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    Film Combat Syndicate has the new (Exclusive? Couldn't find it on YouTube) trailer for Mark Houghton's new documentary... Watch here. Houghton's journey is a truly special one. As is his relationship with Hung Gar and his master, Lau Kar Leung. I'm really looking forward to this one.
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    This is apparently the film - http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=12324&complete_credits=1&display_set=eng. Looks like there are three Tang Lungs/Tong Lungs - the one from Challenge of the Tiger, Kim Tai Jong from the Game of Death films, and here it appears to be Lung Tien-Hsiang (True Game of Death and numerous Shaws)
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    Over the years, we've seen Hong Kong style action seep into Hollywood's style. Can we expect Hong Kong to now take some pointers from John Wick 3 and up their action game?
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    Bruce Against Snake In The Eagles Shadow Tang lung heads back home after a stint in jail for accidentally killing a man, on his way he comes across a midget stealing watches who he tricks to the tune of the Beatles Obledy Oblada.Yep it's that sort of movie. When he gets home he's caught up in a war between the triads and his uncle (i think) who wants the roaring pearl bed trade for themselves. Evil bastard Lung Fei leads the triads. Not particulary good but better than some i've seen, clearly inspired in part by Way Of The Dragon. The widescreen vhs custom was perfectly watchable. Anyone know the original title for this? it's listed as Sea Girls on IMDB but i can't find it on icheckmovies,so i can add it to my watched list.
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    If I walk into a video store and see this on the boxart, I'm walkin passed it.
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    What are you up to on the craft? I miss that game desperately haha. I might have it in me to rebuild my world again that got corrupted twice. Do you play survival or creative, building anything of significance?
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    No watermark! Anyway, nice Tsui Hark little seen film. Decent companion to Operation Scorpio or Dragon From Russia.... Cheap, $5 for Electronic Transfer.
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    Never knew that. Always saw it as great B-grade material.
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    Meh, as much as I look forward to Ip Man 4 I predict most of the action is only going to be good without the "wow" factor like this movie is printed all over with. Ip Man 3 was the same. Excuse me for sounding overly pessimistic but Woo Ping's creativity in fight choreography dried out long-time ago and I don't think it's ever coming back.
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    The current bluray is also a upscale and not real HD.
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    Counter Attack AKA The Chinese Stuntman Some behind the scenes footage is featured as an extra on Dan Inosanto's The Filipino Martial Arts Series - Volume 6: Also, a selection of additional Jeet Kune Do & Kali demo's.
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    The big question, for those of us that haven't seen it (myself included), is whether it's any good. Is Lethal Panther a top tier Girls with Guns film?
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    A Better Tomorrow
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    Watched this again last night...can't get enough of the excellent kicking skills of John Liu and Hwang Jung-Lee. Wang Tao lets some nice kicks in (always love seeing his jumping hook kick) but nice handwork too.
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    Finally! I've been looking forward to this one for a while.
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    Random Media picked it up and it will be coming to DVD, VOD, and Digital on June 18, 2019.
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    The Hot,The Cool & The Vicious A Perennial favourite of mine since i first saw it an all night kung fu cinema show back in the day, this kung fu classic has the awesome Tommy Lee as the iconic white faced,golden haired baddie who walks with a limp but has incredible skills.Tan Tao Liang & Don Wong Tao are great as the good guys in this tale of revenge,corruption and betrayal in Black Stone town. This also has the same music theme as another classic, Fists Of The Double K. !Now the version i've just watched is KungFuRobbers custom- the good- awesome print in 2:35:1 anamorphic (i didn't even know a proper scope print existed of this one) audio options in mandarin and english, dual layered disc, extra features. A great package. Now the bad - The subs are excellent, unfortunately there's a big timing issue in which the last spoken subs stay on screen until there's more dialogue.For example the last spoken dialogue subs stay on screen throughout the two on one climax, so about 4 minutes in total. This happens throughout the movie- i'm not sure if this would be an artistic choice or the timing is way off- anyway it'll lead me to probably watch this in english dub next time around.
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    From the beginning to end! Can't wait for # 4.
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    I also like @ThunderScore's epic Ninja Addiction and Kyodai Klash channels Then there's a series of short Minecraft videos from AJAMCrafter (okay I had to be bias on this one as the one behind the channel is my son LOL)
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    Savaging the Dark by Christopher Conlon I've only just gotten back into reading after a long, long break. I was looking for a small-ish horror novel to read and came across this one. Since it was highly rated and advertised as "very dark." I thought I'd give it a whirl. I can say that this is the most shocking book I've ever read. And I haven't even finished it yet. The story revolves around a female teacher falling in love with her 11 year old student. It's wonderfully written and her descent into depression, disassociation and eventual pedophilia is a genuinely engaging journey. However, there is detailed adult/child sex in this book. The author doesn't pull his punches at all. It's hardcore stuff. I highly recommend the novel, however. It's an incredible read and, dare I say, it tells a story of pedophilia that isn't just a gross man online grooming little girls? It tells it from a unique angle and one that might even leave you feeling sorry for the pedophile. Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill A ghost story by none other than Stephen King's son? Why not? Hill is definitely a chip off the old block but he's just...not...quite...there. The novel tells a great story of redemption while still settings its roots firmly in the horror genre. And while it's good. Very good, in places. He just doesn't have the mind for horror his dad has. I found his chief ghostly villain to be a bit boring. Too gimmicky. Everything else I loved, actually. If the book didn't have its antagonist, it would actually be better. With that said, Hill writes well. He's a little repetitive in places (especially when referring to how cold it is and a certain character's pale skin) but it can all be forgiven. He ends his story magnificently and wraps it up in a nice, heartfelt bow. A quick and easy horror read. It may not be wholly immersive, but it's an enjoyable little ghost yarn instilled with a nice chunk of humanity.
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    Record store day is next weekend! Heres this Wu Tang debut with an appropriate yellow vinyl.
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    Check out this awesome record variant for Liquid Swords! Though at that pricepoint, Ill have to pass it up.
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