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    Sixteen Candles (USA, 1984) [Netflix] - 3.5/5 John Hughes' debut film about the lovely Molly Ringwald with a crush on a boy she's afraid to talk to, and a geek (Anthony Michael Hall) trying to score with her, takes turns being dumb and totally adorable. The shower boob scene took me by a surprise. The Breakfast Club (USA, 1985) [Netflix] - 4.5/5 Questionable ending (some might call it realism) aside brilliantly written youth film about a mixed bunch of kids having to spend a Saturday in detention together. It's funny that the best two films of 1985 are called Typhoon Club and The Breakfast Club, both are about kids trapped in a school building, and both were filmed in 1984 on opposite sides of the world. Weird Science (USA, 1985) [Netflix] - 2.5/5 Adolescent fantasy about two nerds creating their dream woman is too tame to really take off, but there are some funny and adorable bits. Bill Paxton and Kelly LeBrock's accent are the best things about it. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (USA, 1986) [Netflix] - 1.5/5 Insanely over-rated, dull as dishwater comedy with the irritating Matthew Broderick as a high school kid skipping school. Drug addict Charlie Sheen and vengeful principal Jeffrey Jones are the only funny characters.
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    Thank you!!! I think some nerds need a time machine so they can go back to the set while filming. Then they'll be happy, lol.
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    How many films did Asian Movie Restoration Society (ARMS) put out in total? Anyone know? I was digging through a box of flix this evening and uncovered this DVD. I think I have a few more but don't know the titles.
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    Nightshooters - If you like your films low budget but heavy on both the laughs and action, this one might be for you. Really enjoyed it. A warning to those with delicate sensibilities, the ‘F’ word is used in every single line of the script. The language here is filthy. Jean Paul-Liu, for example, is referred to as the “kung fu cunt” throughout. Speaking of Jean-Paul Ly, he has some really solid fights here. I’ll be honest, his choreography can be a little repetitive at times and I feel like his action sequences in Jailbreak were a bit more varied. But, not to fear, what there is in this film is definitely enough. Ly shines in the three or four scuffles he has, including a real barn burner of a final fight. The rest of that cast do a great job too. There’s a nice blend of cat and mouse thrills, ultra violence and bawdy wit. All in all it’s a massive amount of fun. Does it look cheap at times? Very. Very, very. But it adds to the charm.
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    Saving General Yang (2013) - Pretty straight-forward story about the Yang family, the Patriarch (Adam Cheng) of which is called to serve as a general on the frontlines against the Mongols. He's betrayed by the Supreme Commander (Leung Kar-Yan in a cameo) over a personal beef, and left to perish with the survivors of his garrison. Getting word of this, the Yang Family Matriarch sends her seven sons (led by Ekin Cheng) to rescue their father and bring him back home. The film is rather melodramatic, with the strong score being played at practically all moments. Stephen Tung Wei's battle choreography was a lot more satisfying than it was in Mulan; Battle of Wits; and Warriors of Heaven and Earth, even if it gets chaotic at times. Now I need to see this on a double-bill with Legendary Amazons.
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    It's 2019...so time for a new Pro Wrestling Thread! It is official...All Elite Wresting was officially announced and it has been revealed that Tony Khan, the co-owner of NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, is the president of AEW. An official press conference will be held on January 8 to discuss their event, Double or Nothing, the follow-up to the original, All In! While Khan will serve as President, The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson will serve as Executive Vice Presidents. http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/tony-khan-all-elite-wrestling/#.XCzTTFVKhpg https://www.cbssports.com/wwe/news/new-promotion-all-elite-wrestling-announced-along-with-aew-double-or-nothing-event/ The official announcement of the promotion was seen on a special episode of Being the Elite John Cena made his return to WWE TV last night, teaming up with Becky Lynch to take on Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega. Cena debuted his new finishing move, the "Lightning Fist" (a kung fu style back fist) which he hits after the Attitude Adjustment. He used the move first in house shows in Shanghai, but this is the first time seen on WWE TV. Bandido has had offers from WWE, All Elite Wrestling, and Ring of Honor...he has opted to sign with Ring of Honor. Kevin Owens is gearing for his return and it has been revealed he lost some pounds. It has been long rumored that Vince McMahon was unhappy with Owens' weight and now that he had his surgery and is in training, it looks like Owens is going to make his return soon. Perhaps, the Royal Rumble? Also back in training is Braun Strowman, who is back in the gym after his successful elbow surgery It has been rumored that the reason that Paige has been removed from her post as WWE Smackdown GM is because she will be doing heavy press for her upcoming biopic Fighting with My Family, starring Florence Pugh as Paige and Dwayne Johnson as himself.
