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    Back when straight to video production still had production values... of some sort! Toei launched their V-Cinema series in 1989 and it went on to become quite successful. The films covered quite a few genres from the obvious yakuza films to martial arts movies, horror and erotic films. Martial arts fans would probably be somewhat familiar with the two Fighting King films starring Sho Kosugi, and many probably don't know that Takashi Miike's Fudoh and some English language movies with American actors, like New York Undercover Cop (1993), were actually V-Cinema productions. Crying Freeman (1995) was a Toei V-Cinema co-production as well. For an introduction to the genre please see Midnight Eye's articles Part 1: http://www.midnighteye.com/features/the-v-cinema-notebook-part-1/ Part 2: http://www.midnighteye.com/features/the-v-cinema-notebook-part-2-the-action-paradigm/ I wrote a bit about the topic in another thread last year, but I thought it would be better to give V-Cinema its own thread. I will copy my old post with useful trailer links and then proceed to post some more stuff whenever I see some films Last year's post: Here are trailers for a couple of V-Cinema films. Manila Gokudo Senso (マニラ極道戦争 暗黒街の勲章) (1992) Dir. Kyoshi Miyakoshi Cast: Tatsuo Nadaka The Fighting King (ザ・格闘王) (1993) Dir. Sho Kosugi Cast: Kane Kosugi, Yasuaki Kurata The Fighting King 2 (ザ・格闘王2) (1994) Dir. Sho Kosugi Cast: Kane Kosugi DOG FIGHT (野良犬たちの挽歌) (2000) Dir. Atsushi Muroga Cast: Show Aikawa And a couple of VHS arts Lady Battle Cop (1990) Crime Hunter (1989) The Fighting King (1993) Manila Gokudo Senso (1992) Lady Battle Cop, Crime Hunter and some others were released on DVD in Japan without subs, e.g. Crime Hunter (1989) (MidnightEye review here), The Hitman (Teruo Ishii, 1991), Lady Battle Cop (1990), Soshiki bôryoku: Ryûketsu no kôsô (Yasuharu Hasebe, 1999)
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    Not the Metro Goldwyn Mayor/Warner Brothers logos on these poster's, U.S studios who picked up the international rights?.
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    One of my latest, Peacock King, HD, 1080p. Japanese co-production, much better quality then the DVD out there. PM me if you want to acquire...
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    And don't forget the other girls with guns, like Angel 2...
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    How awesome are these Bruce Lee prints by artist, SHIN ON TSUI? I was planning on purchasing the last of each that are in stock, but figured I would be a little wiser with my funds. Made the tough call that a copy of each will suffice for me rather than the actual print. But kudos to the artist and awesome work. Im sure someone will come along and want to purchase these.
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    Thanks for the recommendation @shaolin swords. Just ordered a Jackie Chan poster, for Heart of The Dragon, and mug!
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    Found this on the label's (Spectrum Films) facebook page: HK's next films are, still in Blu-Ray / DVD Combo: Story of wot viet with bonus only on Blu-Ray Boat people Cops and Robbers The Saviour The Dragon Fighter Devil Hunters The Beasts
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    I finally found time to see this: Crime Hunter (クライムハンター 怒りの銃弾) (1989) The very first V-Cinema production; a stripped to the bone action film about a cop avenging his partner's (the very young Riki Takeuchi) death. Running only 60 minutes, there isn't much other than action and a tiny bit of sex in the film. Most of it is mediocre, but the grande finale is a stand out with our heroes blasting bad guys away with grenade launchers and heavy machine guns - first grade weapons pornography. There's a decent bit of pleasant V-Cinema nostalgia to be had - they don't 'em like this anymore. Star Masanori Sera makes a surprisingly uncharismatic hero, though; bad guy Seiji Matano fares much better with his Yoshio Harada looks, and the real Yoshio Harada is in the film too! One interesting thing about the film is that it's not clear where it is set. The main characters are Japanese, the clubs are filled with Caucasians, the signs are in English and "Little Tokyo" is written at the side of the main character's patrol car. Riki Takeuchi Masanori Sera Seiji Matano
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    The good news is it gets better towards the end. Though Junjo's final scene really wasn't one of his career highlights
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    Re: Iron Angels 2 - Oh yeah, the back-to-back fights between Moon Lee and Yuen Tak (plus the other guy) are definitely high points in both Stanley Tong's career and the Girls 'n Guns genre. Too bad the rest of the film isn't as interesting as the huge clímax. I've never seen Iron Angels 3 (only clips on Youtube), but I never understood why Stanley Tong gave Moon Lee that excellent nunchaku fight in the mansion, and then left her out of the clímax. What the heck was up with that?
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    We just posted a review for the 1990 flick, ANGEL TERMINATORS. For those interested, check it out here.
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    Splendid. My incredibly tiny mini review: The film is Boring for the first 30 minutes, the second 30 minutes is quite interesting as we learn about the intentions of the bad guy. But the finale is absolutely amazing, the best scene is Moon Lee Vs Yuen Tak - that is Awesome!!! Stanley tong did an excellent job with the action.
