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    I really liked this, hope there will be more movies like this again. I give this a thumbs up.😉 Who would have thought this would happen these days, it is nice. Hopefully starts a trend.
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    There's almost too much action in this movie, but I have to say... Mark Dacascos is the gift that keeps on giving in this movie, I absolutely loved him. Virtually no one films action like this nowadays so yeah, this gets a definitive recommend from me for all action movie fans out there.
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    Aren't they thieving pricks who threaten other uploaders with lawsuits if they dare post anything from their alleged "catalog"?
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    Not so fast, Gordon !!
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    I think I have Snake in Eagle's Shadow II and Incredible Kung Fu Mission customs somewhere. I can get them to you eventually.
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    I sent you a PM as I'm interested in a couple of the titles.
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    Great to hear! I just cannot believe a film exists that contains fight scenes with both Mark Dacascos and Yayan Ruhian, it's the sort of fantasy casting we'd have discussed years ago and laughed because surely Hollywood would never give us a film like that. But thankfully here we are. Having to wait until next week to see it but that;s good in a way because the anticipation can build and build!
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    Rose, be my love 1966 Once again, what a superb movie !! A very touching one too, I cried several time while watching it for the first time today ! And reading the movie informations, I discovered that the heroine Li Ting also committed suicide at Shaws' dormitory when she was only 20 years old ! Lin Dai, Loh Ti, Li Ting, Margaret Tu Chuan...I wonder how many other Shaws' actresses also committed suicide at that time ! Such beautiful young girls ending their lives in such a sad way ! And I also discovered that Ling Yun had had an affair (or married her, I dont remember what I read) with Julie Yeh Feng when they were filming Pink Tears and that she left her husband Zhang Yang for him ! I wasn't aware of that !
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    I think Adkins hams it up something awful in “Accident Man.” To the point of being silly. It felt more like a parody of an early Guy Richie film than an homage. Although there was definitely more martial arts in that one. i don’t really know why I liked the fight scenes in “The Debt Collector” so much since I’m a true shapes head at heart. I just enjoyed how bare bones it was. Even the weaker fights (the one with two tall black guys, for example) felt...I don’t know...fun? I really liked it being old school style fisticuffs and, more importantly, I really liked Adkins getting the shit kicked out of him for once. It was modern in that it was raw, brutal and often stylized but it was a nice throwback to the films of the 80’s when it was just good old fashioned fisticuffs. Anyway, I respect all opinions on this film. I can understand how it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I completely get how some people would want to see Adkins’ more familiar stuff.
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    But, IIRC, at least he participated in that release with the wraparound "Ninja Theater" segments. Documenting all of his likeness used on 80s video covers would make an interesting thread..
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    I bet he never saw any royalties from release like the one above?.
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    Gotta wonder how many vhs covers used the image of Sho Kosugi back in the day lol. I guess it was a sure way of selling product lol
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    In case anyone is curious, this image is from the 1986 Korean movie 'Osaka Godfather' (aka The Big Brother in Osaka). -
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    Gotta love this one Wow! Using Sho Kosugi's Pray for Death Ninja Meng Fei
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    Was anything like this actually in this film? I couldn't care less... IIRC, the Imperial VHS cover cropped this just a bit - wonder why?