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    I noticed that the Modern Forum had one of these but the classic didn't, so I thought I would start one. I guess I will get the ball rolling by saying the last I watched was "Buddha's Palm". It was pretty bad.
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    I`m with you on "legendary weapons". It´s garbage, to say directly. It could have been great though if keep movie serious, no black magic or woman disguised as man. Or no slapstick. Movie actually did not benefict from appearance of Fu Sheng. Kung Fu hustle though, I had great fun while watching it:bigsmile:, I would not call it martial arts movie though. I have woman avenger you mentioned on vengeance video, try to watch it soon.
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    The Loot – a good to very good kung fu film, not quite living up to expectations. Some of the fights seemed way to over choreographed but the finale was very entertaining. 36 Chamber of Shaolin– very good movie and one that has been long overdue a re-watch. Shaolin Mantis – honestly, I found this very overrated. It's a decent, solid film and a reasonable way to spend an hour and a half. However, David Chiang really doesn't look like he's got the skills of a top martial arts star. I could be wrong but he hasn't impressed me all that much in what I have seen of him.I personally wouldn't recommend it but that's just me, probably the only person on the forum saying this.
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    yea, definately my bad:tinysmile_angry2_t: Those happen to be some of my favorite Samo movies! I remember seeing LCY as an extra in a few movies.
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    I saw LCY in the movie, I meant why didnt he have a better part/fight?? I really enjoyed LCYs Wing Chun much more than LKY.
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    Ninja in deadly trap. I really wished this turns out to be great, but it`s just okay. From this movie so easy to see how vital chang cheh was as director to make venom movies excellent. Cast is good and plot(on paper) is fine, but Kwok Choy just did not have touch to make this winner. Particularly in the end where few things brought 5 element ninjas to mind, was thinking how much better 5 ele is. In fact gonna check it now for 21st time:wink: There is still good martial arts action, and movie is worth checking out but just do not expect SB venoms standard..Watching experience was hurting from so-so bonzai media ( bootleg??) dvd, full screen and english dub is quite f*ckep up combination. Quality was not too bad tho although there was some interference in the end:squigglemouth:
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    I watched Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, Game of Death and Game of Death 2 all on Blu Ray during the last week.... 1 movie every night. For 40 years old movies... they look great in 1080p but game of death is still barely watchable.
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    Never heard of that one,is that a Chi Chan Chong flick??
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    I suppose you watched it from "old skool double bill2?"Great value for money disc:wink:
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    I must admit I loved both Magnificent Ruffians and Rebel Intruders but I didn't think the beginning of Magnificent Ruffians was particularly gripping. I remember initially being very disappointed but by the tail end of the movie and particularly the finale, I found it very, very good. Whereas I enjoyed Rebel Intruders throughout the entire film.
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    Are you talking about "Mad Monkey Kung Fu"? Where Pops and Hsiao Ho train side by side, one of my favorite training scenes ever, love the part where Ho finally gets through and punches Pops a couple times, pops stops and smiles at him and Ho falls to his knees in respect! Isn't there also a movie called Monkey Kung Fu?
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    ARMOR OF GOD (aka Operation Condor 2) http://www.kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?p=180396#post180396
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    Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989) Truly underrated film and something I would say is also his best directorial work. Plot - which is a remake of a classic film from the 60s - is thin but it contains one thing Chan does lot in his films but doesn't get as much props for as his action and stunts: situational gags, and there's plenty of them. The action that are present are well done but I think the story is the biggest strength of the film. It's simplified but pulled off so tight. That said, action here is also on top and has my favorite set-pieces done by Chan (along with PS2, AoG films and DM2). Rating: 10/10 Dragon Lord (1982) Sequel to The Young Master but slightly less well-crafted. It's one of those films where the story takes different directions due to simple twists and just keeps going that route. But the most interesting thing here is seeing Chan's transition from doing old school choreography into integrating more contemporary elements in the choreography, which is evident in the finale with Whang In Sik (the film's highlight of course) but also during other scenes, such the pyramid rygby and shufflecock soccer scene. Rating: 7/10 The Champions (1983) Between the old school kung fu and bizarre-conceptual (like the magic kung fu films) films, Yuen Clan were definitely highly creative in using acrobatic choreography and exceptional comical flair to great advantage in films to base a story on such. Like breakdancing (Mismatched Couples) and here, football's the deal which results in crazy and classic entertainment both in the football scenes and the character development. Too bad there weren't more stuff like these from the brothers, would probably have made a successful trend along with action films more serious in tone. Rating: 10/10
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    Ong Bak 3...word around is movie not that decent...But I enjoyed it so much. Not screened part 2 but 3 was better than#1.
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    BUNRAKU FREERUNNER http://www.kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?p=179368#post179368
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    Bangkok Knockout - Didn't really enjoy this, just like many of the other Thai films at the moment that look amazing from the trailers but as films don't really work. It just felt like watching a series of showreels and although the fight scenes were good I didn't really care about any of the characters, also the villains were mostly masked and they all seemed similar which didn't help to make the fights memorable.
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    do you mean through the TV or through a sound system? While it's been a few years since I had a proper 5.1 setup, the DTS sound on some DVDs was simply stunning.
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    Coweb - After wanting to see this film for so long I've finely caved and watch it online. I really don't have a lot to say about it beyond it bored the pants off me, the martial-arts/action wasn't particularly great and I wish Hong Kong film-makers would stop using wire work in modern films, or at very least minimise its usage to only accentuate certain moves. Luxia Jiang is definitely a talent and I look forward to seeing more of her films, but for me this didn't showcase her true talent. I much preferred Bad Blood over this.
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    UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION http://www.kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?p=164989#post164989 (I need to get a dvd of "Dragon Fight". I love that movie.)
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    well I'm with you with police story 3 as it's my favourite of the series and among Jackie Chan's best in my opinion. Can't say I was particularly fussed with New Police story.