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    crazy couple laserdisc is perfect for what it is yes, 2.35 and both languages plus subs.
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    come on there's so much cropped at the bottom, that is intolerable. here is a german info for Czech DVD: http://www.ofdb.de/view.php?page=fassung&fid=11059&vid=303012 very short runtime, under 84 Mins, and missing quite a bunch of scenes. mind you: the UK LD runs 90 Minutes. that makes at least 6 Minutes missing in Czech Print.
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    I am very interested in any version of Angel 2 that doesn't look like stomped shit!
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    Kung Fu Bob, that's part 3. I agree with you man, that fight was definitely one of the best in the series. Mei Ah put a nice DVD out of part 1, I wish that they would put out part 2 and 3!
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    Sounds good to me! I'll have to have a dig around for it sometime soon. I'm probably wrong, but I remember there was a movie called 'Angel Force' that I almost purchased a few times back when hkflix was still up and running, is that an alias for 'Angel 2'? I distinctly remember there is a picture of Moon Lee on the cover in what looks like very similar army gear that she's wearing in the trailer I posted, and I think it also starred Johnny Wang & Yuen Bun...but I know you said Yuen Tak...same movie, or a cheap cash-in?
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    You can easily skip 5-7 IMO! 1-4 are the only ones I would deem as classics and musthaves! A lot of people like part 5, Middle Man, and it has its moments, but is not a very good, nor very entertaining film, compared to its predecessors. I found part 6 to be almost unwatchable, but again, some people like it. Part 7 I would barely regard as part of the series. Khan is not in it that much, and it's both sloppy and visibly low budget. It has some decent action, but not much else.
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    1- Yes, Madam... Yeoh & Rothrock 2- Royal Warriors... Yeoh & Sanada 3- Force Of The Dragon... Khan & Nishiwaki 4- Witness.... Khan & The Don 5- Middle Man... Khan & David Wu 6- Forbidden Arsenal... Khan & Waise Lee 7- Sea Wolves... Khan, Simon Yam, Gary Chang
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    Another movie I can cross off my "classics I should have watched a long time ago but haven't" list, I got through watching 'Angel / Iron Angels / Midnight Angels' (how many titles does this movie have!?) yesterday. As an 80's girls with guns flick, it's a pretty solid movie. The first half hour actually plays like a HK based episode of 'Charlie's Angels', all be it with one of the angels being Japanese actor Saijo Hideki, & Charlie himself being David Chiang, with most of the action centering around stuff like breaking into buildings undetected and taking photos of top secret documents. But in the second half of the movie action comes first and foremost, one of the highlight scenes being the three angels breaking into Yukari Oshima's mansion to try and rescue Alex Fong. While there's no martial arts involved in the scene, it's one of those great action scenes where there's hardly a second which isn't filled with the sound of gun shots and stunt men throwing themselves out of windows. Even Saijo Hideki arrives on the scene hanging off the rope ladder attached to a helicopter, being piloted by David Chiang, while firing a machine gun at the same time! While Hwang Jang Lee is in the movie, he doesn't really get to show his skills off to the fullest. There is a brief, as in barely 2 seconds, skirmish with Oshima early on in the movie, then his other 2 fights are both with Hideki. The first he gets thoroughly beaten, before the two of them have a manly bonding moment, then later they fight again before the police intervene, at which point they share yet another manly bonding moment as they walk to the police car with their arms around each other! Yes Hawng really gets to show his softer side in this one, there is even a scene where he tells his daughter off in a restaurant for saying she wants to go to the toilet too loudly! While Hwang is showing his softer side, Oshima gets to do all the dirty work. She plays the villain of the movie, and is suitably nasty throughout. I'm actually glad somebody mentions earlier in this thread that there is a boob flash edited out of the DVD, because I thought I was going crazy when I saw that scene! She is confronting Alex Fong, then suddenly unzips her top, then it cuts away and suddenly she is beating him up! My slow brain was unable to process the fact that there was probably some nudity cut out, although for what reason who knows. The final face-off of the movie is of course Moon Lee vs Oshima, and it doesn't let down. While Lee doesn't have much to do in the rest of the movie, with the exception of mowing down countless bad guys with a machine gun in the mansion raid scene, and staring doey eyed at Hideki after nearly drowning together, she makes up for it in what is a pretty brutal and hard hitting final fight in a warehouse, definitely up there with Cynthia Khan versus Michiko Nishiwaki at the end of 'In the Line of Duty 3'. All in all, this is definitely worth checking out for the fans of the girls with guns genre!
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    in Czech Country for f*ck's sake - please! it's Cantonese and Czech with no English Subs. 2.35 anamorphic and the longest Version available!!! HOLY COW ON EARTH. this cries for a fan dub/sub!!!! http://www.vapet.cz/film/akcni/zelezni-andele-3 FINALLY A WATCHABLE PRINT!!!! THANK YOU HEAVENS! for the tech geeks: it's an interlaced NTSC-PAL Transfer.. if THAT will hold a REAL fan from watching it somehow some day. remastered & restored also! *drools* Action Clip from that Version: