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    Bruce Lee magazine from Brazil
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    A few nice finds from https://www.instagram.com/bruceleemyworld/
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    1990 Oriental Cinema magazine
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    Anohter shot, from the same night as the still posted above, @HyperDrive was right, they must hire these people from some kind of agency?. Available for party's, private functions, conventions, and any BL related promotional work. Mostly made up for former Bruce Tea employee's.
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    Welcome to the forums, I still think its Bruce Le(Huant Kin-Lung). Well spotted with the bag, Bruce Lee wasnt the only person with that bag, in Hong Kong surely?. I've never viewed any pictures of Bruce Lee, wearing the striped vest top/trousers combo. Yet I've seen other pictures of Bruce Le wearing that outfit, in an old H.K magazine scan, that also featured the above image. Just my opinion, there's a discussion on this subject, a few pages back in this thread.
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    Bruce Lee's Training Methods dated 1973.
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    This pic has been tweeted so many times with the caption: 'A young Bruce Lee playing with his brother Robert Lee in Hong Kong.' The people are fed up with errors.
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    Dutch Bruce Lee poster. This bring back memories of the "Dutch Bruce Lee site" that generated interested again in the Game of Death nearly 20 years ago. The people remember real things.
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    Spanish Muscle & Fitness. Where there is wanting, there is need. Where there is having, there is greed.
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    I have a bit of translation experience, and I do agree that it's quite a battle to achieve that balance. Fair enough, thanks for the insight! I might have missed these mistakes, but then my Cantonese is rough at best.
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    The criticism might come from Mark's choice of accuracy, and possibly losing the nuance of the dialogue versus something of a more liberal translation which kept the exact meaning. I've had no problems with the subs so far, but that might be how others are seeing it.
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    Bruce Lee and Lo Wei. They seem rather chummy together.
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    Former forum member Markgway did the subs for this i believe and he's a stickler for accuracy so i'm surprised to see a post criticising them as poor. I haven't a clue personally but over at BD.COM someone mentioned the F word and Mark insisted they were an an accurate translation.
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    I'm so used to nonsensical subs on Girls with Guns B-movies that I can definitely tolerate less than ideal subs on OUATIC However, one is left to wonder... why didn't they use the old subs instead of making new ones (and failing at it)?
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    Kung Fu can of Whoop Ass
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    That’s some freaky shit
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    A Game of Death poster. All these years later, the people wonder, mostly aloud, what might have been?
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    Italian poster featuring the Colosseum and Bruce Lee.
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    Bruce Lee 'Green Hornet' film poster from Yugoslavia.
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    Jay Kwon has now been cast at the last minute, replacing Alfred Hsing in the lead role. Can anyone confirm if Hwang Jang Lee is among the cast?, he's still being listed as part of the production, by Film Combat Syndicate. Jay Kwon.