 X X X I Dirty Ho 1974 98 X X X X C I Y Disciples of Shaolin 1975 102 X X X C I Y Disciples of the 36th Chamber 1985 89 X X X C I Y Doubles Cause Troubles 1989 93 X X X I Dragon Missile, The 1976 82 X X X X C I Y Duel, The 1971 105 X X X X C I Y Duel of the Century, The 1981 94 X X X C I Duel of Fists 1971 102 X X X X I Emperor and His Brother, The 1981 102 X X X C I Executioners From Shaolin 1977 96 X X X C I Y Five Element Ninjas 1982 103 X X X C I Y Five Shaolin Masters 1974 105 X X X C I Y Five Superfighters 1979 95 X X X X I Five Venoms, The 1978 97 X X X C I Y Flag of Iron, The 1980 108 X X X X C I Y Flying Dagger, The 1969 93 X X X C I Flying Guillotine, The 1975 101 X X X C I Y Flying Guillotine 2 1978 88 X X X X C I Y Four Riders 1972 104 X X X C I Y Full Moon Scimitar 1979 94 X X X X C I Y Golden Swallow 1968 104 X X X X C I Y Have Sword, Will Travel 1969 102 X X X X I Heads For Sale 1970 81 X X X X C I Y Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1978 101 X X X C I Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2 1978 95 X X X I Hero 1997 88 X X X C I Y Heroes of the East 1978 100 X X X C I Y Heroes Shed No Tears 1980 106 X X X X I Heroes Two 1974 88 X X X C I Y Heroic Ones, The 1970 121 X X X X C I Y Hex 1980 90 X X X C I Holy Flame of the Martial World 1983 85 X X X X I House of Traps 1982 91 X X X X C I Y How to Pick Girls Up!? 1987 91 X X X I Human Lanterns 1982 94 X X X C I Invincible Enforcer 1979 107 X X X X C I Y Invincible Fist, The 1969 94 X X X I Invincible Shaolin 1978 98 X X X C I Y Iron Bodyguard 1973 94 X X X X I Justice My Foot! 1992 95 X X C I Y Kid From Kwangtung 1982 94 X X X X X C I Y Kid With a Tattoo, The 1980 97 X X X C I Kid With the Golden Arm, The 1979 81 X X X C I Y Killer Clans 1976 96 X X X X C I Y Killer Constable 1980 92 X X X X C I Y King Boxer 1972 97 X X X C I Y Kung-fu Instructor, The 1979 99 X X X C I Y Lady Hermit, The 1971 93 X X X X I Lady is the Boss, The 1983 93 X X X I Legendary Weapons of China 1982 100 X X X X C I Y Let's Make Laugh 1983 95 X X X I Life Gamble 1979 96 X X X X C I Y Lifeline 1997 104 X X X I Lion vs. Lion 1981 104 X X X X C I Y Little Dragon Maiden 1983 92 X X X C I Long Road to Gallantry 1984 88 X X X I Look Out, Officer! 1990 88 X X X I Love in a Fallen City 1984 93 X X X I Love On Delivery 1994 93 X X X C I Loving You 1995 79 X X X I Mad Monk, The 1993 85 X X X C I Mad Monkey Kung Fu 1979 109 X X X C I Y Magic Blade, The 1976 97 X X X X I Magnificent Trio, The 1966 104 X X X I Magnificent Wanderers 1977 94 X X X X C I Y Man of Iron 1972 94 X X X C I Y Marco Polo 1975 103 X X X X C I Y Martial Arts of Shaolin 1986 90 X X X C I Y Martial Club 1981 103 X X X C I Masked Avengers 1981 87 X X X C I Y Master of Kung Fu, The 1973 92 X X X X C I Y Master Strikes Back, The 1984 90 X X X I Men from the Monastery 1974 88 X X X X C I Y Mighty Peking Man, The 1977 85 X X X C I Y Monkey Kung Fu 1979 89 X X X C I Y My Rebellious Son 1982 92 X X X X C I Y My School Mate, The Barbarian 2001 89 X X X I My Young Auntie 1981 114 X X X X X C I Y New Game of Death, The 1975 86 EXPECTED Source: 1 C New One-Armed Swordsman, The 1971 94 X X X X C I Y New Shaolin Boxers, The 1976 96 X X X C I Y Ode to Gallantry 1982 83 X X X I Oily Maniac 1976 84 X X X I On the Wrong Track 1983 88 X X X I One-Armed Swordsman 1967 111 X X X X C I Y Opium and the Kung Fu Master 1984 86 X X X X X C I Y Out of the Dark 1995 79 X X X C I Y Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman 1982 87 X X X X C I Y Pirate, The 1973 96 X X X X C I Y Proud Twins, The 1979 106 X X X X I Proud Youth, The 1978 93 X X X I Pursuit of Vengeance 1977 88 X X X I Rivals of Kung Fu 1974 93 X X X I Rendezvous with Death 1980 98 X X X X I Return of the One-Armed Swordsman 1969 101 X X X X C I Y Return of the Sentimental Swordsman 1980 101 X X X X I Return to the 36th Chamber 1980 97 X X X C I Y Savage