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    Well he was a Tae Kwon Do competitor in the USA in college. On the other hand, he said Tan and Liu were obviously better kickers, hence the southern fist parts. My old Tae Kwon Do instructor saw Hot Cool and Vicious and had met Wong when he did a stunt for Yellow Faced Tiger and remarked "That guy was a Tae Kwon Do guy!" !
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    That does look good, suprised at how good Wang Tao looks with his kicking, he never did alot of it in most of his films except maybe Slaughter in San Francisco. At least not the high TKD style anyway.
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    I totally understand, I would be getting all these improved blu rays and customs too if I could like you guys, I'm way behind the times because I've never owned a blu ray player, gonna have to break down and buy one in the near future and see what I've been missing. If anyone ever does a custom of Rarescope's Showdown at the Cotton Mill with subtitles you can actually read I'm gonna be the first to buy though!
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    I'm telling you, companies are owned by the same people. Sony makes movies and Blu Ray players. Why let anyone own anything? Just force them to rent, well everything.
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    It's worse, and there's a lot of reasons why. One is the PRC's nationalism makes most of the stuff hard to take, add the CGI to it and it can get really excruciating. What made these films popular (compared to say, Samurai films) is that these guys and gals were the underdogs, taking it to the man. Now films are full of revisionist history as if the 100 years of shame never happened and all the "heroes" are elites. At the same time, stuff like this is happening. A LOT.
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    Not from this channel but from dvd. I can`t connect computer to tv so not prefer watching movies from monitor. However I will check "matalo", not have it on dvd. Some great flicks there, and some of them not available on dvd at least on a good presentation but full screen/bad or so so quality cheap box sets... thx for tip!
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    Wow !! This looks good ! Everybody fights with everybody and it really looks great !!
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    I think now is a great time to be a collector. Granted, the genre itself, in terms of film making, may have seen better days but I get a pang of childlike excitement whenever I hear about an old school movie getting a brand new Blu Ray release. 88 Films, Eureka!, the latest release of The Leg Fighters. These types of things make me very optimistic towards a resurgence for collectors.
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    HK is not even on the map anymore when it comes MA action, at least not if you take Mainland co-production out of the equation... and even then, I still say HK action cinema is as good as dead and buried. No ones fault, just the way it is.
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    Today I was reading an article online about a Matrix Video, in which Keanu Reeves has the Face of Bruce. I watch it and it looks great. The Editor created this illusion with the software "Deep Face Lab" My thoughts about this technology is... Maybe that could be a way to create a complete version of "Game of Death". Here's the video link
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    One for all Italian Western fans, I'm not sure if there any films @Tex Killer has already viewed on this Channel?.
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    More Drunken Master 2...
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    Too right, he really sell's the movie and then some. Here's a clip frm the start of the movie, featuring a superior Widescreen print.
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    It not all bad, we films coming out in HD on hpyscial/digitalformats and companies reaching out to fans for help and advice. The genre hasnt died off completely and there's a lot of very talented people making film's right now. They might not be your kind of films, ut it shows there still a deman there. I'd be far more worried concerned if nothing new was being made. Even if Hong Kong cinema was still producing high quality films. It just wouldnt be quite the same as getting into the genre for the first time. When DVD and the Internet was first taking off. When there were a whole heap of titles we just didnt hadn't had access to. The older you get, the harder it becomes to be impressed or hyped up for a release too. While the DTV genre might be struggling due to piracy issues etc. There's actually more better produced DTV productions now then there was in the late 90's. Some of which you listed in your post. When it had really sluped after the peak years of video rental in the late 80's.early 90's. I would have thought streaming sites in the West, would be picking up these cheapy Chinese movies for their services. In their eagerness to get customers to use their service.
