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    I do miss Jackie Chan being a bit more relevant. Heck, he had his own cartoon show when I was a kid!
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    Well he was a Tae Kwon Do competitor in the USA in college. On the other hand, he said Tan and Liu were obviously better kickers, hence the southern fist parts. My old Tae Kwon Do instructor saw Hot Cool and Vicious and had met Wong when he did a stunt for Yellow Faced Tiger and remarked "That guy was a Tae Kwon Do guy!" !
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    That does look good, suprised at how good Wang Tao looks with his kicking, he never did alot of it in most of his films except maybe Slaughter in San Francisco. At least not the high TKD style anyway.
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    I totally understand, I would be getting all these improved blu rays and customs too if I could like you guys, I'm way behind the times because I've never owned a blu ray player, gonna have to break down and buy one in the near future and see what I've been missing. If anyone ever does a custom of Rarescope's Showdown at the Cotton Mill with subtitles you can actually read I'm gonna be the first to buy though!
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    I'm telling you, companies are owned by the same people. Sony makes movies and Blu Ray players. Why let anyone own anything? Just force them to rent, well everything.
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    It's worse, and there's a lot of reasons why. One is the PRC's nationalism makes most of the stuff hard to take, add the CGI to it and it can get really excruciating. What made these films popular (compared to say, Samurai films) is that these guys and gals were the underdogs, taking it to the man. Now films are full of revisionist history as if the 100 years of shame never happened and all the "heroes" are elites. At the same time, stuff like this is happening. A LOT.
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    Not from this channel but from dvd. I can`t connect computer to tv so not prefer watching movies from monitor. However I will check "matalo", not have it on dvd. Some great flicks there, and some of them not available on dvd at least on a good presentation but full screen/bad or so so quality cheap box sets... thx for tip!
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    Wow !! This looks good ! Everybody fights with everybody and it really looks great !!
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    I think now is a great time to be a collector. Granted, the genre itself, in terms of film making, may have seen better days but I get a pang of childlike excitement whenever I hear about an old school movie getting a brand new Blu Ray release. 88 Films, Eureka!, the latest release of The Leg Fighters. These types of things make me very optimistic towards a resurgence for collectors.
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    HK is not even on the map anymore when it comes MA action, at least not if you take Mainland co-production out of the equation... and even then, I still say HK action cinema is as good as dead and buried. No ones fault, just the way it is.
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    Very true DC, when you get older and have seen so much you do become more jaded and harder to impress. I just haven't been buying movies for the past few years so haven't seen alot of new movies. I did get YouTube Premium added to my phone back when Cobra Kai premiered and really enjoyed it and season 2, then they made it free! Looking forward to season 3 next spring. I can find alot of films on YouTube as well it just sucks having to watch on a small phone screen. But it's better than not having it so shouldn't complain. Alot of the DVD-r copies I got in trades a decade ago won't play now though, either on my all region player or my small portable one. It will say unknown disc and not play. Some that won't play on one player will play on the other though. It's a role of the dice lol.
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    I think the latest trilogy of films deserved better writing. I feel they havent succesfully handed the future of the story over to the new character's. I have no issue or problem with them killing of well known established character's, but they jut handled those moments very poorly in my opinion. The actors have all done a fine job with what they were given. I feel by now, the only charcters who should be in th film are the new one's. This all said, if I was 8 years old and these films were my intorudction to the wolrd of Star War's. I'm sure I would have a lot less to moan about. The praise for the orginal films is so blown up now, that nothing is ever going to live upto them in some peoples eyes.
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    He looks a lot better in the brief exterior G.O.D footage that's been publicly released. Than he did during his entire role in WOTD. He should have taken out all the waiter's at the same time, with no issues. He should have cast Sammo Hung as one of the waiter's, and have him fight Whang in the finale.
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    Great movie! First saw this via VHS back in day, one I would recommend to a lot of my friends! Bless
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    I can live with that. If I want quality nudity, I just turn to any of the usual porn sites on the net for free 😜😁
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    I see that I'm not the only one to have problems with my players. Now that both my portable dvds and Blu rays players are dead, I can only use my computer to watch my discs and, as someone said, sometimes the computer says that the discs are empty, whatever player is used (MPHC, VLC, Roxio for the vcds, Windows Média Player), and Leawo doesn't play all Blu rays, or play them without any sound for the German ones, and the mouse doesn't work with it !!
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    Because persons aged 18 and over may not be ready to know about the existence of pubic hair.
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    I think we are worse off now,I’ve just finished watching Jackie Chan Miracles which is a movie I find overly long and boring at times but I still watched it because there’s just nothing around to day that’s of the same quality when it comes to the action.
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    Gonna go watch this again for a second time. Might be my new The Raid 2 where I watch the sombitch 3 or 4 times before I'm satisfied, lmao.
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    I never knew he was gay in real life, that explains alot about his character in the movie. Guess he was just acting natural and not trying to exaggerate in WOTD, although the guy that did the voice for him in the English version seemed to be trying to. He was good at playing weasley characters that made people dislike and loathe him like in Fist of Fury so he did his job well. Sorry to hear he passed away, thanks for posting the video.
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