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    You can convert your mkv to a blu ray with no menus easily. use a little program called TsMuxerGui, open your mkv and set ouput to blu ray folder and it will create BDMV & CERTIFICATE folder in 2 minutes. no loss in quality, the program doesn't re-encode anything.
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    The softcovers have arrived and are simply GORGEOUS. SPECTACULAR. The book it's really BEAUTIFUL and I'm sure it will delight the Bruce Lee fans and historians, JKD practitioners and lovers of the 7th art. It has everything and in this coming week I'll start shipping orders.The hardcovers will be ready in the last week of June. As soon as it arrives, I will let you know. I ask for a little more patience to organize the shipments.The softcovers won't sold out nor there is a limited amount. If you have not placed your order yet you can do so by emailing bld1970@yahoo.esThank you. Marcos
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    Looks like a forthcoming official release is on the way... Eureka or 88 Films maybe?
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    Asia Line Vol 19 coming 1st August... The Victim. I really hope the 1:33:1 aspect ratio is incorrect. https://www.amazon.de/Asia-Line-Vol-19-Tödliche-Limited/dp/B07SBQC2VG/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=asia+line&qid=1560676858&s=dvd&sr=1-3
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    @saltysam At least the German title is really cool. I mean, I think "Fu Ming's deadly Strike" sounds much more awesome than "The Victim".
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    I support any label that supports our love for these movies, especially here in the States. Germany gets the awesome media books and the UK has 88 Films and Eureka Region B goodness. The US needs similar labels. (I need a region free player asap Lol!!!) I hope the Pearl collection is amazing and I will fully support and purchase every last one of them. Hopefully they sell well and we get many Independant kung fu classics on Blu-ray. Thumbs up to Michael Worth and anyone else who is putting this collection together. I hope the announcement of future classics will be - EAGLES CLAW, SECRET RIVALS, A FIST FULL OF TALONS, SHAOLIN VS LAMA, CALL ME DRAGON, BUDDHA ASSASSINATOR, 7 STEPS OF KUNG FU. My list would go on forever. Come on October!!!!!
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    Not just mainstream to be fair, but only official releases, which includes many movies already, perhaps not in the best version but one can find many old school titles. They don’t allow bootleg in the rules, and I get their arguments regarding that rule.
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    Dedicating this to all classic Hong Kong movies, such as Wild Search, Undeclared War, Full Contact etc, that recently have been released in genuine HD by local distributors. Upcoming batch: The Story of Woo Viet: https://www.yesasia.com/global/the-story-of-woo-viet-1981-blu-ray-hong-kong-version/1074958257-0-0-0-en/info.html Troublesome Night: https://www.yesasia.com/global/troublesome-night-1997-blu-ray-hong-kong-version/1074958256-0-0-0-en/info.html Legend of the Wolf: https://www.yesasia.com/global/legend-of-the-wolf-1997-blu-ray-hong-kong-version/1075086598-0-0-0-en/info.html
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    City of Darkness (1999) Aka Black City Starring: Tso Hsiao-Hu, Chen Chi-Chiang, Lee Luo, Donnie Yen, Collin Chou, Chang Yi-Teng, Billy Chow, Kim Maree Penn, and assorted non-MA characters we don’t are about Director: Lam Maang-Cheung Action Director: Yam Pak-Wang For reasons that will soon be clear, I’ll be using @ShaOW!linDude’s Mini-Review Fight-Breakdown style for this particular review. So let’s give credit where credit is due. Synopsis: Three youngsters, including Tso Hsiao-Hu (of the Kung Fu Kids series) and Chen Chi-Chiang (best known for playing Goku in infamous live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins from the early 1990s), initially have nothing to do with each other. But they are kidnapped by an evil crime boss (Collin Chou, of Bodyguard from Beijing and Flash Point) who knows the truth: they’re actually siblings and each of them has a jade pendant, which, when placed together, leads the way to a secret treasure. They escape and are soon chased all over the Taiwanese countryside by the boss’s minions and the police, headed by a corrupt commandant. They do get some assistance from a good cop, played by Lee Luo (of Crazy Mission, the low-budget Taiwanese equivalent to Gen-X Cops), and his hot-headed colleague, played by Donnie Yen. Fight Scene Breakdown: Fight 1: Chang Yi-Tang vs. flunkies – When Japanese criminal Collin Chou does a hostile takeover on his Taiwanese counterparts, his