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    Bruce Lee The Man The Myth As a Bruceploitation fan this is one of my holy trinity of titles along with Dragon Lives Again, Bruce Lee's Secret & Tower Of Death. Bruce's life story is just a hook to set up pretty much fight scene after fight scene as Ho Chung Tao, giving his best performance as Lee faces off against challenger after challenger. Much better filmed than most of these movies and has superior production values. Unicorn Chan is here as well as Mars , Hark-On Fung and a very briefly glimpsed Carl Scott. The german dvd is very decent, anamorphic and uncut, english friendly with english subs for the few parts that i assume were never dubbed. For purists it also has a cantonese audio option. Great movie.
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    Chang Shan Interview Link- https://kungfukingdom.com/interview-with-chang-shan/
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    Another Hi-Def/WideScreen release, for Bolo Yeung/Martial Arts fans to look out for this year, from the team over at TVP, and the Kung Fu Fandoms resident artist, @KUNG FU BOB. You can check out the great looking, crisp and clear, new promo trialer, from TVP, below.
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    Japanese cinema discount ticket(Top image), and a promotional card, for the 1978 version of BL's incomplete project. Both the image of Kim Tai Chung and Bruce Lee, feature them in a jumpsuit/tracksuit, similar to the one BL wears in Longstreet series (Bottom image).
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    That magnet reminds me of a shop I used to go to as a kid. It was at a mall and it only sold holographic images of everything. It's actually a health drink made from the seeds of a South American Carob tree. http://cuzcoeats.com/algarrobina-great-peruvian-carob-syrup/
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    It's a chess match between a lot of different people. Vince restarts the XFL so the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars give The Elite $100 million for AWE. AWE now puts pressure on ROH since that primarily runs shows in the east and south. This also puts NJPW in a bind since it runs shows with ROH but probably doesn't want to cease relations with The Elite, a group it helped develop. Wonder if the parent company of ROH, Sinclair, will invest more into it now. NJPW made some huge announcements between the opening gauntlet match and the Never Openweight title match: A third New Beginning USA show was added for February 2nd. It will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. It announced a show in London, England on August 31st at the Copper Box Arena. The first show in the G1 Climax tournament will not be in Japan. Instead it will be July 6th in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center, home of the Stars and Mavericks. WrestleKingdom 14 will be two nights long. Kota Ibushi suffered a concussion in the Never Openweight title match against Will Ospreay. Nick Aldis will defend his NWA World Heavyweight title against PJ Black at the ROH TV taping in Atlanta, Georgia on January 12. The two promotions are also partnering up to revive the Crockett Cup in Concord, North Carolina on April 27. ROH is holding a Tag Wars tournament at their Road to the G1 Supercard shows with the winners receiving spots in the Crockett Cup and a ROH Tag titles match at its 17th Anniversary show in March. A documentary on Nigel McGuinness called The Nigel McGuinness Story will be shown on the WWE Network after NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. Hulk Hogan will appear on RAW to pay tribute to Mean Gene Okerlund. Speaking of Okerlund, here's a factoid from Kevin Nash: Yeah he was the alternate for the third man in the NWO.
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    Well, that was a good wrestle kingdom and it only lasted 5 hours,hahhah! I'm happy! GO ACE!!!!
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    This is so true. Film nerds will never be happy. What a miserable old bunch I tell yah.
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    Just bought To kill with intrigued and Dragon Fist and I am intrigued af to see these films. Don't let me down guys.