Five, The 1974 91 X X X C I Y Sentimental Swordsman, The 1977 97 X X X C I Shadow Boxing, The 1979 96 X X X C I Shadow Whip, The 1971 75 X X X C I Shaolin Abbot 1979 79 X X X X C I Shaolin Avengers, The 1976 92 X X X X C I Y Shaolin Hand Lock 1978 88 X X X X C I Y Shaolin Intruders 1983 86 X X X X X C I Y Shaolin Mantis 1978 96 X X X X C I Y Shaolin Martial Arts 1974 107 X X X C I Y Shaolin Prince 1983 89 X X X C I Y Shaolin Rescuers 1979 101 X X X X C I Y Shaolin Temple 1976 115 X X X X C I Y Soul of the Sword 1978 85 X X X I Spiritual Boxer, The 1975 99 X X X X C I Y Super Inframan, The 1975 84 X X X C I Y Supreme Swordsman, The 1984 94 X X X I Sword and the Lute, The 1966 87 X X X I Sword of Swords, The 1968 106 X X X X I Sword Stained With Royal Blood, The 1981 104 X X X C I Swordsman and Enchantress 1978 86 X X X I Tales of a Eunuch 1983 89 X X X I Teenage Dreamers 1982 86 X X X I Thunderbolt Fist, The 1972 87 X X X X I Tigress of Shaolin, The 1979 93 X X X X C I Y Trail of the Broken Blade, The 1967 104 X X X X I Treasure Hunters, The 1981 104 X X X X X C I Y Twin Swords, The 1965 88 X X X I Two Champions of Shaolin 1980 101 X X X X X C I Y Valley of the Fangs 1970 86 X X X X C I Y Vengeance 1970 98 X X X C I Y Vengeful Beauty, The 1978 79 X X X C I Wandering Swordsman, The 1969 103 X X X I Water Margin, The 1972 119 X X X C I Web of Death, The 1976 87 X X X C I Y Weird Man, The 1983 87 X X X X C I Y What Price Honesty 1981 89 X X X X I Wits of the Brats 1984 94 X X X I Women 1985 91 X X X I Young Vagabond, The 1985 85 X X X X X C I Y
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    I'm very happy to share this, and to be a part of TVP- The Vengeance Pack's latest Update: TVP- The Vengeance Pack goes Hong Kong action! We've been working on it for a long time, and now we can finally tell you that in the first quarter of 2018, we will be releasing the great Tsui Hark production BLACK MASK (1996), starring the incredible Jet Li and Lau Ching-Wan, on Blu-ray! It WILL be English friendly (including subtitles & dub), and it will include 4 Versions of the film (2 Blu-rays)! - International Version - Hong Kong version - Extended Version - TVP's version The first edition gets a Special Wattiert Mediabook with special artwork from our buddy Kungfubob O'Brien. Also coming in the year's first quarter, CHALLENGE THE DRAGON (1973, aka. THE WAY OF THE TIGER), and, of course, SHAOLIN KUNG FU MASTER (1978, aka. THE FIVE INVINCIBLE GUARDS), followed by RETURN OF THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN (1968, aka. ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN RETURNS). (Note: Yes, I'm doing original covers for all of these releases, and yes, VERY happy about that.- KFB) You get the full TVP threat, whether you want or not... We love you... (at least most of you...) TVP Though I've already turned in my artwork last month, we're not revealing it just yet.
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    This is why I respect you @laagi. The simple truth is is that if every kung-fu cinema fan/collector (I separate them, as I believe they're 2 different types of people) were as enthusiastic to promote the genre they love so much to the rest of the team, the word 'rare' would become obsolete, as everything would be out there. But there are a lot of sad people who believe being the sole person in possession of such rarities gives them the tragic delusion of being some sort of elite class of kung-fu specialist, above everyone else.
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    A few R2 dvd's from across the pond via eBay
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    Such an amazing weekend! Lu Feng is sweet, kind, gracious, humble, generous and loving. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is! He brought me a fan from Taiwan and autographed it for me. He is also a great hugger!