right-hand-man (Chang Yi-Tang) cuts up a bunch of crime bosses, plus their flunkies, with a pair of curved knives. The scene lasts a few seconds, but is slickly mounted. Fight 2: Chen Chi-Chiang vs. Triads – While performing a rock song at a club, a bunch of Triads show up to make trouble. Chen fights them off with an electric guitar and some nice kicks. He does a few good acrobatic moves, but it’s mainly a Jackie Chan-esque object fight. Fight 3: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Triads – The same triads try to kidnap both men during a bicycle race. Our heroes perform some decent kicks on and around their bikes. Then they get in an argument and get into a good ol’ 80s-style one on one, with Chen impressing more with his kicks. At the end, both men are captured. Fight 4: Donnie Yen vs. robbers – In his first scene, Donnie is doing some grocery shopping when some men invade the store, armed with shotguns. The action is mainly centered around Donnie dodging shotgun blasts, but he does a few kicks and takedowns here. Fight 5: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Triads – Our heroes are taken to a nightclub, where they are questioned about a treasure they haven’t heard of. The break free and fight off Collin Chou’s men, who are armed with metal bats and choppers. More solid 80s-style choreography, with Chen doing some decent kicks around a stripper pole. Fight 6: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Billy Chow – While running from both the bad guys and the cops inside a forest at night, our heroes stumble upon Billy Chow, still bald and sporting goatee from The Death Games. Our heroes double-team him, but he’s not budging. He easily fends off their blows and reaches Fist of Legend heights of rock-hardness. His punch-and-block combinations are fast and his kicks are powerful. Fight 7: Lee Luo vs. Billy Chow – Police officer Lee Luo picks up the slack from the previous fight. His character is a better fighter than the other two good guys, but still no match for Billy Chow. Lots of good one-on-one choreography here. Fight 8: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Billy Chow (Part 2) – This fight starts in a cramped apartment, moves into a stairwell, and finally into a basement full of found objects. The two-on-one choreography just keeps on getting better, and Billy Chow shows the rapscallions just how experienced he is. Their fight is mixed up by the arrival of some bat-wielding goons, just to keep things interesting. Fight 9: Lee Luo vs. Billy Chow (Part 2) – The rematch goes about as you might expect: Billy Chow is more than a match for Lee, but both of them throw some nice kicking combinations. This segues into…. Fight 10: Donnie Yen vs. Billy Chow – This is their rematch following Iron Monkey 2 (1996), and it’s a solid one. Donnie’s character is faster and stronger than the other three protagonists, so obviously he’s more of a match for Billy. Donnie does his patented jumping back kick and, at the end, launches into a barrage of punches that resemble a mix between his wing chun machine gun punches and his Legend of the Wolf blur punches. He takes out Billy with a flying drop kick to the face. Fight 11: Chang Yi-Tang vs. Kim Maree Penn – Following the death of Billy Chow’s character, Collin Chou flies in Kim to deal with our heroes. Chang is skeptical about giving the job to a woman, so the two have a brief exchange of punches and kicks. It’s a short duel, but well mounted. Fight 12: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Triads – Set at a restaurant, the bad guys dress up as waiters and bus boys to ambush our heroes. The triads are armed with knives and choppers, while the heroes using a mixture of acrobatics, kicking and throwing plates and cups at the bad guys. Tso shows off more of his acrobatic skills in this fight with a series of somersaults, and gets to perform a butterfly spin over a chair, which is immediately followed by a side kick, all in the same movement. Villain Chang Yi-Tang joins the fray with a wire-assisted split kick, but our heroes run away. Fight 13: Lee Luo vs. Kim Maree Penn – Lee confronts Collin Chou at his mansion, but passes up on trying to arrest him when he finds out that Chou’s men are following the heroes out in the wilderness. When he leaves, he’s confronted by Kim Maree Penn, and a fight breaks out (natch!). Kim is a superb kicker and gets lots of chances to show off her footwork here. Fight 14: Chen Chi-Chiang and Tso Hsiao-Hu vs. Chang Yi-Tang – Another fight between the three has some good choreography, but for some reason, the action directors wire up Chang’s movements more than any other character. It’s not too invasive, but it’s noticeable. I assume it’s to show us just how much of a martial arts dynamo his character his and how out of their league our heroes are. Tso does some