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    # Title (Links to 88 Films) Amazon Release Date 1 Hex A 09/26/2016 2 Black Magic A 10/31/2016 3 Five Element Ninjas A 11/21/2016 4 House of Traps A 11/21/2016 5 Seeding of a Ghost A 01/16/2017 6 The Mighty Peking Man A 02/13/2017 7 Killer Constable A 03/27/2017 8 Masked Avengers A 05/15/2017 9 The Oily Maniac A 07/24/2017 10 The Flying Guillotine A 08/21/2017 11 The Bride From Hell A 09/25/2017 12 Bewitched A 10/09/2017 13 The Brave Archer A 11/06/2017 14 Casino Tycoon A 12/26/2017 15 One Armed Swordsman A 03/26/2018 16 The Dragon Missile A 03/26/2018 17 The Enchanting Ghost A 02/26/2018 18 The Ghost Lovers A 03/12/2018 19 The Super Inframan A 04/23/2018 20 Black Magic 2 A 06/11/2018 21 The Spiritual Boxer A 06/11/2018 22 The Human Goddess A 07/09/2018 23 The Vengeful Beauty A 08/13/2018 Expectected Number of Titles: 23 (8,10,5)
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    They are the same except the packaging (cast artwork, logo & the writing on the back) and in some cases the menu. I think @ShawAngela was referring to movies line "Flying Guillotine", "Kiss of Death" which have seen the IVL/Deltamac release as well as a Dragon Dynasty/Image release (with Eng dub). There are some movies that had the IVL/Deltamac as well as (amount others) a Dragon Dynasty, Image, Funimation, Tokyo Shock, Sword master (Well Go). Some of these title had a great PQ release so there may be no need for an other release unless there is an improvement - PQ, extras, uncut, etc,.
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    I'd be surprised if they got Avenging Eagle, that's with Dragon Dynasty. Where are these heavy rumours?
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    Thinking the same thing too - the better known movies which had a previous wider release. On the martial arts side we already have 2 Venoms movies (3 if you count 5EN), so hoping to see a change with a Ti Lung or a Fu Sheng movie. Would be nice if they give us Gang Master.
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    OILY MANIAC announced as 88 Asia #9, release date 24th July http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Oily-Maniac-Blu-ray/177305/
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    I don't think that it's a good idea to get rid of the dual format, because if it happens that the blu ray doesn't work, at least, there is the dvd to compensate...And it may happens that the dvds aren't available anywhere and that people buy the dual format without having a blu ray player just in order to get the dvd (it was my case a little while ago...before Christmas , when I bought a portable blu rays player with a screen !! )...
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    Received my Masked Avengers bluray today...Finally!
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    Is ONE WAY ONLY some sort of sequel to KILLERS ON WHEELS?
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    Either one of the 2 thinks happened. 1. They messed up and send the wrong movie - but I don't see them doing on every pre-order. 2. They are being proactive and sending out the pre-orders early. Their site said "should be available approx" 10th April. That (approx) is not an exact date, just a date close to the 10th (but that is still over 2 weeks out). A lot of companies ship out pre-orders before the release date so clients can have it in hand on the release date - I have received many pre-orders 3+ before the release date. An since they are shipping to many international clients, maybe they are trying to do the same too. Time will tell with disc in hand or email(s). I just received Killer Constable" from them this pass Monday & have yet to open it.
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    I was going to buy "Masked Avengers" from Amazon but that slipcase is too good to pass up on. Pre-ordered!
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    Hope everything is OK with you easternfreak. Missing your posts!
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    That would be very wallet friendly, I would buy none. All his best films are released by tokyo shock&dragon dynasty and as those are quality releases no reason to upgrade them as not that huge fan of director. Chu Yuan would fit into their catalogue nicely. In future releases too extras hardly are going to contain anything more than trailer+audiocommentary. 88 is company with few people only and have lot work to handle slasher+italian collection as well... Got last week their bluray of amuck!(italian movie) and from preview transfer looks great, hopefully postman delivers Killer Constable in few days-
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    Watched Killer Constable, audio was chinese lpcm according to my player,sounded ok (english dub available as well) extras there's a Bey Logan audio commentary and a trailer, also a small booklet inside the case wtritten by Calum Waddell. Transfer was solid enough.
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    No slipcases for me for these two titles, but maybe i missed the ones with slipcases because I didn't ordered them when they were in the preorder section... It looks like the first releases from preorders are sold with slipcases, as it happened for Mighty Peking Man and Killer Constable.
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    Lion vs. Lion (1981) Little Dragon Maiden (1983) Long Road to Gallantry (1984) Lost Souls (1980) Love me and my Dad (1988) Love Swindlers (1976) Love with the Perfect Stranger (1985) Lovers Blades (1982) Lovers Destiny (1975) Mad, Mad, 83 (1983) Have fun....
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    Yeah, I wish that I would have thought about getting these directly from 88 before. Am curious if there slip covers are like a box or just a normal slip cover? Pretty cool, either way! Does anyone know if the free shipping takes longer from 88 Films directly than it would if it was equivalent shipping from Amazon? And, how is the packaging for shipment? Amazon just always throws the movie in a box and sends it out without any bubble wrap or anything. Normally there is not a problem, but, Seeding of a Ghost was cracked at the bottom. I will have to get a replacement disc for it at some point.
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    Did Kwan Tak-hing ever work for the Shaws? Do not underestimate his popularity in Hong Kong over a few decades. I always try to be careful stating firsts.
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    Some thoughts: Some forum software allows the users to create tables (the admin would have to unlock this if it exists). HTML is easy to modify (though it really helps to have CSS access to make them even more format-able). The big but(t) to this is that the admin would have to unlock this per group/user (this depends on the forum software, plus it opens up misuse.) I've used Google Docs with success only to have an upgrade initially break the ability to use (though this could be fixed with modifying the admin properties on the software.
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    The guy who was selling these releases on ebay had them with slipcases and that's true that he asked for a very much higher price !
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    Great news. I haven't heard the English dub since VHS days. I look forward to once again hearing those immortal lines "That's only chickens blood"!
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    Really looking forward to that. 88films is heads and shoulders above other labels at the moment. Not only they release Shaws but their Italian collection(last year was great and there is interesting stuff coming out in next few months) is amazing also. Pre-ordered yesterday "seeding of a ghost".
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    That's where I got mine too (and also one for my son).
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    If I'm not mistaken, they are based in UK, so, it's definitely region B, unless they decided to sell them as all region. I bought House of traps and Five elements ninja and they are region B.
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    It was rumored at least once in the old 88 Films thread, possibly more. Google Cache didn't cache many of the threads on the board, but it did cache user posting histories, so I was able to find this post by De Ming Li I think there was some back and forth about this though. This was back when 88 Films posted a list of some upcoming movies just giving the first or first 2 letters. Markgway is trustworthy source of info too, which doesn't make it true but lends it some credence in my book. I believe Hex is region locked, my computer BD drive is currently A locked and won't play it. I assume they're all region locked, that's not definite though.
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    Oh? I hadn't heard of a rumored Masked Avengers release. So far I've only picked up two, Hex and Five Element Ninjas. Pleased with the releases, especially since I only paid £7.49 when they were on sale. I'm definitely in for Killer Constable and Masked Avengers. The others I'm less interested in, but will probably buy during a sale. I've actually never seen The Mighty Peking Man. I need to.