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    Since we seem to have a lot of people who collect vinyl records, I figured a thread dedicated to this media would be appropriate. I'll start off: Started my collection in mid-2005. I had been going to a used record stores for some time and while I was essentially into CDs and eventually cassettes (remember those ? Still have a few), I started buying vinyls after finding some interesting titles in the vinyl bins. The first one I bought was Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC (got this one on CD, cassette and vinyl BTW), but I later bought albums I didn't have rather than albums I already had on other supports. I got most of my collection between 2006 and 2010, with some buys from the Web but mainly buys from second hand stores or flea markets. Things went down between 2010 and 2014 as my interest moved to cinema (though I remained a big music listener) and there was a lack of proper record stores in my area - I still bought some stuff now and then, but it was rather seldom. Things started picking up when a new record store (entirely dedicated to vinyl records) opened in town last year. Now it's my favorite hangout and I buy a lot - either second hand records (what I'm mainly interested in and makes up the great majority of my collection), rereleases of old stuff (like the recent Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin repressings) or new stuff that gets released on vinyl (like the latest album by Arch Enemy or a Nightwish compilation from 2011). I'm more into 33rpm albums, but got a lot of 7" singles and a couple of 10" records. I have a lot of picture discs and of color records too. Not sure how these are called, but I also have a Maiden single with a very strange shape (instead of being the circular record with a design on it, the record is shaped like the design). While I started out with bands I knew and liked already, I later opened to bands I didn't know buying albums out of curiosity or because of the beautiful artworks (the juke box-like artwork of the compilation Records is the main reason I got into Foreigner). As far as genres go, I started out with hard rock/metal (AC/DC, Deep Purple and Kiss notably), but opened to other hard rock/metal acts (Blue Öyster Cult, Dio, Rainbow, Status Quo, Y&T), progressive rock (King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Uriah Heep), classical/baroque (Vivaldi, Rossini, Stravinsky), pop rock (The Beatles, Foreigner, The Who), psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly), electro (Space, Xymox - the latter is Dark Wave if you want to be technical)... While I essentially have hard rock/metal on CD and next to only that on my mp3 player, I find the experience of vinyl records - and the great quality of the sound these records have - makes next to anything enjoyable to listen to. There's some stuff I can't listen to on CD or mp3 that I love listening to on records (Pink Floyd and Status Quo notably - not sure what doesn't click with the Quo since it's some fun rock music, but I can listen to these guys ONLY on vinyl for some reason) Basically, I like vinyl records more for listening than for doing DJ stuff (though I could try some time) and I also enjoy the beautiful artworks that stand out much better than the tiny stuff you get with CDs. Voila, so if you have stories, rare pieces you wanna brag about (got some of those BTW) or simply want to discuss the format, fire away.
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    @DragonClaws Ah yes, Challenge the Ninja; the one Godfrey Ho movie with Sho Kosugi. Too bad hi schedule and Jackie Chan's were conflicting, I'm sure there could have been an IFD movie with both. Well, I guess Jackie still managed to get in Ninja the Protector so there's that.
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    ancient wind society-mud on the blade video VIDEO MUD ON THE BLADE.mp4
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    @Secret Executioner Favorite vinyl? I'm a Aerosmith fan, mine is a original 1973 7" Aerosmith - Dream On/Somebody single. It just has a Columbia Records record sleeve, but stamped on the record label it has "ADVANCED DJ COPY ONLY. NOT FOR SALE".
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    If you are looking to buy DVDs, I have and will continue to post some in the following thread.
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    @Koravec well I signed up on distrokid you upload your music and art work on there and they do the rest they put it on about every digital store so it should be on there you just got to look the golden swords-all men are brothers ep plus I got a track with bronze Nazareth on there also you can check out peace
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    @Secret Executioner thanks for the listen and checking out if you listen closely to my lyrics you will hear me talk about how they sold the culture out and how hip hop is being destroyed by commercial gangsters and that water down pop club shit but in all reality if some one was really living that life doing crimes and selling drugs and all that they know where that life leads to a jail cell or a graveyard and should speak about that instead of glorifying drugs guns and murder because that destroyes that why I keep the thug element out of my music check out my new ep if you did not already its more about life the government and my views on life I think you will like it https://shaolindisciple.bandcamp.com/album/all-men-are-brothers-ep
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    Everyone should give Wu Tang a go. You'll hear your fair share of "bitches and guns" talk but a lot of their lyrics are more metaphorical and are I say deep? I recommend GZA's Liquid Swords album if you want some lyrics to think about.