wire-assisted jump kicks, too. It’s mainly noticeable because he seems to stay in the air an extra second longer than a normal person might. The fight ends after a child co-star pelts Chang with firecrackers. Fight 15: Chen Chi-Chiang, Tso Hsiao-Hu, and Lee Luo vs. Kim Maree Penn – This is a great fight, with Kim holding her own against three trained martial artists simultaneously. She really struts her stuff here, and the choreography is impeccable. The fight actually lasts a while, with our heroes unable to get the upper hand until the aforementioned child sidekick hits her with a taiser, which allow the good guys to beat her to death. Fight 16: Chen Chi-Chiang, Tso Hsiao-Hu, and Lee Luo vs. Chang Yi-Tang – This isn’t as good as their previous dust ups, as the three mainly to try to avoid getting hacked to pieces with Chang’s curved blades while using some grappling to try to restrain his hands. Our heroes get bloodied up real good in this fight. It’s broken up by fight #17, which I’ll discuss below. Donnie Yen shows up briefly and bests Chang with a metal baton (shades of Sha Po Lang), and then Chen and Tso double team Chang yet again. It ends with Chen side kicking Chang, followed by Tso doing a whirlwind kick as Chang is falling backward, and Tso follows up with a butterfly spin that ends in an elbow drop. Fight 17: Donnie Yen vs. Collin Chou – Sort of a preamble to Flash Point, these two men just go buck wild with the kicks. Chou has a blade hidden in his shoe, giving Donnie a run for his money. Donnie responds with some Legend of the Wolf machine gun punches, and then takes a page from Who Am I? and gets in some good hits while manipulating Chou’s tie. It ends with a nice jumping spin kick from Donnie. City of Darkness is a low-budget Taiwanese fight fest brought to you by Lam Maang-Cheung, who choroegraphed the Kung Fu Kids films and The Death Games (1997), and Yam Pak Wang, who had assisted Lam on The Death Games. Both films are similar in that they have Billy Chow, Collin Chou and Kim Maree Penn in their casts, with Billy Chow sticking out the most. The film has a distinct Crystal Hunt feel to it, with majority of the screen time being about people fighting with gang bosses until the end, when the story becomes a half-assed Indiana Jones film. Despite frequently being referred to as a Donnie Yen Movie, Yen is mainly relegated to an extended cameo, showing up whenever the script requires him to beat people up. He certainly does a great job of that, but he’s obviously done more and better fighting in other films. Despite being made in 1999, a year before the Taiwanese film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon changed the game and the way international audiences saw Chinese cinema, this film feels like it was made a decade earlier. It has that low budget shot-on-video feel, a disregard for things like maintaining a consistent tone (like how some bad guys are super violent, and others are just goofs), and most importantly, lots of excellent fight choreography. Sure, a few wire-assisted moves show up for reasons I can’t quite grasp, but 97% of what’s on display is grounded and looks great. To quote @ShaOW!linDude, I say GET IT!!!!!!
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    This actually looks very promising! Well, as long as they explain why she cannot be seen( Well, barley seen, it seems) adequately.I'm not really a fan of Megan Fox. But if she is just playing a bitch, I guess I could live with it. lol
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    Okay! 1- "The Head Hunter" (2018) Okay, I just finished the rest of the movie. Let me first say that you shouldn't go into this movie just wanting and action film, or you will probably be disappointed(I pretty much thought it was going to be another sword and sorcery film, just set in a darker world). Because this movie is pretty much a Horror film in the same vain as "The Evil Dead", but with very little actual fighting(If any). If you just accept it as it is though, you are in for a real treat. This film has some of the best atmosphere building I've ever seen. Its almost like it could be set in the "Dark Souls" universe(Which is what it reminded me of. Well, that and "Evil Dead". The story is simple, but really engaging: A Man is trying to kill the monster that murdered his daughter. That's it. Very simple, but it works. Really, nothing I say can really do this film justice. Just watch it and experience it for yourselves. You are in for a real treat.
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    Lets see: 1- "The Head Hunter" ( 2018) Someone recommended this online, so I decided to check it out. When I finish it, I'll tell y'all what I thought!
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    Are these still available anywhere? Warriors 2 is my all time favorite kung fu film.