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    Movie Review: Bastille Day [aka – The Take] (2016) Genre: Action Cast: Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Kelly Rielly Country: France/UK/USA ***Spoiler Alert*** This cross continental made film, focuses and uses current issues in France, immigrants/terrorism and discontent with French government, but it just ends up to be a bank robbery on massive proportions. After a bomb goes off in the French capital, day before Bastille Day, an American pick-pocket, Michael Mason [played by Richard Madden], picking the wrong bag at the wrong time, is now a wanted terrorist. The bureau send an agent, Sean Briar [played by Idris Elba], to track down Michael before the French Government government find out that the bomb was set off by an American national. Once Sean and Michael finally team up to track down the woman, Zoe Naville [played by Charloette Le Bon], who had the bomb originally, leads the trio to teaming up against a corrupt special police unit and a top government official, who are using the social media to fire up the protesters against the government, so the police have access to the Bank of France, in doing so have the opportunity to steal billions of Francs in cyber currency. Action: There is not much in the big explosions (except in the beginning) or car chases through the famous sites in Paris, but the film action keeps it close and personal, even with the ending part of the film with the protesters running into the bank as Sean taking down the last the of the corrupt police, it feels like the protestors are there to watch, rather be in the scene. Sean takes down the baddies with some good moves, the highlight is the scene in the back of the van, when Sean and his two friends take down two baddies in the confide area. Michael and Zoe play there roles correctly and as they struggle to get into the fights and easily beaten by the baddies, with Sean is the dominate fighter throughout the film. Overall: I would give the film 2.5/5, the plot and story could be better, and more action would be good as well, but it is a nice tight film to fill in time on a lazy night. (Side issue: I watched this film on Netflix, first time to use this service. With the subtitles for the french actors, the subtitles would show up as [talking in french], so I never knew what on earth the french actors were talking about, not good)
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    I guess that the above reasons is why a lot of studios stay away from these type of films, as you can never please everyone. As these are transferred from very old film, you're never going to get a perfect version. I personally have very simple requirements though, as long as it has the original eng dubbing which I grew up watching, I am more than happy. In my opinion, they are both a vast improvement on any previous releases I've seen before. I have pre-ordered Big Brawl and Snake/Crane and cannot wait for those. I would love Fearless Hyena or Shaolin Wooden Men next.
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    This is from Angel Enforcers: I would also recommend this one (Thunder Cops II): This one not so much, just want to post the artwork^^ (Satin Steel):
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    Life is so much easier as not being purist. Cantonese or mandarin audio?As have no grips on either language whichever available no difference for me. Original mono or remixed? Don`t care really. Some of actors voices are dubbed?Meh...Differences in color grading? Whatever as long as overall PQ is decent... Probably some perfectionists can`t even enjoy movie when they see some "flaws" in release... Watched To Kill With Intrigue on x-mas, I did not remember from vhs days movie actually is quite slow burner 30-40 minutes before it really kicks off...Some very nice costumes and sets there, and fighting is not bad at all. Good movie, didn`t check dragon fist yet as seen HKL(vhs in past) enough times for now. Didn`t listen what rick baker had to say about movie, in past his eastern heroes mags were very valuable sources but I guess net has killed interest completely when it comes to film experts. never listen bey logan either. Or tim lucas in other genre....
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    RIP former AWA, WWF and WCW announcer Mean Gene Okerlund.
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    Happy New Year, fellow forum folk! Here's hoping it is fu-filled!!! Sigh. It is not my intention to make anyone feel butt-hurt, but I offer no such apology, and resent being grouped into this viewpoint.
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    Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) - Does anyone remember the JAMES BOND JR. cartoon from the 90s? This is essentially a live-action version of that series, down to the main character being a nephew of a super-spy (played by Ewan MacGregor in a cameo). MA fans may enjoy a nicely-mounted rope-dart sequence early on courtesy of Donnie Yen. To concerned parents, this can give you the KINGSMAN experience without all the graphic violence, profanity and references to buggery. Wonder Seven (1995) - Lesser-known Michelle Yeoh vehicle (heh) about a team of seven Mainlander special forces agents working undercover in Hong Kong, making sure everything is okay before the takeover. Their latest mission is to apprehend the bank cards belonging to some shady types (including Yeoh), which lead to an account worth millions of diamonds in Switzerland. Yeoh joins them after she's betrayed by her partner, who's in cahoots with a leak on their side. This film has been dismissed by fans, because of Yeoh is practically a supporting character in her own film (she's top billed). The Wonder Seven aren't very memorable beyond the lead, Kent Cheng, and "the monk" (Xiong Xin Xin). There's a lot of action in this, courtesy of Ching Siu-Tung, Dion Lam (Spider-Man 2, The Storm Riders), Ching protégé Lau Chi-Ho (The Big Hit; A Better Tomorrow 3), and Xiong Xin Xin. There are some brief smatterings of martial arts here and there, including a balletic machete fight between lead actor Li Ning and Elvis Tsui Kam Kong. Most of the action, however, is super-stylized gunplay and motorcycle stunts. Mainly for Michelle completists. Holy Weapon (1993) - Utterly bizarre, over-the-top wuxia comedy starring Damian Lau as a powerful swordsman who takes a special drug to help him defeat Japanese swordsman Evil Sword (played by Simon Yam, who'd play a similar role in Storm Warriors). He goes crazy and leaves his fiancée (Yeoh) at the alter. Three years later, Evil Sword is back for a rematch. With the help of the Ghost Doctor (Ng Man-Tat) and some wannabe martial artist (Dickie Cheung), whom everybody wants to screw for no good reason, Michelle starts rounding up various virgins to learn a special sword technique that will defeat Evil Sword. That includes Carol "DoDo" Cheng, Sandra Ng, Maggie Cheung, and Cheung Man, who plays a ninja that can transform into a spider monster. If you liked the wire-fu in Kung Fu Cult Master and Butterfly and Sword, you might find something to enjoy here. Like the latter, the action is helmed by Ching Siu-Tung, Dion Lam, and another Ching protégé, Ma Yuk-Sing. But there's A LOT of stupid humor and unfunny gags to wade through to get to the action.
