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    And Indians, Russians, Nordics, etc etc etc
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    And Scots, and Sihks, and Scottish Sihks.
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    I liked the third more than the spin off film. Though, I will watch the sequel to the spin off film
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    I always remember Anders Nelsson as the guy behind the song "Diamonds", the theme song in Tattoo Connection. So beautifully cold, to have and to hold, ...
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    I sat and watched The Magnificent Swordsman earlier in the week. It wasn't the greatest movie, but it sure felt more like a Japanese wandering samurai style movie than a true Shaw Brothers movie. Still the action was nice, even if the plot was pretty thin.
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    Well, Cordell Walker character was mold out of real life Chuck Norris. They took several aspect of Norris real-life and put it into Walker that i dont know how are going they to pull this off with another actor. They will have to change it so much that wont be Cordell Walker. They should just said that He is A Walker, like Cordells son or something like that, so they can keep the name and still call the series Walker Texas Ranger without having to change the stablish character. Plus, leaves the door open for a Bad-ass Chuck Norris cameo! :D
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    I think the series you’re talking about is Nihon kaidan gekijo (日本怪談劇場) (1970). It had 13 episodes. Amachi was in episode 13. I have not seen the series myself. It has been released on DVD in Japan several times, first in 2001 by King Records (4 DVDs, 3-4 episodes on each disc), the again by M3 Entertainment (4 Disc box set) in 2007, and finally in 2014 (6 DVDs, 2-3 episodes on each disc) by a company whose name I can’t quite figure out (it’sスバック in Japanese, maybe Svac or Sbac). All should be without subs of course.
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    Source- https://cityonfire.com/sion-sono-to-direct-nicolas-cage-in-prisoners-of-the-ghostland/
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    an old favorite of mine. never seen it in scope that was be awesome
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    Loved the first one,not that impressed with the second,but thought the third was on par with the first,and as been mentioned the weapons fight finale was fantastic.👍👍
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    Yes, Bruce Lee's biggest fans. Most of the time when I post a pic that includes them, I refer to them as "fans".
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    The Man From Nowhere...
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    Showdown at the Cotton Mill 1978 Do I have to say it ? SUPERB movie, in which Chi Kuan Chun shines and Tao Tao Liang is hatable as possible ! The story shows how Hung Hui Qian, after having been taught high martial arts by Monk San Te, takes revenge on those who murdered his father. But it leads to the Jin Lun Society members to want to take revenge on him too, helped by the officers ruling the town, which also leads to a possible destruction of the Shaolin Temple and Hung Hui Qian's family (he is married with a son, in this movie) and friends. As there is a traitor among his friends and San Te's disciples, he has to fight several top fighters sent by the government to kill him, the worst of them being Tan Tao Liang. The way this latter cheats the monks and even Hung Hui Qian and his best friend is absolutely diabolic ! By a despicable trick, he succeeds in badly hurting Hung Hui Qian, who asks San Te not to save his life, but to help him recover all of his strength for one day in order to defeat Tan Tao Liang and the remaining members of the Jin Lun Society. The plot is excellent, the fights are excellent, Chi Kuan Chun is at his best and still so elegant even when he fights, and Tan Tao Liang is excellent too. Here, no Fang Shi Yu, no ending fight with a lot of soldiers as in Shaolin avengers, but if this movie had been a Shaws' movie, it had been a must have in the Shaolin cycle, even if the story differs a little bit from Chang Cheh's ones. A must watch movie.