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    Hi brothers and sisters of Shaolin. Please forgive my lateness to responding here, but I have been super busy. Regarding the "RIP SHAW BROTHERS" Facebook post: First I'd like to emphasize that the TVP- The Vengeance Pack label was created by die-hard Shaw Brothers (and kung fu cinema in general) fans with the intention of creating the very best releases of the films that would thrill other fans. After getting a bunch of their outstanding Mediabooks, I was not surprised to discover that there is tremendous passion put forth by the team creating them. So I was just as shocked by the above post as you guys were when you read it, and I messaged them for clarification. I was told that I could tell you the following- "Just tell (th)em we spoke and the big f***s killed the little fish and you will draw more stuff for us." He also expressed surprise that so many Americans read what he posts. Basically, after TVP treated each Shaw Brothers title with love and care, Celestial recently became less responsive to TVP's inquiries about licensing more titles, and showed that they really didn't care who bought their licenses or how slip-shod the products released were, as long as the "big" distributors had the money and bought multiple titles at once. As usual, big business celebrates the almighty dollar and is indifferent to artistic integrity. So many of the titles that TVP had planned on releasing in the future were snatched up by a company that saw that TVP were having success with the releases, and they will now toss them out on the market without any restored missing footage, extras, etc, as bare bones re-packaged releases. TVP also tried to get 3 more unreleased titles, like they'd done before with SACRED KNIVES OF VENGEANCE (1972, aka. THE KILLER) and KILLERS ON WHEELS (1976, aka. MADBOYS ON IN HONG KONG), but Celestial just didn't care. When they wanted to release something that Celestial hadn't ever bothered to restore (a popular title in Germany), they even told TVP to pay for the restoration themselves! So it was like having the rug violently pulled out from under them, and emotions were running high, hence the post. The good news is that they still have a few exciting things coming, including a "Special Edition" release of THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN which I have been tapped to create artwork for. I can't reveal any other titles right now, but I'm already involved in doing cover art for several other future TVP releases. I'm thrilled about this, and can tell you that they have treated me so well, considering me as "one of the team" and not just a hired hand. It's been a real pleasure working with them and I anticipate a long and fruitful working, as well as brotherly, relationship with them. Thanks to you all who expressed concern I was losing a cool gig. I appreciate the thoughts. Thanks @Tex Killer. Yes, I have been very lucky, and now have multiple companies that I work with on creating covers. I was a horror film fan before I even got into martial arts/kung fu cinema, so doing work for these types of titles is wonderful for me too. Plus, I have a handful of loyal people that continue to call on me for their projects. Our very own @ShaOW!linDude has brought me on board for each of his martial arts novels (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_13?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=scott+blasingame&sprefix=scott+blasing%2Caps%2C143&crid=2LR3PSTC2CFK6) Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films has been hiring me to do work for him for probably longer than anyone else, including DVD, Blu-ray, poster, and book art. In recent years, he and his company have taken the extreme Japanese film series GUINEA PIG, and created the official AMERICAN GUINEA PIG film series, with each movie having a stand-alone story, only connected by their unapologetically bloody exploits. I've created artwork for each film released in the series so far, with the latest, THE SONG OF SOLOMON, being an "extreme EXORCIST" film with 100% authentic exorcism rituals and lots of unforgettable stuff splashing across the screen. https://www.facebook.com/UnearthedFilms/ I consider myself very lucky that I get to do what I love for a living (despite it not being the most reliable/sound way to pay the bills ), and to be a part of other creative people's visions, and helping to catch the public's eye or please collectors with my work. Hmmm... can you really keep a one-armed swordsman down? We'll have to wait and see. But my instincts say "No, you can't." They definitely nailed it! One more thing... A lot of people are complaining about this, getting angry at TVP for it, and I want to set the record straight... TVP are NOT ALLOWED to include English subtitles nor English dubs on their releases any more. They would if they could, and they did when they were allowed. They could lose their licenses for titles and be fined if they were to include them. This is stipulated by Celestial in their contract, and is done so that Celestial can sell to more international markets. Why would 88 Films license a title that TVP has already released with English friendly content? They probably wouldn't. Keep in mind- TVP is a German company that creates releases for Germany. They wanted their Blu-rays to be the best, most comprehensive releases they could be, so they included English subs and dubs on their early releases to make as many fans happy as they could. But after other companies complained about it, Celestial changed their contract to say they were no longer allowed to do it. Believe me, I am as bummed out about this as anyone. But those are (sadly) the facts.
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    Hey everybody, I will tell you what I can... Inked Pictures hired me to do art for their media-book covers. After doing one non-Shaw Brothers cover for them (a horror title, but can't mention the name as I don't know if it's been announced yet), with everything going smoothly, I began work on the SB covers. That was the end of things going smoothly. I am still trying to work some things out with Inked Pictures and remain civil, so I won't get into details, but here's what I can share: - I was told by Inked that the licensing fee was split between two parties, with one releasing bare-bones/no frills Blu-ray releases (at this point, I think it's safe to assume that that company is WVG), and the other (Inked Pictures) releasing "Special Edition Media-book" Blu-rays of each title licensed. I never had any contact with any other company, and know nothing about them save for what I've read in this thread. - I was also asked to write the synopsis for each film, provide cast/credits/year, etc, and to help gather "extras" materials of posters, lobbies, stills, etc. Aside from what I provided, I received big contributions from several friends who were happy to share scans (which, like me, they paid for themselves) of their Shaw Brothers treasures from their collections so that other fans could enjoy them. Their only compensation was to be a promised credit on the Blu-rays, which was then changed to "a credit on the packaging". My thanks to these generous fellow fans. - I created finished artwork for: VENGEANCE, THE WATER MARGIN, SOUL OF THE SWORD, ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS, THE CHINESE BOXER, HUMAN LANTERNS, and was asked to do many additional titles. - Originally, when I took on the job, I asked and was assured that every release by Inked Pictures would be English friendly and include English subtitles and most likely English dubs too. But once under way on the project, and wanting to be 100% sure of the specifications before announcing it on shaolinchamber36.com, I asked for confirmation (around September 2016) on this. I was told "I don't know I'm out of the country right now." This was surprising, but okay. Once the first three titles were announced as available for pre-order I inquired again, and received the same reply. I persisted, asking if he could please message someone else from the company that could answer the question, explaining that I was trying to give these releases as much publicity as possible. Not only through SC36, but through other Asian cinema websites that I knew would be happy to do a write-up about the releases, but that I wasn't going to do that without verification of all the info first. "Can't do it. I'm out of country." Huh? Well, he was communicating with me, so how come he wasn't willing to take 20 seconds to send a message to his people in order to get a ton of free publicity for a product he wants to sell a lot of? I asked for the contact e-mail of his technician and said I could ask myself if he didn't want to ask. No response. I have requested this information at least a dozen times since the first query, and have never been given an answer. I explained that he was shooting himself in the foot by not utilizing my help and getting posts on so many different sites and even in our forum. No response. - I inquired about the pre-orders disappearing from the sites, asking why, and where was the best place to tell fans to order the product from. Despite asking multiple times I received no reply. - No, I have not received any copies of any of the Blu-rays, though this is included in my terms of employment. Perhaps they still haven't been manufactured yet? I do not know because guess what happened when I asked? You guessed it... no reply. I started this thread for two reasons- to let everyone here know that we could expect more Shaw Brothers goodness on Blu-ray, and to share the fact that one of my dreams as an artist had come true. I never expected everything to get so ridiculously complicated, or for Inked to refuse to help me inform you. I am even more frustrated about this than you guys are, I promise you that.
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    This is my community. These are my people. I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.
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    For my latest feature over at cityonfire, I decided to delve into the tragic world of martial arts flicks that, for whatever reason, didn't end up being completed. From contractual fall outs, through to Shaw Brothers directors being held at gun point in Amsterdam, hopefully there's something for everyone! Check out the full feature via the link below - http://cityonfire.com/the-legend-of-the-unfinished-fu-the-lowdown-on-25-incomplete-fu-flicks/
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    This film is a hybrid of genres with an awesome plot about revolutionaries trying to get rid of a powerful and invincible white haired eunuch? played by Chang Yi with great aplomb possibly in the Ming Dynasty perpetually getting the upper hand made even more formidable by obtaining the magical flying scorpion. As the oppression worsened freedom fighters led by Barry Chan seeked the help of Chia Ling, a no nonsense happy go lucky local isolated from the conflict in a sense. Chia Ling, her little brother and a friendly aid later introduce Barry Chan to her wizard grandfather who advises the cohort that there is only one possibly ray of hope defeating the general and that is the fabled magic ring (possibly related to Na Cha) but all those on the mythical quest to obtain it were never seen or heard of again. Chia Ling, Barry Chan, Lin Hsiao Hu and Wong Sai Tin then set out on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure to obtain the magic ring. It was a perilous task.....(let's hang it here to avoid spoilers ).................. Regarding the comment, "This looks funky to say the least. I mean the guy in the left corner what the hell is he fighting against " in context nothing can beat Chang Yi (he can single handedly defeat a 1000 revolutionaries in battle no matter what;no sweat) Pissed off by wasting precious time fighting the protagonists who were simply no match, he decided to unleash the magic scorpion relax and watch the fun......but he never contemplated that the heroes also had an ace up their sleeve; the magic ring. To proceed from here will reveal what happened so I can only push on a little bit to mention that the flying scorpion can transform into a life size fighting scorpion....anything from here on will be a great spoiler but there are clues in the lobby cards provided in this post. Celestial should definitely, absolutely, and positively release this film. Impressive fight scenes throughout.
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    I hope that 88 Films will continue to release a SB movie every couple of months. That would be awesome! Just checked out the artwork for Killer Constable on Amazon and I hope that it is what they use or something very close. I really hope they take a shot at Human Lanterns as we need it on blu-ray.