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    2020. Wow, welcome to the future! A new decade is soon upon us though it seems like yesterday when Brian Clearly initiated the forum way back in September, 2001. In internet years, that's huge. A lot of members have come and gone. A lot of movies watched, purchased, traded, and discussed. Friendships made. Loved ones lost. Graduations. New jobs. New homes. Families started. And despite it all, KFF remains. Its a one constant in an ever changing world. Wishing all a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best, Teako...
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    Hi @ShawAngela, I appreciate your concern. There's a lot going off in my personal life right now, and my 11 year old American Bulldog has got kidney disease. I've also got the Bolo Yeung documentary to think about. I will continue to contribute/waffle on these forums whenever I can.
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    Hey @DragonClaws I'm sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch and about your poor pup's problem. My family and I are sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts. Plus, you know we- your forum brothers and sisters- got you if you need us.
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    Dug these up in a closet today. Happy New year ... 2009?! Dang, we need to get together again before we're pushing daisies.
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    Happy New year 2020 (midnight, here !) to everyone, and all the best to you and your families !
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    Thank you @Asmo, @HyperDrive, @ShawAngela, @danthemandmv, @Chu Liu Hsiang, @KUNG FU BOB, @Rodolphe Dux, @thekfc. I really appreciate the kinds words and support, I was lost for words to see such a response from everyone. It's been going on for some months now, I've just not wanted to bring the subject up on the forums.
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    Best wishes for you, your family, and your dog.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have hard times at this moment and I wish that everything will get better for you, your family and your dog soon.
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    POTP (Power of the Paw) for your doggie 🐾
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    Really sorry to hear about your American Bulldog having kidney disease, DragonClaws; my family has an Olde English Bulldogge named Rock so I most definitely sympathize. Sending positive vibes for your pup's full recovery.
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    Happy 2020 to all of you, let’s hope for some nice MA movies. Time to dig out the Cagney’s « Roaring twenties » movie, what a beautiful one.
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    Hope your pup will be alright soon, those pets are the best friends you can get. Vets can do miracles nowadays! I wish the Best of luck to both of you!
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    Happy new year to all!
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    Hope the new year bring you peace, jubilation and success my man Dragon and everybody here in this FORUM!!!!
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    I hope your doggie gets better. They are such beautiful creatures, and like a family member. Sometimes better than family members.
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    Is @DragonClaws alright ? I'm very surprised that he didn't post anything for one whole day and I hope that everything is alright for him...
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    Happy New Year to all the brethren & sistren.
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    You guys are like a second family to me and I wanted to wish you and your families a Happy 2020!!!
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    Happy new year to all!
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    Beautiful words @teako170! I can't top that. 😀 So I'll just say... Happy New year to all of you!
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    Hard to believe that Blade Runner is now behind us and BTTF part 2 is five years ago. At least Planet of the Apes still has a chance.
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    For sure @Secret Executioner, that movie is a precode oddity. But Cagney Bogart is a fantastic combo, especially when bogey plays a conniving villain But you have a point Sci-fi movies fail at predictions, to say the least, now they’re uchronia. But Mad Max remains very probable !
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    @Rodolphe Dux James Cagney gets top billing over Humphrey Bogart ?! That's something I hadn't expected to see. Yup, we're already entering the third decade of this 21st Century and I feel science-fiction has lied to us... Well, except maybe 1984. The media is clearly overly present with people being watched and brain-washed while those who don't think like they should are deemed enemies and repressed. On this grim note, happy holidays and see ya in 2020.
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    I hope everything goes well for you.
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    A new roaring 20s! Shall we bring back silent film? black and white? perhaps a part 2 to Once Apon A Time in Shang Hai, maybe Ill rewatch that tonight when I get home. Happy new decade! time is flying