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    I'm guessing Morricone or Nicolai...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvxqLzRKOaI
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    found some more info '' Disc 1 : Blu Ray * TVP - version in HD ( 80min ) : This version resulted in the German theatrical version and has some additional blood and violent scenes that were not previously included . * " Reconstructed version " in SD ( 88min ) : All action scenes that were missing in the German version , there are available! Everything German or English subtitled * Advertising ( High-resolution lobby cards , posters, photos ) * Trailer ( old and new) * TVP Trailer Disc 2 : DVD 1 * TVP version * Advertising ( lobby cards , posters, photos ) * Trailer ( old and new) * TVP Trailer Disc 3 : DVD 2 * Reconstructed version''http://shop.dtm.at/product_info.php?cPath=632_655&products_id=60599
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    I just noticed yesterday that the same company that brought us those insanely awesome (yet expensive) Shaw Brothers Blu-ray media-books a few years ago is coming out with the non-Shaw fu classic The Fatal Flying Guillotines which stars Chan Sing and Carter Wong. OFDb right now has the release date set at December 31, 2015. http://www.ofdb.de/view.php?page=fassung_vorab&fid=4688&vid=67811 So yeah, they seem to be going all out on this like they did on all those Shaw titles. Yes, I think they are going overboard a bit for a fu flik that I would consider to be only slightly better than average. And yes, it is quite expensive. But man does it look pretty. There are some video samples on TVP's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VengeancePack/?hc_location=ufi But here's where I think things get a bit interesting. According to a recent post on Bey Logan's Reel East Facebook page, Mr. Logan appears to be in the process of making new commentaries with TVP - Vengeance Pack... And I'm only assuming his commentary will be on the new release. https://www.facebook.com/reeleast/ So if that is the case, I just may be able to scrounge up enough cash for this killer media-book. Edit: However, Bey's comments, on his page, are in reference to another future TVP release (early 2016), Shaw Brothers The Flying Guillotine. So on second thought, TVP's The Fatal Flying Guillotines will probably not have Bey Logan's commentary.
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    My understanding is that Yu had a big rep for brawling, so that gave him a sort of sleazy street cred for his movies. I read all of his bragging, but it would be nice to read some actual news clips of his brawls. Gangbangers tend to intimidate and gang up on people, not duel. Growing up in the bay area there were tons of Asian punks that would strut around during the Bruce Lee craze, and it wasn't fun. What was funny was when one of them tried to start something with one of the tougher white trash kids, and got lit up like a Christmas tree. All of his friends rushed over, too late, as the punk was on the ground and said "he was too fast". That is about when the shine wore off. On the flip side, there was a guy nick named HiFi who did wing chun and choy la fut, and he hit bags full of dirt. He was dangerous. He had the real kung fu. Most of the gang dudes carried guns back when that wasn't as common so it was pretty spooky. When they shot up the Golden Dragon restaurant and missed all their targets, it made them look like a bunch of trolls. Mafia dudes don't miss. Anyway, you can imagine, I'm not a huge fan, as I've had to deal with guys like Yu first and second hand.
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    This is so true.. I may use this quote next time ol' Jimmy needs some defending. On top of what you said above, people must have liked working with him..on his indie stuff he sure could get some top tier talent involved!
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    Correct. Unfortunately it is not on this set. Yes, this film is the weak link. Indeed! As I've said earlier in the thread, A MAN CALLED TIGER is an entertaining basher, and both BEACH OF THE WAR GODS and ONE-ARMED BOXER are classics.
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    Fantastic article! Always been a Jimmy fan (and always will be)...great info on New Spartans...I always wondered why it never got made.
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    Sounds like there's some stuff of his I could check out.
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    Out of what is in this set, I have seen Beach of the War Gods and One Armed Boxer, both with a fantastic movies imo. I am honestly not expecting the other two to be great, but we will see! I would say that most of his movies are at least decent. What you probably saw criticized was his screen fighting ability, which wasn't very good. But in spite of that, he really knew how to make an entertaining flick! The films he directed himself are probably his best over all. If you have not seen Master of the Flying Guillotine, you really need to. Before he began making crazy/goofy stuff like that, he was in some more serious swordplay movies as well, like The Golden Swallow.(Which is also a very good film)
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    Personally, while I enjoyed Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman, I don't feel a urge to watch other Jimmy Wang Yu movies. There also seem to be several people called Wang Yu in the industry - or maybe it's always the same guy, but I found reading people discuss his output that he seems to be hit and miss. I'm not much into that set TBH.
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    Welcome to the forum buddy. But, yeah I've notice this too!
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    I really, really hope A Man Called Tiger isn't the censored Joy Sales print. Of all the titles in the collection, A Man Called Tiger needs a decent release the most. Every release of that film has something wrong with it - whether it's cuts (some versions have 30+ minutes hacked away!), or altered soundtracks (No, replacing a soundtrack with James Bond music is not a good idea).
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    Cliff actually fought for me to do it, but high-ups opted for photos instead. Doesn't matter, I'll always be grateful that he threw my name into the mix for that, and that I got to start doing some other Shout! Factory/Scream Factory covers. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. Unfortunately I don't have any "inside info" on this set, it's specs, or any details. If that changes and I hear anything I will post here straight away.
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    Good job Bob and I will be buying this set. Liking Shout! more and more.
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    That cover brought a tear to my eye, amazing!
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    Pretty sweet cover. I like how Wang Yu is front and center with his black hand of death.
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    I have a copy with beijingvideo.com watermarked occasionally. If you just edit the fights, you see some decent taekwondo from Byong Yu.
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    this is a good discussion - in my opinion, Chang Cheh was a talent director. during his VenomsEra, it seems like he kind of sat back and let them work their magic in front of the camera. this is another reason why 5DV is such a classic (story, intrigue pre 1974 but also with more talent in the era to follow). remember, he had the Venoms for only a couple of years before he was touting the baby venoms and began working with fu sheng once again. you have to remember at that time ALOT of movies were being made starring ALOT of talent. and just as you were done with one film, the next began - did you have your choreography rehearsed? can you work with a new team of actors? not to mention the pressure to crank out these films. so i don't know if it was so personal as it was business - fast and quick. i remember in our initial interviews with Philip Kwok, he was shown one of the VenomsFilms and he commented he had never seen it! that should give you an idea of how much they were working on these movies. thought you might like this pic -