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    Rise of the Legend (2014) - So, this is like Once Upon a Time in China by way of Batman Begins. Structurally, both movies are similar (the earliest exploits of the heroes intercut with flashbacks to said hero's childhood and training), and both films deal with an (almost)-lone hero venturing into the dark criminal underbelly of his/her hometown. Both films come with a harder edge, especially where the violence is concerned, than its predecessors. And both men (Wong Fei-Hung and Bruce Wayne) lose their fathers at a very young age. The problem is that Batman Begins is a good movie, this one isn't. Chronologically, the film more or less begins with a young girl who's friends with Wong Fei-Hung being sold into prostitution, presumably to satisfy her mother's debts. Wong Kei-Ying (a cameo by Tony Leung Kar-Fei) beats up the loan shark responsible, but refuses to deal a killing blow. Later, the ruffian and his men set Po Chi Lam afire, resulting in Kei-Ying's death. Wong Fei-Hung and his friend, Fiery, are taken in by a monk and taught kung fu. Years later, Wong Fei-Hung infiltrates the Black Tiger Gang, led by Sammo Hung, to bring it down from the inside. Helping him from a distance is the Orphan Gang, led by Fiery. Despite a 130-minute running time (much like the original OUATIC), the film never feels as deep or rich on the character side as its predecessor. Part of the reason could be is that film takes itself way too seriously, and thus deprives itself of the opportunity to establish each character's quirks and flaws and thus give them an extra dimension. The bad guys are irredeemibly bad, the good guys are righteous and stoic. The film isn't quite so shallow as the same year's Once Upon a Time in Shanghai, but if you watch OUATIC, then you'll remember things like Master Yim's compromising his values in order to raise money for his school, Leung Foon's being torn between what's right and being a filial student, or the desperation that Ah So feels when he can't read the Chinese labels on the medicine during an emergency. It's not necessarily how long the film is, but what you do with the time you have. The action is brought to you by Corey Yuen and his crew, who do a decent job. Eddie Peng isn't a martial artist, but had starred in the MMA drama Unbeatable the year before and was in great shape. Much like Norman Tsui and some others of old, he can do everything the choreographer asks him to do, which is fine. The showstopper is a prolonged battle in an alleway between Wong Fei-Hung and dozens of gang members armed with choppers and axes. A swordfight with the son of a slain gang boss is also pretty good, while the finale is a one-on-one duel against Sammo Hung that reminds us that Hong Kong hasn't learned its lesson from The Touch about unconvincing CGI flames. Speaking of CGI, there's a lot of Matrix-esque slo-mo, shots of objects being broken in such a way that you can practically count each and every individual splinter, and even a dated "let's-stop-the-image-and-spin-the-camera-around-the-actors" bit that I thought had gone out of style in 2003. This artificial dressing may be occasionally pretty to look at, but it also keeps the films from delivering any all-time classics. Like Once Upon a Time in Shanghai, the film was nominated for Best Action Choreography, only to lose to Kung Fu Jungle.
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    Yeah you are right, doing a scene by scene correction is a hell of a job, especially if the movie's editing is very tight. In my case, I used various programs when I do restoration, like TMPGEnc / DirectXtoDVD / VirtualDub, but of course the key is to use a good range of filters. I recently remastered a poor Korean tape for friends at www.houndslowteam.tk, Miss Please Be Patient, I was able to bring back the colors and remove that horrible greenish tint from the print.
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    Cool project guys. However, if you want some critism, I can just say that you should have remastered the picture quality (well, maybe it's only the trailer... I hope) but the film looks too damn red tinted. Also, on another level the DVD covers look too simple and amateurish, I think more work could be done there. No hard feelings, I'm just giving an honnest opinion of what I think. Other than that, good choice of titles and great dynamic menus.