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    Remembering the good old Shaw Brothers Lobby Cards in alphabetical Order.... 36 Secrets of Courtship (1982) A Deadly Secret (1980) A Friend from Inner Space (1984) A Mad World of Fools (1974) All Men are Brothers (1973) All mixed up (1975) Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981) Ambush (1971) An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984) Angel with the Iron Fists (1967) Asia-Pol (1967) Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983) Bank Busters (1978) Bastard Swordsman (1983) Bat without Wings (1980) Beautiful Vixen (1976) Behind the Yellow Line (1984) Bewitched (1981) Beyond the Great Wall (1964) Big Brother Cheng (1975)
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    What a superb one !! Thanks for sharing !
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    It`s possible we never see more obscure/rare as ivl movies movies on bluray...Famous titles/Big names as stars seems to be in vogue. It`s understable tho, they are more wide known. Ironically when us collectors might enjoy "not every collector has these" that also partly makes them getting br release unlikely. Even as movies like black butterfly, jade raksha, black tavern and swordmates hugely demands release it`s still possible "the flying guillotine" sells better..despite it`s several releases already. Should perhaps still support 88 with this even as initial feeling was disappointment. Trouble with that great movie is I have seen it quite many times. And as it`s not action packed have absolutely zero interest to watch it in some years. Even glorious br release would not change that.. Hmm
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    Licences sometimes expire, when company buys rights it`s not always to last forever.. Plus it`s very likely DD did not buy global licence, just north-america&canada.
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    If that is case, hopefully Eagle is uncut. Not much reason forking out money from piggybank for cut film. I would take in fact over Black Tavern although BT is decent also.
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    I agree 100% with Black Tavern !!
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    I bought a BD here, as recently as last year, and it used that kind of tag. But we also tend to use the other kinds. Though, half of the time, when buying DVDs/BDs, the store staff forget to unlock the tags.
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    I have never seen a security tag like that in my life. Is that just a UK thing? Ok, it is still odd that 88 Films would have chosen a design like that for a security tag if these were only meant to be printed as an incentive to get people to pre-order the movie through their website. Odd too that neither Killer Constable nor Masked Avengers are designed that way. I examined the cases that came with the movies that I received and it is different than the one in the picture (besides that being a one disc case). The case in the picture has a hole to insert the lock but the other cases that 88 have used do not have that hole to insert the lock. Can anyone that owns The Mighty Peking Man check and see if their case has that hole. But, it is interesting then that they would have changed cases for that one release or maybe they were going to offer MPM through retailers that might use that kind of lock??? Though, if I remember correctly, the pictures that were on their website for MPM showed the case, but there was no cut-out. Maybe there was an error when they had them printed up. But, thanks for helping to clarify the situation. But, it is interesting to see what happened as to why they chose to use that kind of case instead of the one shown on their site.
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    The Magnetic "red tags", I forgot all about these I haven't seen them in ages (10 years or so). I thought that they stopped using them.
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    I gave my Killer Constable to a friend, and ended up re-ordering Masked Avengers again. If they make the same mistake again, then I'll be on the warpath!
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    If you guys are continually having problems with ordering directly from 88 Films, then yeah, go with Amazon UK - if there's ever any problems, amazon always reply and always refund, with no quibbles at all. You're still 100% supporting 88 Films, so no need to feel bad - OK, you won't get any limited slipcovers or anything like that, but it's a small price to pay in return for better service.
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    I think that I have the explanation of this fast shipping : I just received a message from 88 telling that they mistakenly sent Killer constable instead of Masked avengers...
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    Good news : I was told by people from 88 films that they plan to release other Shaws' titles, mainly martial arts and horror genre !!!
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    Got my notice too! Totally not expecting it until I first read your post. Then, I had to go and check my email. Exciting stuff! If all goes well then I am going to be ordering from them directly in the future for pre-orders; especially if they are offering slips. Shout Factory does a similar thing where if you order directly from them they ship out the release sometimes either a few weeks early or even a month early. This is really a nice trend and I hope it continues. Come on now. This is show and tell. Now that you have told, we want the show! This is the internet, we need pictures!
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    By the way, the back side of the cover of Mighty Peking Man is very beautiful !
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong (1983) Hong Kong Nocturne (1967) Hong Kong Playboys (1983) House of Traps (1982) Hustler from Canton (1976) I Love Lolanto (1984) I will finally knock you down Dad (1984) Innocent Lust (1977) Intimate Confession of a Chinese Courtesan (1972) Invincible Enforcer (1979) Regards...
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    Never heard of Find the lady and Fists from the spirit world !! Thanks !!
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    Maybe that helps.... http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=6169&display_set=eng Regards...
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    You even found lobby cards for unreleased movies !! It makes me eager to find them, even if I know that it's a dream !! Thanks for sharing !
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    Cobra Girl (1977) Come Drink with me (1966) Confessions of a Private Secretary (1977) Corpse Mania (1981) Coward Bastard (1980) Crazy Bumpkins in Singapore (1976) Crazy Imposters (1978) Crazy Sex (1976) Crazy Shaolin Disciples (1985) Crippled Avengers (1978)
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    Surely Bruce Lee was the first big star never to work at Shaws? It's not one of his finest commentaries, sounds too improvised, but he's done so many good ones. His House of Traps one is great.
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    But these two looks to be new dual format releases no?
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    MIB released those two on DVD
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    @shaolin swords if you get an all-region Blu-ray player it also plays all-region DVDs. I think that's what you were asking, right? @thekfc I have wanted an all-region Oppo ever since my friend @Zatotom first told me about the Oppo being the end all beat all of players available.