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    I've decided that I'm not going to be releasing Hitman in the Hand of Buddha on Blu Ray anymore. Instead, I'll provide both a high bitrate H.264 2K copy as an MKV file with all the soundtracks and subtitles, and a DVD. This is largely due to the fact that I don't see any need to make a blu ray, it is a dreadful format which was only commissioned to make the DRM bastards happy as it is very hard to decrypt on PC. I apologise for taking so long to relase the movie but since this is Hwang Jang Lee's finest movie, I feel it deserves the best treatment possible, including accurate subtitle translation and the finest sounding audio possible. The wait will be worth it, trust me. This is a huge project with a lot of collaboration and support from fellow restorationist Notelu, who I give credit to for all the advice on formats and preservation methods. I would strongly advise you check out his 4K fan restoration of the Disney classic "Song of the South", which is probably one of the best fan restoration efforts I have ever seen and for now is the only decent version of the film we will likely ever see. It is a wonderful movie but in today's political climate, I can't see it ever getting a release. If you are interested, you can check out his work here. https://archive.org/details/SongOfTheSouthHD
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    Nice heads up, just did Princess Madam as a Blu Ray.
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    Japan's top karate action star celebrates 40th anniversary of stunt team Link- https://www.asiaone.com/entertainment/japans-top-karate-action-star-celebrates-40th-anniversary-stunt-team Best Actress Stephy Tang and Best Actor Yasuaki Kurata 2018. Source- http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2018/03/20180309-yasuaki-kurata-makes-romantic.html
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    Exactly, good old school movie.. Kang peng indeed has great ground kicking in this not to mention Hsia Kuang Li's very acrobatic & flexible kicking. Stylish too. I wonder how people compare Hsia's kicks to say Freddie Wong's aunt in Drunken Master(Linda Lin)
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    Surprised they're not shooting for a CNY release, but if it means we get it sooner I'm all for it. Thanks for that, DiP.
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    Rob Zombie is a director I've just never been able to get behind. House of a 100 Corpses is in my "top ten worst films of all time" list and while I recalled liking The Devil's Rejects, I tried to watch it a few days ago and just couldn't. It exploitative nonsense. And I'm a guy who doesn't mind a bit of exploitation.
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    It's better quality than DVD, there will be virtually no difference in quality between a Blu Ray and a 2K H.264 copy with a bitrate of 40Mbps though, multiplexed to an MKV. Most blu ray players should play it just fine as a file anyway. I just don't see any point in making a blu ray at all.
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    Project Ithaca (2019): Really good sci-fi film about random people abducted by aliens who feed off the humans' fear to power their ship. Really good concept filled with flashbacks that give the backstories of the humans. A few twists mixed in and some great performances from the cast, notably lead James Gallanders. Plus One (2019): Two lifelong friends who are invited to weddings over the summer decide to become each other's "plus one". You know where this is going but what drives the film is the chemistry between leads Maya Erskine, who is freaking hilarious as the very blunt female Alice and Jack Quaid, who is great and sometimes miserable as Ben, who contends with his father's upcoming 3rd marriage amidst the chaos. A Madea Family Funeral (2019): The final Madea film is also perhaps one of its most tense and at times, most insane with I swear this is the first time I heard an F-bomb drop in a Madea movie. When Madea, Hattie, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Bam catch a relative die in a "uncompromising situation", all hell is set to break loose. It's not as good as some of the past Madea films, but it seems to be a fitting ending to a film series that started 15 years ago.
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    Avistaz registration is open this week for whom seeking refuge after ADC shutdown.
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    Seems have given up thougth of watching "shaolin intruders" in near future but at least first time Shaw viewing secret of the dirk was choreographed by SI director, Tang Chia.. In past city is surrounded and commander sends some children, few trusted men and treasure away while they hold enemy back. 20 years has gone and Black Tiger gang is after loot so hard times are ahead for treasure hunting team of 4 girls and 3 men. Not much plot twists really, identity of Black Tiger boss was quite easy to guess but there was not much mystery buildt around his character anyway, just shown before revel few times face not visible of course. Despite plot is somewhat simple not one bit dragging, enough action and sets are also very nice. And about action, it was brilliant, surely one of the best in these old swordplay Shawnies. At times was worried there was not enough red paint but in the end it was used enough😀 Chang Yi played hero in some early shaws before becoming one of greatest villains @small studios and while not very charismatic he does good enough here and in other shaws too. Cheng Lee is main heroine and superb one. Really excellent movie, best 78 mins I`ve had with new movie for a long time.
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    Decided to go back and redo much of the colour correction on the print. There is too much color and artificial grain. Here is a trailer I put together for the new remastered version (trailer is presented in 16:9 to fill most displays, the blu ray will be in 2.35:1).