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    Wind and Wuthering lacks flavor IMO. It's okay to have in the background, but it doesn't have the hooks that would make me want to play it that much. I assume that by "The Knife" you mean Trespass - very good and underrated album. Too bad "The Knife" is all that seems to get any nod when songs like "Waiting for someone" or "Visions of Angels" are up there among their best and most melodic stuff - definitely on par with stuff off Nursery Cryme or Foxtrot. Interesting overall review of the Moody Blues discography. I'm only familiar with Days of Future Passed, and I find it really solid - nice melodies, the arrangements are very lively, you really get the feeling of the points in the day the songs are about. Very good pick here - I especially like the opening number, "The Ballad of you & me and Pooneil". Been getting into them those past few years and I feel like I should have started listening to them long ago. My favorite album of theirs would be Volunteers, I like the social commentary that's played more serious and not as provocative or harsh as on the first couple of albums by The Mothers of Invention.
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    I realize this is 5 years old by now, but these also happen to be some of my most recent vinyl pickups. That is Salty Dog by Procol Harum (really good) and Wind & Wuthering (didnt find too significant) and The Knife (really good) by Genesis Also just completed most of my Moody Blues collection after having a kick of listening and discovering them more. From their debut record to Long Distant Voyager (skipping Octave because the cover is so lame and the music does nothing new and feels like a dumbed down and commercial version of what came prior). Anyway I found their albums got consistently worse starting from Days of Future Past while still being good to Seventh Sojourn. I actually find the consistency in that sense quite impressive lol. Revisited the overlooked After Bathing at Baxters by Jefferson Airplane. Currently into discovering more Steppenwolf, At Your Birthday Party is one of my favorite albums, not finding many of the others too significant or to my liking Listened to a ton of Dr John (rip) today, whos death Im about to go make a post for. (just a response, been meaning to post a proper reply to this thread, to be continued...)
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    Digging this up cause I think it's a more opened thread in the music forum. Albums I recently listened to: Pink Floyd - Meddle (1971) Status Quo - In the Army now (1986) Cellar Darling - The Spell (2019) Gus G. - Fearless (2018) ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973) A blend of classic rock and recent metal. Feels like a good summary of what I'm into these days.
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    Considering some Record Store Day releases pop up on eBay and the likes just a few minutes after stores have opened, one can say it's more than just speculation - there's definitely sellers among people rushing to local record stores on that day.
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    ^I say all that but I still picked up a ton on Record Store Day. 2 rsd releases, one new, and a stack of used vinyl. I dont understand why people wait in large lines for hours before the record stores open and act like theyre crazy about the new releases when they could care less about regular vinyl releases otherwise. Wondering what percentage of people are resellers, which is something Ive heard being speculated.
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    Check out this awesome record variant for Liquid Swords! Though at that pricepoint, Ill have to pass it up.
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    When the studio was still active, with a film set on top of the hill. I wonder if the worker below, is delivering food to the studio? And more recent images of the same gates/entrance.
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    Shaw Brothers Studios (2017) These images were taken by urban explorer, for more about this exploration, a lot more images, click on the link below. Link- https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/shaw-bros-studios-hong-kong-sept-17.109830/
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    Purchased a nice lot of vinyl records this week: Anthrax - A Fistful Of Metal Anthrax - I'm The Man (EP) Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules Black Sabbath - Live Evil (live album, 2-record set) Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74 (live album, 2-record set) Iron Maiden - Powerslave (2014 re-release) Judas Priest - Turbo Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry Whitesnake - Whitesnake ? 1987 ? Not sure the actual title (if this album actually has one)
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    I'll try to find it, if I can't find anything big enough I'll try to scan my copy. Two I can think of are Dim Mak, and Shaolin Death Squad. I haven't listened to either of those artists in a while but Dim Mak has an album called Enter the Dragon, and one called Intercepting Fist. Shaolin Death Squad has an album called, and partly inspired by, Five Deadly Venoms. They even seem to perform live in Venoms inspired masks (at least I saw a photo of something like that, hehe).
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    Really cool stuff, the back cover is pretty sweet too.
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    Now you made me curious. Except for the album Club Ninja by Blue Oyster Cult, I don't think I have anything having to do with MA and/or MA cinema in my collection (except for tracks "borrowed" for use in MA movies and the CD of the Enter The Dragon OST).
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    I would love to see images of the artwork you mentioned, definitely sounds cool.
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    I'll post something more in-depth when I have time, about my collection but I can tell you that there are some metal bands who reference kung fu cinema, in their music if not the artwork. I actually have a split CD by two bands where the art is made to look like a DVD cover of a Golden Harvest film (not a specific film). It's a shame that the vinyl version of the split has different artwork, because it would look great in a bigger format.
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    As someone that started DJing when I was in the 6th grade, and has done everything from Radio to Clubs and everything in between, like so many DJ's who started young, I use to save my lunch money in Junior High, and on Friday's go buy 12 inches, as many as I could afford. I remember kindly asking my parents and relatives, if they were going to get my anything for my birthday or Christmas, to PLEASE give me cash. Which of course I would use to buy records. I eventually went ALL digital, no longer needed to buy vinyl. It's been quite some time since I've bought a record. I still own thousands though.