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    TITLE: Invincible Kung Fu Legs - Dishemperor - DVDPRICE: $10CONDITION: Opened but excellent quality TITLE: Donnerfaust Und Tigerkralle (Thunderfist and Tigerclaw) - Good Times - DVD (PAL)PRICE: $25CONDITION: Opened but excellent quality TITLE: Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania - Good Times - DVD (PAL)PRICE: $25CONDITION: Opened but excellent quality TITLE: Shaolin Popey - Mei Ah - DVD PRICE: $20CONDITION: Brand new. Sealed. TITLE: Shaolin Popey II - Mei Ah - DVD PRICE: $20CONDITION: Brand new. Sealed. TITLE: Superior Youngster - Red Sun - DVD PRICE: $15CONDITION: Brand new. Sealed. TITLE: Dead End - IVL - DVD (Region 3)PRICE: $50CONDITION: Brand new. Sealed. TITLE: Kung Fu Master is My Grandma - Mei Ah - DVD (PAL)PRICE: $10CONDITION: Opened but excellent quality TITLE: Shaolin Dolemite/Black Samurai - BCI - DVD PRICE: $30CONDITION: Opened but excellent quality
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    It's worse off now imo. The best time to me was the 2000s when Celestial was releasing all the Shaws remastered and I had gotten access to the internet with my first PC and discovered sites like HK Flix and CDWOW, rarekungfumovies and flashlegsrare. Discovering all these movies I never had access to buy before or even knew about. Also had the financial means to do so then, which isn't the case now. Also first finding forums like this to discuss these films with fellow fans. It was an exciting and extraordinary time, but here's hoping that the best is yet to come! Maybe it will be like that again in the coming future and for now just content with watching the incredible past collection I've amassed. You gotta stay positive and have something to look forward to. 🙂
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    Ha, seems that's a constant occurrence in kungfu movies, especially old school ones. The villain will be fighting 2 or more heroes at the same time, land a minor blow to one of them and all of a sudden you don't see them for 10 to 20 seconds or longer and sometimes not till the end of the fight. Even worse is when you can still see them on screen while their buddy/buddies are fighting the villain on screen and they just stand there and stare instead of attacking while the villain's attention is distracted. Of course it wouldn't be as exciting if the heroes just overtook the advisory by rushing and overwhelming him so that's where the suspension of disbelief comes in.....
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    It is worse now. Although output was slow it wasn't dead. I can think of Mr. Nice Guy, Black Mask, Mortal Kombat and etc. New talent like Tony Jaa were just beginning their careers (although 99% of his 90's output can only be found on seemingly extinct VCDs). The one real bad thing was that Taiwan was dead by this time. So it wasn't really good but not really bad either. The bigger thing was if you didn't like what was on the big screen, you could go to your local video rental shop and pick out a classic from the 70's or 80's. Tai Seng and Ocean Shores were still in business. Also local TV stations or public access channels in some areas still aired Kung Fu Theater on the weekends. I was introduced to Bruce Li as a teen thanks to channel 45. The back catalog was more widely available then. The 2010's began with Gallants. Indonesia gave us a surprise with The Raid and its sequel and followed it up with Headshot and the Night Comes For Us. South Korea gave us stuff like Blades of Blood, Kundo and most recently The Divine Fury. I think people think it is dead because HK just gave us The Sword Master and countless Ip Man movies while China was mostly forgettable CGI fests. Is this the decade where the rest of the world surpassed HK/China/Taiwan in terms of quality and output? Access to the classics has gotten a lot worse. You can't just go to a rental store and discover a new movie. Most dvds are oop and listed for some crazy price online. Major streaming sites don't really pay attention to this genre and youtube offers horribly encoded stretched versions of a cut version of a movie. The only TV station that plays them regularly is El Rey. There is no new talent being developed or that has appeared to to take the spotlight. I guess they could always use CGI for everything and make someone with no martial arts background look good or something.
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    The 90s had the thrill of discovering the massive back catalogues, so even though the new output was limited, there was so many classics about to come out on DVD.
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    Go see this in the biggest screen possible. Yeah I know it's out in the torrents but I'd rather experience this in the biggest screen possible. The cinematography is freaking gorgeous, my god BONG!!!
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    Shaolin vs Wu Tang,as much as I love this movie I just couldn’t get my head around the way after going toe to toe with Wang lung wei they suddenly become concerned about his well being then it just ends
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    Do a search, the click more search options, then narrow it down, example: "content title only" or "all of my search terms", then click search content again.
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